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  1. Submitting, one of my Deathknight Mogs I made a week or so ago. - MogmanCorvan
  2. As title says, stuck forever loading into the game server. Enter the correct details and forever waiting with the background still moving.
  3. Tarsis


    I have been summoned by a strong occultist to return to Epsilon after many years in exile. Some of you know me as Corven. I don't know any of you entirely besides fragments. Hello.
  4. As I fade to ashes, u hear a sudden whisper, "Greed is for the weak.. ...."
  5. Touches the big red button.
  6. X-COM 2 in World of Warcraft, nice.
  7. Did you download the new clients from the main site? Did you click unread on properties for Epsilon? Did you run the .exes in Admin? Did you set your config/wtf to be sure it is set to Epsilon? Epsilon doesn't run on a launcher, it runs on its own client .exes such as Epsilon 32 and 64. 32 isnt shown since its under "Epsilon.exe"
  8. Editing to not cause any trouble sorry.
  9. Hey sorry for being active much, or replying to the thread and whispering in game, been occupied mostly. Will definitely give you both a whisper etc, might have a character available to join if allowed. 3rd Gen Lordaeronian Frost Rider. You may ask, What is a Rider? You may also be thinking about the 4 Horseman, nay. Not that either. For a 3rd and 2nd, a Rider is a master of their class an elite to their brethren, when one truly wishes to pursue their path with all knowledge some ascend to become Riders. A more powerful version of a regular Death Knight that has mastered his or her path however not on par with second generations and first generations. Riders essentially play the part of the edged spear, often leading a charge to do as much damage and break lines before withdrawing or playing a pivotal support role such as in the case of my character, the hardened of limbs through frost power and the slowing down of foes. I wish I could honestly give you lot the once link I had towards "Riders" however, sadly I believe it is gone.
  10. Either BC or WOTLK, make it mostly RP orientated, fill the fucking GAPS that Blizzard didn't try to fix or patch. Give us something that makes us want to drool and beg for more. When in Retail its about grinding, action and clicking; this is a RP server and thus this plan of yours and interest should be like minded. More RP orientation, more lore that we missed or didn't get to see. Things that are different, things we can interact with, things that have consequences and gains,
  11. What would it take to perfect/pull of the arts of a Lich? Never RPed one before, though I've always been keen to try.
  12. Looks good champ, willing to look at it when I get home in a few hours! Keep up the good work.