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    not quite the rainbow, but almost there. quality of life patch. does not replace natural textures, or any textures from building. it replaces solid colors, as well as the unfinished tile included in the waycrest set. DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR CLIENT. image: https://imgur.com/DJDu6of HOW TO DOWNLOAD. 1. click download link, then hit the blue download button 2. extract zip file using winrar or other similar program 3. drop "dungeons" and "tileset" into directory 4. launch game LINK: https://tinyurl.com/RAINCREST like rate subscribe
  3. Considering the server runs crash-free most of the time, with some of Epsilon's uptime making it to around 4-5 days a regular restart would be good to have to resolve any latency issues that might have happened, as well as to refresh some of the current issues saving npc emotes, gobject teleports etc. Having a Discord channel that the bot posts to whenever it 'Disconnects' / 'Reconnects' is also a nice idea, so people can check whether or not the server has crashed/restarted in any given amount of time.
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  5. Download link is still dead. Is the project abandoned?
  6. Considering how many things get saved/fixed by server restart, it would be nice to have regular server restart or a bot-channel on discord that would send message whenever server crashes/restarts. The latter would be probably better. If something like that is not too difficult to do, I think it would be a welcomed adition.
  7. hey, there a way I can get only the hair? the moustache throws me off a little
  8. Ah alright, well then I... Hmm... I feel like it'd be a dick thing to say so I'm just gonna say thanks for note.
  9. The next reset will be when the server next crashes, so when that happens your phase will be ready for you.
  10. Alright, I'd assume its ill advised to test it for which one? For both mine and your guys sanity? I think I'll avoid BFA emotes till the server gets updated to be safe though. Oh by the way, when -is- the next reset? So I know when I can get on and work on the phase. Sorry if I'm being a pain.
  11. We're not sure exactly what NPC/emote was causing you to crash in your phase. If you encounter this issue again, be sure to let us know.
  12. Oh hey, forgot to ask, do you guys per chance know WHAT emotes were messing things up? Or is that something I'd have to figure out on my own? I just wanna know if you guys know, so I know what emote to avoid, if not I'll just avoid BFA emotes for now, as to be safe. I just thought I'd ask. To be safe
  14. Dom

    Missing Gobs #1

    As Gardener and surely Az preferred these to be here, I've compiled the gobs I know are missing from Epsi. I am making this in series / batches based on what more I discover or remind myself of being missing as time goes by. List: 7ne_druid_avianashrine01.wmo 7ne_druid_avianashrine01_before.wmo 8fx_generic_fire_basic_bonfirehuge.m2 8fx_generic_fire_blue_bonfire.m2 8fx_generic_fire_fel_bonfire.m2 8fx_generic_fire_golden_bonfire.m2 8fx_generic_fire_red_bonfire.m2 8fx_generic_fire_basic_brazierlarge.m2 8fx_generic_fire_basic_braziersmall.m2 8fx_generic_fire_basic_torchlarge.m2 8fx_generic_fire_basic_torchsmall.m2 8fx_generic_fire_basic_torchverysmall.m2 8fx_generic_fire_blue_brazierlarge.m2 8fx_generic_fire_blue_braziersmall.m2 8fx_generic_fire_blue_torchlarge.m2 8fx_generic_fire_blue_torchsmall.m2 8fx_generic_fire_fel_brazierlarge.m2 8fx_generic_fire_fel_braziersmall.m2 8fx_generic_fire_fel_torchlarge.m2 8fx_generic_fire_fel_torchsmall.m2 8fx_generic_fire_golden_brazierlarge.m2 8fx_generic_fire_golden_braziersmall.m2 8fx_generic_fire_golden_torchlarge.m2 8fx_generic_fire_golden_torchsmall.m2 8fx_generic_fire_red_brazierlarge.m2 8fx_generic_fire_red_braziersmall.m2 8fx_generic_fire_red_torchlarge.m2 8fx_generic_fire_red_torchsmall.m2
  15. Because then it becomes client-only, and others will have to either see all that clutter or go through decreasing it individually as they enter the phase, and I am aware many won't bother with doing that, and then complain about the clutter
  16. It appears to be something to do with BFA emotes. I have wiped all emotes from all NPCs in your phase. Please try again after a server restart.
  17. Alright, looks like an NPC/spell is causing issues. We'll clear the problem spells and report back when this issue has been resolved.
  18. Ground clutter is defined by ADTs so this is definitely possible with terrain shifting, but why not just lower down your ground clutter in your system options?
  19. Hello, I'd just like to briefly explain the title. As I am aware, a lot of people have in the past had issues with ground clutter, and not being able to phase shift it like the rest of the zone which they can, for examples such as; the clutter clipping through the ground of buildings, the clutter being in places where it is not wanted outside of buildings, and generally just some clutter being so tall and in such large quantities that your character is buried in it up to their heads. That about summarizes what I mean by having the ground clutter be removed server-wide, either it being removed permanently before even phase shifting a zone, or somehow make it so it only removes clutter if a zone is phase shifted, but this part wholly depends on the devs and if and how they choose to implement it most easily.
  20. I totally love this concept. The fact is some spells are generally just uncategorized in the sense they have no real name, they can be called "arcane channel" and you may have 5 spells with that very same name, and it can get confusing as to which is which and which does what, as I know one such spell may only be an arcane channeling visual on the hands, while the other actually abjures an arcane barrier. And while my way of making such spells into macros with custom names etc, it is very, very restricting. For starters, the macro's name can only have about 14 characters or so, and you cannot add a description as to what the spell does, so you have to REALLY depend on the macro's icon as best as possible along with the name, which you can't go fancy on. Macros also don't really let you add sounds alongside the spells. I am unsure if I have derived from the topic, but a spell forge where you can get a spell visual effect and assign a custom name, custom description, icon and casting time / sound effects would just be fantastic.
  21. Yeah I actually just deleted the toon because of inpatience, forgot to delete/say I did that on this post. Its now happening on my new character. New phase ID is 21122. I greatly do not want to delete my toon and everything in the phase again so.
  22. Earlier
  23. Could we get a function to allow us to search through 50 results at a time similar to the regular look functions for .phase forge npc list? While .phase forge npc list <letters here> will display characters with that string of letters, this more as just an optional side bit to allow us to look through all of our 600+ NPCs without destroying our chat box. .phase forge npc list .phase forge npc next (or .look next can work with this)
  24. Was just searching through transmog options, and found that on gnome models (both male and female, to varying extents), 3D gear assets don't align at all with the model, and many head items sit lower than they do on like - often to the point of being unusable due to clipping. Understand if this is a known/low priority issue, but figure I should put it out there if it hasn't been noticed.
  25. Sadly no Telstra, just Testra. When I was a kid and I was naming her, I went off of Grand Magistrix Telestra and shortened it \o
  26. Skeleton/Model The Quillboarbrute.m2 model is broken (all colors). Simply find any Quillboarbrute model and walk around, all animations save the idle ones are broken as far as I can tell. A hypothesis I saw was that since it is linked to the Tauren male model, the fix on Taurens might have broken it as it worked before then according to a 'Medley'. I've reported this elsewhere but! I figure it couldn't hurt to do so again.
  27. Welcome to Epsilon. Telstra sounds familiar.
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