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    NewChar Source: https://github.com/iplantplants/NewChar Last Updated: 15/09/2019 Current Release Version 0.1.5 Features • Automatically cleans action bars, bags and gear from newly created characters. • Commands added to make life easier when emptying bags, action bars and equipment. Bug Fixes • Fixed issue where old characters were seen as new. • Changed clash command from /nc clean to /clean Installation • Extract NewChar folder from NewChar.zip to your EpsilonWoW\interface\addons directory. Usage /nc help - will display all available commands in-game. /nc clear bags/gear/bars - clears those, respectively. Changelog Download
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    Yo, I'm Queenside Rook, or just Rook. Some of my characters include Qasymira Brightstar (helf abjurer), Elayna Vowbreaker (velf ex-blood knight), Talia Rook (human technomage, 80% techno, 20% mage, adherent of goblin engineering principles), Dephynea (draenei warrior/shaman), Styginar (aka Stalren, my Mary Sue-ass uncorrupted black dragon from ten years ago I can't bring myself to abandon, though I've dialed him back a lot), and Karne'ga Swordbreaker (orc scout, dabbler in magic). I started WoW RP as Sam on Libertas about ten years ago, where I met @Dove, went to Echeloned when that died, and haven't really seriously done any non-tabletop RP since Echeloned shut down. I have also gone by Kethrook, Darmekhanu, Joramir, Senaya, Nosurena, and probably a few others I'm forgetting. I'm a pretty laid-back, curious, open person. My main interests in WoW are the deep lore, and the speculation of magic as a hard vs. soft magic system. Also, I'm a queer, trans woman; please don't hate crime me. Love you, bye.
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    Hey! Now, there was this thing I have encountered when building Galepoint, and I happen to have thought about a little feature that could maybe be implemented. .waypoints start with < ID > Why? I have a pair of children playing tag for example and it is incredibly hard to synchronize the waypoint's starts so they seem to be running after each other. The same could be applied to pairs that walk next to each other, patrolling, etc. Peace Out, Glenn