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    Throm’ka, architects! The Horde needs your skills to expand our range of faction-styled blueprints! Ever thought orcs might need accessories for a sauna room? Maybe a lifeguard chair for a troll, a vanity for a forsaken, or a motorcycle for a tauren? Put an aesthetic spin on any item to make it worthy to join the mighty hoard! Blueprints must be styled around one of the aesthetics of the base Horde races (orc, tauren, troll, forsaken, blood elf, goblin). Feel free to make as many as you like. You can even group them to form a set of blueprint props. Rules/conditions: The competition will accept furniture and prop entries, no structures Blueprints need to be newly made Blueprints need to be made public and their ID shared to Aigar on discord Entries can be sent in until August 8 (23:59 CET) Reward: Temporary “Architect” title for the winner. Entered blueprints will be periodically showed off in phase 26000 and may be featured on the Epsilon twitter feed unless you indicate you don't want yours to be displayed there.