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  1. I was drunk when I made this topic and put it in the wrong place. I'm going to just post in the proper thread.
  2. Voodoo

    Error 132

    I suspect it's some sort of streaming issue due to a new client download, but I can't load items into the character viewer without getting 132'd. I can put the item in my inventory worry free, but even hovering over it to view it in the mogit window causes an immediate client crash. I do not have any mods installed and I have the full 8.3 torrent version of the client installed, for note. Can anyone help?
  3. Oh, I wasn't inferring that. But you still see normal footmen with plate armor, which would never have happened in the real world, so clearly it's far more widespread and common.
  4. It's probably best if you don't use real world logic when determining the price of armor and weapons in warcraft. Remember that this is high fantasy and the abundance of things like plate armor and high quality swords is widespread. You can buy plate armor from regular vendors in-game, as a good example, even if it's not enchanted in most cases.
  5. ^lolwhat I more or less agree with the OP; having played servers like Legacy/Prologue and Paragon, albeit that first case is mostly custom lore, you need something like a balance. Phases are great, don't get me wrong, but I think a much-needed aspect that was sorely missing from RPH (at least in my time there) was main-phase roleplay like what retail has, like what these other servers have. It's at the point now that if you don't find private RP on RPH, which is what I turned to doing, you have to spend your own time building a phase tediously to get people interested for your own hosting or lower your standards and go to the places that are popular... in this case, a muslim rape fantasy set in the Eastmoon ruins of Tanaris or a draenei spaceship that is inexplicably neutral and openly welcomes things like undead, orcs, exotic races.
  6. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for Khornate Berserkers and their ilk. I love the Warhammer universe, but using WoW as a medium is probably not a great idea. That being said, a lot of the armor from WoD does look like space marine power armor.
  7. The last time I came across "Warhammer 40k roleplayers" on a WoW server was early Defiance, and a trio of 'ork boyz' at an elven lodge. Oh, the horror.
  8. Hi, I'm here. Quasi-refugee from RoleplayHell.