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  1. Aight, so, I'm curious as to what y'all think about a certain little thing I like to call Expanded Lore. So, basically, instead of having Custom Lore (I.E. "The Fal'dorei have put aside their barbaric ways and joined the Horde"), you have Expanded Lore (I.E. "The City of Stormwind is governed by a tiered system of administrative government.) To define them, Custom Lore is to completely invent a new part of the Lore or change an existing piece of the Lore, whereas Expanded Lore is to define a part of Lore that has never actually been expanded upon by Blizzard themselves. So, if something is up in the air, or vague, or obscure, you'd generally create an Expanded Lore reason to connect the dots. I am personally very guilty of using Expanded Lore in a lot of my characters or phases, so I'm curious as to everyone's opinions on it and its use.
  2. If you'd also like to propose an idea for addition into the Compendium, just leave it in this thread and I'll add it!
  3. Do you find yourself bored? Do you want to try something new, but just can't come up with the ideas? Well, the Mighty Mushan King is here to help. Enclosed is a document onto which I put any ideas for characters, guilds, or phases, that pop into my head that I don't have the time to give attention to. If you need an idea, just use this! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IVeg-96RH07SvXLI6M6v36CZdFzb6VGPU5RO1y9vbFk/edit?usp=sharing
  4. People always ask my why I followed Hellscream. Why I would endanger the lives of my friends and family for his so-called mania and thirst for war. They ask me why I believed in him. The answer is as simple as this: He gave me meaning. Growing up Warsong meant being proud of yourself, your heritage. Touting your victories over your foes and reminding the world around you that you are not to be trifled with. The Horde humored my heritage well enough. Fighting alongside them, I earned more trophies and victories than I could chronicle in a lifetime of books. When we settled in Orgrimmar, I still found battle, found victory. But there were times when my faith in the Horde faltered. When we stayed our hand against the Alliance when they were most vulnerable. I grew tired of this inaction by the end of the War in Northrend. I put up my blade, not wishing to spill any more blood for this Horde. The Horde that had failed me. I turned my back on them. Then came the thinking... The nights spent awake by Arka's side wondering whether or not my ancestors would smile upon me when I met them. My victories had run dry. My trophies had been forgotten. There was nothing to tout, nothing to pride myself upon. I was an aging veteran, father of two, living in the Drag. I was a Warsong Raider no longer... I made the decision to prepare my own death soon afterward. I was heading out of the city, into the wilderness with nothing but the clothes on my back, when I saw him. The Hero of Northrend. The Hero of the Warsong. The Future Warchief of the Horde. That was the day I met Garrosh Hellscream. When he looked at me, he saw what everyone else had forgotten. He saw the heritage. He saw the warrior within me. We met in the Broken Tusk, he bought me a few rounds. We spoke. We traded stories. For that brief evening, we were both Warsong again. I gave him my warrior's promise, that should he ever need me to, I would fight with him to the mouth of the abyss. It is a promise that is not given lightly. And he took it with pride. I never imagined that he would truly cash that promise. Afterwords, I found meaning, if even very little, in my life, and continued on. By the time that my youngest, Tharek, had off and joined the military, I was content in my quiet life. But then, there came a new Warchief in Orgrimmar. And his name was Garrosh Hellscream. The people rallied around him, the War Hero come to claim victory again for the Horde. It was as if the ancestors had given me a gift. A reason to pick up my weapon again. I paid my promise to Hellscream in blood. He made me part of his Kor'Kron, and I served him with honor and fury. His foes fell by my blade. His will was my command. As I fought alongside the Kor'Kron, the world around me started to change. People became fearful. They did not trust us. They did not trust Hellscream. They feared us both. To this day, I ask myself if joining the Kor'Kron was the right decision. If serving Garrosh was my destiny. But whenever I begin to doubt my allegiance, the thought re-enters my mind: He Gave me Meaning.
