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  1. List gets pretty full at times. Would make it more accessible for players that are looking for RP.
  2. Nothing about the suggestion would prevent characters from asking themselves this.
  3. I personally don't think a 255 character limit phase advert is what sets any phase aside from the other. What effort is there one could put in to that? Nor do I think even the quality of a phase should matter when player interactions should be top priority. More so, when given the option, people will still choose a higher quality of DM/Staff/Builds over low effort. And finally, what you describe happening, I do not see as a negative. Highest population gets the players? Good, lots of players to interact with. As opposed to being scattered around 10 hosted phases that each hold a fraction population.
  4. A population counter would just remove a few steps what players do anyway. Enter a phase. /who. Track humanoids. Scan for RP. The idea that we need to withhold this information to prevent anything getting an 'edge' is unfounded in my opinion.
  5. My apologies. Thank you for explaining.
  6. I disagree. Adding a player counter to hosted phases will help people find RP a lot more. Imagine typing ".ph o" and seeing beside each of these phases, the current amount of players in them. You'd straight away know which phase is the most and least active without needing to join each individual phase to then check, run around, /who, scan for RP or track humanoids to get a remote idea of how active the phase is. The argument I heard against this is that one or two phases will just dominate then, because people attract people. I'd say that's not really a bad thing, as the current state of RP has lots of empty phases cluttering the search, and the most active among those rarely see more than 10 players.
  7. As of the current state of public RP, there's no longer well populated phases. People want to join the place that has the most people. Let them do so. The argument I heard was that then all the smaller phases would become overshadowed, but in the last months I've barely seen the majority of phases exceed five, let alone ten players.