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    Hordale - 3989

    checked this phase out. very well done stuff
  2. yes, but they are mostly closeknit groups or projects that unfortunately don't last very long. your best bet would be to be patient and wait for something to pop up or maybe ask around ingame or in the discord
  3. So I've been wondering for a while, phase shift doodads off is a great command but is there any specific reason why its capped at 6 shifts per map? Basically what I'm suggesting is, would it be at all possible to entirely phase shift an entire map or continent ingame (aka, Kalimdor, Pandaria, Draenor etc etc) with a single command? Or atleast to increase the current cap from 6 shifts per map?
  4. aight, i guess ill play along KMFDM - WW3 (German industrial) AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS - GOT YOU (Australian pub rock) THY ART IS MURDER - DEATH SQUAD ANTHEM (Australian deathcore) BLACK DAHLIA MURDER - WARBORN (melodic death metal) TOXIC HOLOCAUST - ACID FUZZ (thrash metal) WOLFBRIGADE - HAMMER TO THE SKULL (Swedish hardcore punk) MOLCHAT DOMA - SUDNO (Russian doomer beats) DEAD KENNEDYS - POLICE TRUCK (classic punk) THE SWORD - LAWLESS LANDS (an absolute all-round banger. would recommend to anyone)
  5. updated this. the project is now once again active. bump
  6. this is pretty slick, great job
  7. "It has begun. Young heroes... I was once like you. You have come to this place seeking to bring judgement upon the damned. You will venture deep into forgotten lands. You will see wonders and horrors beyond imagining. But be warned: the land itself will rise up against you. Long forgotten terrors will smother your courage. Sacrifice everything as the final darkness falls... in the end, all that awaits you is death. Only then will you understand - you've been following in my footsteps all along. So come then, you heroes! Come in all your power and glory! For in the final hour, all must serve the one true king." - Arthas Menethil The Year is 27 A.D.P - One year into the Northrend Campaign. What is The World's Crown? A roleplay project that seeks to bring a visceral, immersive, and vibrant retelling of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion & storyline to Epsilon. Originally started in late 2019 - the project has underwent a number of small resurgences, and was eventually put in hiatus in early 2020. However, due to a rediscovered passion for the RP, I've decided to attempt to revive it, and hopefully remedy some of the mistakes I made in the past to retain player interest and truly make this into something to be apart of. The project seeks to combine a D&D 'dungeon-crawling' experience with an authentic, beloved period of Warcraft lore to hopefully make something engaging and real for players to take part in. A Living, Breathing World Northrend, the crown of the world, is a vast, icy continent - as dangerous as it is beautiful. Ravaged by plague, corruption of dark powers, and the boundless undead hordes of Icecrown - it is a land of buried mysteries, untold horrors, and sins that should not have been forgotten. This is where our cast of characters find themselves - trapped amid the chaos of the Scourge's reckoning, seeking only to survive with what little hope remains during this age of terror. The main goal of the RP and the project has always been to recreate Blizzard's Northrend in a new, daresay more immersive light; with custom, player-made stories, environments, and encountersβ€” along with ones all-too familiar to the Wrath of the Lich King storyline itself. In simple terms: I've tried my best to mould the world around an almost 'RPG-esque' feel, which I (personally) believe we've achieved well so far. The world is moulded around player choice, actions, and rolls, with a Dungeon Master at the helm of content creation. Though a lot of progress has been made in way of accomplishing this vision of a re-created Northrend, the project requires players and Dungeon Master's to keep it afloat... and that's where you, reading this, (hopefully) come in. Rolling? D&D Inspired? Yes, this is a tabletop/character sheet centred RP, with a unique system, an ever-developing spell list, and numeral-focused character progression on a base level. However, don't mistake this for somehow taking away or deducting from the narrative. Common sense should not and is not thrown out the window in favour of any RNG. If you wish to learn more on the system and how it works, it's explained fully and simply in the Discord upon joining, which you can find here. Event Schedule? There is no particular event schedule. Dungeon Master's and players can simply push the initiative to continue their own storylines whenever ready/available. To put it simply, RP hosts are usually announced in the Discord a few days in advance. However, you can usually expect proper events to be hosted on a Friday or Saturday night, usually anywhere from 16:00 - 18:00 GMT (or whenever people are online). Factions? Character Creation? Upon first creating a character, both yourself and a Dungeon Master will have to sort out some sort of introduction to explain your history and involve them in the events of Scourge-controlled Northrend. A few 'base templates' of introductory stories can be offered if nothing is settled on. It is recommended to create an entirely fresh character if you wish to join. The first zone a player conventionally starts in is Borean Tundra (Levels 1 - 4). Due to the presence of Valiance Keep and Warsong Hold, a new player has the immediate choice of joining either the Horde or Alliance, or, simply, just going off and seeking to survive on your own. 1-on-1 DMing is always available for those who want it, so long as you're patient. Lore factions such as the Argent Crusade & Kirin Tor are available to join following enough progression. It should be noted that thinking outside the box in terms of what you want your character to accomplish or do is always recommended. Have a set goal in mind. Have a written personality. It makes things a lot easier to plan/follow if you're not always wandering around aimlessly. If not, then I suggest joining up with the main player group of your faction and following their ideals instead. Future Plans? A highly detailed overlook of the phase and the vision I have in mind for it can be read in the work-in-progress Dungeoneer's Guide. I want the entirety of Northrend to live and breathe, and be cool to explore, DM, and roleplay in for other players. Of course, I can't do this wholly alone. So if this post has struck your interest, consider making a character and joining up. Contact me on discord @Java#5972 if you have any questions, concerns, or general feedback. Thanks for reading! Small RP Screenshot Gallery:
  8. Granted, but you get stabbed 16 times in the chest walking through flea bottom one afternoon I wish I wasn't so fucking cool