  5. We have a Discord up-and-running that you can join at your leisure! https://discord.gg/dFhNptq
  6. The Felsteel Campaign By the Dalaran Roleplaying Club The Story: During the War on Draenor, the Horde and Alliance briefly joined forces to attempt to halt the advance of the Fel Iron Horde at Hellfire Citadel. However, in this timeline, even both factions banding together couldn't produce enough of a defense to halt Gul'Dan and his foul master, Archimonde, and were broken. In the aftermath, the Fel Iron Horde recreated the Dark Portal and began a foul crusade across Azeroth. Weeks after their entry to our world, the enemy has made it to Stormwind. Half the city burns as Alliance and Horde heroes band together once again to rally to its defense. Shown: Tirion Fordring and the Silver Hand rally at the steps of the Cathedral of Light, desperate to hold the City's holiest site Shown: Captain Duragath and Lord Athares inspire Felsteel Soldiers in the ruins of the Trade District Shown: General Tuskreave and his Horde soldiers arrive at Stormwind Harbor to eliminate the Felsteel fortifications Shown: A Dark Ritual takes place deep beneath the ruins of the Mage District to summon a terrible Demon Shown: Varian Wrynn, Genn Greymane, and the Prophet Velen desperately attempt to hold Stormwind Keep against Akathar the Kingslayer
  7. The Dalaran Roleplaying Club Hosted by Marcus Holmes Are you stressed out? Has the Dalaran Academy been working you to the bone? Do you want a break from your finals in Conjuration, Arcane History, or Magical Theory? Maybe you just want a place to relax and kick back and play a relaxing tabletop game alongside enthusiastic peers. Then come on down to the Legerdemain Lounge between classes and join Marcus Holmes and the Dalaran Roleplaying Club as we begin a new Daggers and Drakes Campaign! The DRC (Dalaran Roleplaying Club) Is both a guild and a phase dedicated to playing an RPG ICly. Why? Usually, RPG style phases run into practical issues when you consider why your characters are as unique and powerful as they are, or why you are the only people dealing with the world's problems, or why your actions aren't being reflected in the world around you. If you play an RPG from the point of view of a character controlling their own character, it allows the DRC to influence the world at our leisure, and utilize our creativity to the best of our abilities. When? A consistent schedule will likely arise over the summer, when it begins. At the moment, we don't know. We'll keep you updated. Where? Phase 9634 will be used as a staging ground for both the IC and Double-IC activities. It will constantly be changing around the phase to accommodate for the changing campaign. How will it work? Most details of the game will be established ICly in the Game Room before the campaign truly begins. Rules will likely revolve around basic DnD-style rules, based off a series of dice rolls and character traits and abilities established by the players ICly in order to encourage balance. Further rules and basic things will be established and given to players and people who show interest in the program. How do I sign up? Either send an ingame mail to "Holmes" or send a forum message to "Valorous141"
  8. Law's End "Welcome to town, son. People keep to theyselves 'round here, and when they ain't huntin' they're drinkin', but feel free to talk around. Just remember: You piss someone off, you likely be leavin' Law's End with bullets in ya." - Jake Thurgood, Sheriff Law's End has entered it's SUPER ALPHA FEEDBACK STAGE, and if you couldn't tell by the name, I am hoping for feedback on the state of the phase. The Phase ID is 8642. Jump in and take a look on your own time! Here's a quick synopsis of the story of the Phase: Four years ago, Sir Cornelius Wabbajack, Esquire, lead an expedition into the heart of unexplored territory in Northrend's Grizzly Hills. There, he found a veritable ecosystem of untapped potential, so he held a great hunt that lasted three months. A member of this hunt was the Dwarven explorer Drolgor Direfist, an old friend of Cornelius', who brought his son, Lavi, to hunt alongside him. During the hunt, Cornelius expressed his desires to build a base camp on the crest of an icy overlook, and Drolgor built most of the camp with his bare hands. He ended up taking care of the camp and most of its day to day activities. However, when the hunt ended, and most of the hunters and trappers were packing up, there was a group that saw the potential in the land, and took advantage of its placement outside of any larger jurisdiction, founding hunting and trapping companies in "The Hidden Forest", as Cornelius had taken to calling it. They built houses around the camp and eventually turned it into a frontier town with no trade regulations on things like Beaver and other generally protected species, attracting traders from all over. Drolgor stayed and ended up becoming mayor of this town, named by the populous "Law's End", as no real laws had ever been established. Instead, the townspeople of Law's End lived by a code of honor, which was enforced if not by each other, than by five or six Marshals designated by the public and lead by a single Sheriff. Law's End became a thriving frontier town and hub for trade on the edge of mapped territory. Since the town's founding four years ago, Law's End has not grown much, and still remains in its own jurisdiction, allowing the free trade of many goods generally considered illegal, and attracting more and more traders and businessmen daily. Recently, the great hunt and Law's End were referenced in Cornelius' newly published sixth memoir, "A Desert of Trials", and the town has suddenly been discovered by the general community. Those seeking a haven of free trade, those looking to hunt in a new and unmapped land, or those just wanting to explore this peculiar frontier town would likely find their way to Law's End in the Grizzly Hills.
