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  1. Oh. Okay. In that case nevermind. Thought it was meant to be an exact replica.
  2. Alleria armor isn't perfect, but it's cool.
  3. That sounds like a personal problem
  4. Oooh. Is this also going to last for 20 minutes before you get bored?
  5. Mithaniel hosted another event today, it was an introduction to a possible secondary story and had a pretty decent attendance. Here's some more screenshots you mongrels.
  6. Very nice. I remember being tempted to apply a year or so back on RPH. I'll give it a go this time. Thumbs up
  7. Eridium Library event this Saturday at 4:30 PM EST.

  8. I completely forgot to post this the other day but our first event on Friday was a success, a thanks to everyone who came with each of your very intriguing and interesting characters. I expected a lot less and I am happy to have gotten the turn out I did. Thanks again. Here are some screenshots and I hope you can all make it to the event next Saturday.
  9. Insomnia

    Start Zones

    Granted, you may not always like a phase but as of now we need to find someway to encourage RP. There have been many coming and passing phases and guilds over the previous few months. Nobody has really joined them and they've all died due to inactivity. What's more unencouraging than the world feeling empty? The world being empty, no RP. If the rate of RP continues as is, Epsilon will die within two months tops. Cool features and tech will only get you so far.
  10. Insomnia

    Start Zones

    I believe whilst they serve their purpose to some extent they also give people the opportunity to sit around idly. I believe abolishing them would be the best move to encourage people to gather somewhere else - IE, public phases - this forces people into roleplay scenarios and out of sitting about idly. This makes a more active community and if it were REALLY wanted, someone could simply make an OOC phase and list it for people to gather in.