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    Hello Everyone! I’m going to host an NPC creating contest for the Epsilon community! 😄 Together with the staff members of Light’s Harbour (Phase 240), we want to challenge the Epsilon community into putting their creative minds on making an NPC that they'd want to see in the public phase of Light's Harbour! The NPC creating contest starts on Monday the 28th of September and lasts till Sunday the 4th of October 9:30 PM CEST (Amsterdam) / 2:30PM EDT (New York) Everyone will get one week to create their NPC! On Sunday we will gather at the Inn of Light’s Harbour, have a good time and view the creative work of everyone that has attended and of course pick our winners! Please read through the rules and the rewards! Hit me up if you have any questions! 😄 ⭐Contest Rules!⭐ 1. If you’re making a reference/meme NPC then please keep the references indirect. 2. No racist, sexist, NSFW, LGBT unfriendly or generally unpleasant designs. 3. Light’s Harbour is a cold environment, so your NPC should not be wearing highly revealing clothes. 4. Please keep your NPC lore friendly/canon! Custom lore is not allowed! 5. Due to the phase being used for public RP I’d ask of anyone wanting to use an exotic design (Exotic: A creature/race that you can’t select from the “New Character menu”.) to DM me with details. 6. Representing hostile factions such as the Burning Legion, Cult of the Damned, ect… Are not allowed. 7. Your NPC must have at least 3 dialogue lines. (each not longer than one paragraph) You can submit these together with your NPC. 8. Spells are allowed within reasonable parameters. No extreme flashy spell casting or spell effects that overpower the presentation of your NPC. 9. The Light's Harbour staff will spawn your NPC at the Inn on Sunday along with its active spells, emotes and lines! Submit everything, including NPC ID to Turkish Dad#1453 after you finish your NPC design! 👍Your NPC will gain points on the following aspects 👍 - Creativity of your design - Outfitting of your NPC - Spoken lines your NPC will say/emote (At least 3) - A short lore friendly backstory of your NPC After each submitted NPC has been viewed the scores will be given by the Light’s Harbour staff team. Out of the competition we will pick three winners, thus there are three rewards! 🎊Rewards!🎊 🏆First place reward: 30 Euro together with a character art portrait made by Kitty. 🥈Second place reward: 20 Euro together with a line art character portrait made by Kitty. 🥉Third place reward: 10 Euro together with a character portrait sketch made by Kitty. Don't hesitate to hit me up if you have any questions! Thank you for reading and hope to see you Sunday! 😁 Kind regards, Turkish Dad#1453 & Light's Harbour Staff Team!