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  1. Another lost soul from the ancient past since Echeloned 2.4.3 --> 3.3.5 & Div-X 3.3.5 --> 4.0.6 Not active that much but looking for great roleplay guilds/groups/communities to take part of! Likes playing old school games for nostalgia! Names & Alias(es): Menelaus - Keever - Tharanor - Guilds on Echeloned: <The Undead Scourge> <KittyKat World> - Guilds on Div-X: <Twilight's Hammer> / Joined <Imperial Kingdoms> - People I remember from Echeloned: Khell/Crayner/Unlucky/Sidriel/Maleficeus (Admins) - Lorthermur/Darabi/Portharion/AreanaFlameWatch/FloopDaWhoop/Liefheim/Retsu/Troof/iKonata/iPalaDave/PBJ/EmperorJarethan (Players) - People I remember from Div-X: Kaiyne Illdion/Norastanna/Zalera/Warlockanap/Deramyr/Arcadius Soulforge/Tiariana Cloudweaver (Admins) - Heini/Alethea/Tyrannus/Malleus/Zenn Ironbeard/Tyara/Ryder/Reynall/Jankelstein/Naze the Eternal/Malown/Stefan Silverwind (Players) - Discord: Menelaus#6001 - RP theme interests: Scourge/Scarlet Crusade/Kaldorei/Old Gods Nice to meet you all!