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  1. Oh. Okay. In that case nevermind. Thought it was meant to be an exact replica.
  2. Alleria armor isn't perfect, but it's cool.
  3. That sounds like a personal problem
  4. Oooh. Is this also going to last for 20 minutes before you get bored?
  5. Welcome
  6. lol nice
  7. Very nice, Blake. Very nice.
  8. Mithaniel hosted another event today, it was an introduction to a possible secondary story and had a pretty decent attendance. Here's some more screenshots you mongrels.
  9. Very nice. I remember being tempted to apply a year or so back on RPH. I'll give it a go this time. Thumbs up
  10. Eridium Library event this Saturday at 4:30 PM EST.

  11. I completely forgot to post this the other day but our first event on Friday was a success, a thanks to everyone who came with each of your very intriguing and interesting characters. I expected a lot less and I am happy to have gotten the turn out I did. Thanks again. Here are some screenshots and I hope you can all make it to the event next Saturday.
  12. Granted, you may not always like a phase but as of now we need to find someway to encourage RP. There have been many coming and passing phases and guilds over the previous few months. Nobody has really joined them and they've all died due to inactivity. What's more unencouraging than the world feeling empty? The world being empty, no RP. If the rate of RP continues as is, Epsilon will die within two months tops. Cool features and tech will only get you so far.
  13. I believe whilst they serve their purpose to some extent they also give people the opportunity to sit around idly. I believe abolishing them would be the best move to encourage people to gather somewhere else - IE, public phases - this forces people into roleplay scenarios and out of sitting about idly. This makes a more active community and if it were REALLY wanted, someone could simply make an OOC phase and list it for people to gather in.
  14. As the title suggests, whenever you do .lo cr and it says there are further pending results and you go to do '.lo next'...Well...It doesn't do anything, it simply says there are no further pending results.
  15. The Eridium Library <In your hour of loss, silence, or even mere boredom is when you are reached out to. Much like the growing expanses of the Void, the growing expanses of Eridium reach out to those who seek something more. How it is delivered may change but in the end it’s always the same - a letter. By whatever means necessary a canister has found its way into your possession, perhaps it was left at your doorstep, or you found it in the woods - at any rate.. The Canister is shaped like a scroll, bloodied and aged well as though it had been around for many many years. It was made of silver with a series of unintelligible runes running across it. Upon opening it you find a dusty parchment with no words. You peer at it curiously, ponder as you try a number of things - holding it to the light, to the shadow, soaking it perhaps? Though one thing runs through your mind, arcane. You reach into the depths of your subconscious mage or not and summon forth the arcane energies living within. As you bring the arcane to the parchment text appears in whatever tongue is native to you. It reads as follows; “The Raven beckons, it reaches out for you. You are of use, why or how is uncertain though you have been chosen. The Eridium Library seeks many things, power, knowledge, numbers, but most of all to secure existence. There is much that will never be understood about the Dark Beyond, though we seek to make it seem a little brighter. “ The offer seems intriguing though there are no directions, no clues on how to join this group, this faction. Just as you are about to give up the parchment began to hiss as it burnt, leaving only a final line of text.“Follow the Raven.” A Raven in the distance then began to fly off, and so your chase begins.> <Upon following the raven you find yourself before a Quel'dorei woman, dark in appearance, though oddly comforting. She gestures for you to follow her, usually out into the woods or to the Library itself for further evalution "Let's see what makes you special."> OOC The Eridium Library is essentially a coalition of people from Azeroth and beyond who believe that knowledge in the arcane, occult and everything else on Azeroth should be archived in one location. They believe that the caster makes the magic, not the other way around - no magic is inherently evil but merely provides an outlet for those who have darker or lighter intentions. The Eridium Library (previously known as 'The Cult of Eridium' has been reformed by the Eridium Council and take residence in a Highborne Stronghold off the coast of Kalimdor, guised and hidden from public vision. The idea that has been portrayed by the Council is that once they have collected all knowledge available they will open to the upper-class public and those who deserve to look upon their texts, though many things in the Library aren't always as they seem, many things that seemed linear may not be. The entirety of this guild is built in flux by myself so it can be changed by the actions of the community, I plan to do weekly events to (perhaps) two evens a week. The guild is based off a simple application system to ensure quality and most bans are unappealable to keep troublemakers out. This guild whilst has the opportunity for characters from all walks of life to join is focused around classes like Warlocks, Shadow Priests, Sorcerers, Mages, so on. But if you can give a compelling reason your other character, a Paladin for example to join then I will be forced to let you join. Simply remember that above all this is a cult aligned with the Chaotic Neutral mindset. They will attempt the non-lethal method of action first, but if they must the Eridium is not afraid to take action regardless of who they face. This guild has a ranking system based off how many events you attend and how the community views you, it is as follows; Upon entering the guild you will be no more than a simple Initiate, your word means next to nothing and people do not trust you. Your entry will be either trial by combat or trial by knowledge. This phase is ranking is merely to get an understanding of how useful you will be, to see what you can do. After a singular specified session you will be upgraded to the first rank - Fledgling. Fledgling is the first rank of the guild, this rank is given to those who have proven their worth. People in the guild may have some confidence that you are capable on the field via your academic understanding of the world or your strength in combat though trust doesn’t come easy. You will only truly be accepted into the inner folds of the guild by being taken under the wing of an Archivist. Once the Archivist deems you worthy by whatever terms they decide on and you’ve attended at least three events you will be deemed an Archivist yourself. Once you become an Archivist you have reached the top of the ladder, a member of the guild that is worthy of trust and fully capable of anything needed on the field of elsewhere. You are a truly respected member of the guild and have the aid of your brethren. With the ranking system out of the way I would also like to point to the Tome of Archivists, once you yourself have become an Archivist I will give you a section of the discord to do as you please with. You will be the only one who can type here, it is made with the intent of writing up a character bio and jotting down development and stories for public reading. On the topic of actually joining the guild, enter the discord through the provided link ( and read all of the rules and information, once that is done move on to the applications channel and apply using the template - I or another moderator will get to you as soon as possible - then await an initiation event either public or personal. It's just that simple.