  9. I am searching for a name to give the Inn and Tavern in Law's End. It is a Frontier-style tavern where barfights will likely be quite common. Think old western saloon, but in the outer reaches of Northrend. Law's End itself is a town that attracts a lot of trappers and hunters, so that would likely have an influence on the name. The ones I currently have pencilled in are: -The Tapped Trap -The Ragged Stallion -The Lock and Stock -The Polished Barrel Feel free to suggest anymore or vote on the ones here
  10. Entry 21, (30 Days before Outbreak) Kalholme's been more of a hellhole than usual lately. It seems like four times a day there's someone new causing trouble, and I'm getting tired of it. I don't know how Elizabeth would ever have wanted to go into this occupation after seeing it slowly tear her father down as it has... I believe this is going to be my last month with the Guard. I've spoken with Lord Mallis about finding a replacement Captain, and he has predictably been very hesitant to let me go. After all, I've been the heart and soul of Kalholme's guard for 25 years. But I can't keep doing this. Melissa has been supportive of me, as she always has. Without her, I'd be lost. She has been my stalwart companion and strongest supporter for 12 years, and I've never been more thankful for her patience and love. Arthur and Leon have been their normal selves, always causing trouble. With their dad and their sister being members of the Guard, I suppose it's only natural for them to want to rebel, but I'm honestly becoming tired of it. If they're ever going to grow up and become upstanding members of this family and this city, they're going to have to get it together, and soon. I can only deal with this for so long.
  11. Welcome to the Mangy Mushan! Run by the Fei Family in the heart of Pandaria's Vale of Eternal Blossoms, the Mangy Mushan offers divine homecooked meals and exotic beverages, alongside tried and true favorites. Own and Operated by young Zhao Fei, son of the brewer Old Zhao Fei, the Mangy Mushan refuses service to no one. It stands as a site of peace, quiet, and hospitality in this chaotic world of ours. "Our mission statement is to provide high-quality food and drink for the people of Azeroth, and an atmosphere of peace and tranquility for the adventurers of the world and those affected by the chaos of our world." - Young Zhao Fei
  12. The Azeroth Times Edition III By Trix Paperwrench, Editor-In-Chief, and T&P Publishing Main Story: King Anduin Wrynn Considering Good Will Summit By Percival Shockscribe - A recent announcement from the Chief Administrator's Office in Stormwind Keep explained that King Wrynn is considering a "Good Will Summit" between Alliance and Horde Officials. This announcement comes following a series of events that have increased tensions between the two factions, from General Karl Dogg's recent book, to the Horde Military Overhaul, climaxing with a still-mysterious naval skirmish off the coast of Val'Sharah. The Chief Administrator's Office of Stormwind released an announcement this Wednesday that declared that King Anduin Wrynn is "Considering a way to ease tensions and rebuild strong ties with the Horde through a Good Will Summit." The Summit in question has not been clearly defined, but when the Azeroth Times Reporters sat down with Chief Administrator Ron Jason, he had some answers to a few of our questions. "The King has talked extensively with his advisers about this summit, and certain details have been clearly outlined. For example, the summit will take place on neutral soil, likely somewhere in Northern Pandaria, under watch of the neutral and vigilant Shado-Pan. Furthermore, the King himself plans to attend, and other Alliance leaders have secured their spots at the summit. We have yet to contact anyone from the Horde government, but we are likely to bridge the gap and plan the event in the next few days. We at the keep are hopeful that Warchief Windrunner will be open to our attempts at continued coexistence." The people are saying that Horde and Alliance tensions are as high as they've been since the Siege of Orgrimmar, when a rickety treaty was signed to ensure as little undue bloodshed as possible. That document, the "Hellscream Accord" has kept the Alliance and Horde from declaring all-out war on each other, but the terms of the contract have been vague enough to allow the occasional brief skirmish and struggle for territory on a few occasions. The Accord is not set to expire for another two years, but both factions have come dangerously close to violating the agreement, which would likely lead to a declaration of war. The Azeroth Times believes it is reasonable to assume that this summit may involve discussions as to the state of the Hellscream Accord The future of this summit is uncertain, but The Azeroth Times will keep readers updated. News from the Alliance: Arctech Inventor's Expo Fast Approaching By Leonard Freeman - It's almost that time of year again! Yes, as we exit January and enter February, we approach that moment of the year that draws Azeroth's most creative and inventive minds: The Arctech Inventor's Expo. Held annually in the Stormwind Harbor, the Expo began as a mainstage on which Wendel Thundrus would gather fans of his Arctech brand and announce their next projects. However, as the Arctech Expo began attracting more up-and-coming inventors to showcase their own creations, