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  1. It seems like, for some objects, the animation bugs out when the collision of the object is turned off. For example: 823460 The animation gets stuck in this strange loop of continiously restarting.
  2. ~ Cinderwalker Academy ~ What is Cinderwalker Academy? Based off of the coast of Quel'thalas- this neutral magical academy strives to unlock the mysteries of the arcane and esotheric alike. Built, prospering and adhering to the principle of the pursuit knowledge above all else, the Cinderwalker Academy attempts to unlocks the secrets of the world, primarily through arcane means. In addition to its regular activities, the academy will require/push its members to take on certain missions. These missions benefit the Academy's standing in the wider world as well as provide funding, research, vital artefacts and tools. Timeline: Post Legion. We are recruiting: - Officers/DMs/Phase hosts/Tutors & Teachers - Students - Guards/Servants/Associates/Other (DM if unclear) What to expect - EU-centric activity - Mini-events (Player-driven) - Progressive story events - Dynamic phase progression Accepted factions: Sin'/Quel'/Ren'dorei focused but all factions within reason are accepted. Exotics: Accepted within reason yet normal preferred. (No overscaled or lorebreaking) Feel free to join the Discord if you are interested to apply, or ask any questions you'd like! https://discord.gg/nxcPbeTS