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  1. One of my favourite characters for a few years now, I like it.
  2. Void

    Start Zones

    I don't feel the need to humor your own justification for my point; it said more about you than me.
  3. Void

    Start Zones

    This isn't the fault of the server having a startzone. It's the fault of individual players not having the initiative or desire to actually get involved in RP. Nice argument.
  4. Void

    Start Zones

    So if I want to play on Epsilon, I have to sit alone in my own phase or join another one I don't like?
  5. Void

    Start Zones

    I don't think that having a start zone prevents people from RPing. If people want to RP then they will go to a phase that is hosting. The purpose of start, is first of all, for new characters to sit and gear up/set up their TRP. It also offers a place for people to sit around and do nothing. Yeah, that sounds useless. But what's the harm? If we get rid of start zone (which doesn't make sense to begin with, unless each race just spawns in their respective faction capital) there won't be more RP, there will just be less people online. Because there's no collective OOC area to gather when either there isn't RP available, or they don't want to RP.
  6. Void

    State of the Community

    I can't disagree with anything posted in this thread, truthfully. I spent well over a year waiting on the day Epsilon finally launched its legion server - the day it did felt like a dream. Even after the launch the community managed to pull in new people, but that ended near the very end of 2017. Dozens upon dozens quit RPing altogether or returned to their roots of RPH/Paragon, and now like you said, only a few remain for what the server still has to offer. I don't think the community is beyond ever recovering but if it continues in this state? It's almost guaranteed to be in an eternal slump. I like that you touched up on that the community does not engage in anything together anymore; I remember the running of the gnomes as a fun night where community members worked together to achieve something positive. Despite not being too much of an active face myself anymore in the past few Spring months, if more efforts to fix what is left of Epsilon were made, I would happily take part.
  7. If that's the case then you wouldn't have been banned by Warden, though I'm not familiar enough with these issues to know what else could cause the "connecting" loop.
  8. The fastest way to get this fixed is to contact one of the Staff members over Discord. If you would like to know how to avoid this happening in the future, the server's "Warden" system bans a player if they spawn ten objects or NPC's without moving from their current position.
  9. Void

    hello im new

    Welcome to Epsilon.
  10. I don't see you in the Discord at all. Not on you former account at least.
  11. Beautiful phase, lovely feel to it when I was RPing there!
  12. The art in this bio is quite nice, also a unique bio format compared to the others (that I have seen.)
  13. If you give me a list of all of them (i dont know them) I'll have them done