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  1. Umm.. So I just logged in again to my phase.. And i didnt use ANY bfa emotes this time around.. And I crashed again..
  2. Ah alright, well then I... Hmm... I feel like it'd be a dick thing to say so I'm just gonna say thanks for note.
  3. Alright, I'd assume its ill advised to test it for which one? For both mine and your guys sanity? I think I'll avoid BFA emotes till the server gets updated to be safe though. Oh by the way, when -is- the next reset? So I know when I can get on and work on the phase. Sorry if I'm being a pain.
  4. Oh hey, forgot to ask, do you guys per chance know WHAT emotes were messing things up? Or is that something I'd have to figure out on my own? I just wanna know if you guys know, so I know what emote to avoid, if not I'll just avoid BFA emotes for now, as to be safe. I just thought I'd ask. To be safe
  6. Yeah I actually just deleted the toon because of inpatience, forgot to delete/say I did that on this post. Its now happening on my new character. New phase ID is 21122. I greatly do not want to delete my toon and everything in the phase again so.
  7. I crash every time I enter my phase... I have no idea whats wrong 208020 is the ID if you wanna check. Yeah, no longer have that character or phase, made a new one. Because of impatience
  8. NOTE: Most information is currently WIP. If anyone else has any suggestions, please let me know. Oathbound Regiment How we operate: The Oathbound Regiment, lead by Knight-Commander, Milon Nash. The Oathbound Regiment, also known as the 38th Regiment. The Regiments usage is multi-purpose, for defense of the Alliance held territories and fighting on the frontlines, as well as a variety of other tasks. Generally Oathbound isn't sent in all together, like -most- regiments. Oathbound is always being sent in small groups to enforce the other regiments. As previously stated, the regiment is heavily segmented in operations, never together fully, only on occasion is it ever the full regiment combating hostile forces to the Alliance. Location: Arathi Highlands, within a valley hidden by the mountains. The fort consists of a town hall structure, where the commander sleeps, and works. It also contains a two barracks buildings, an inn, a stable, blacksmith, and warehouse EXTREMELY WIP, I'm to lazy to copy it to a text file
  9. DeathknightDN


    Ignore this, it was took literally an hour but it turns out it was just slow as fuck
  10. Didn't even notice the format, looks like I gotta fix it, also wondering how the fuck it ended up like that
  11. On Hold (You should assume canceled, and dropped though)
  12. Good luck Wabba, and suggestion: put the character sheet requirements in there so someone whos interested can just look at it, and send you their sheet ~NCR
  13. Dually noted Matt, hope my given changes are enough, if not I'm sure you or someone else will tell me what to correct, or add.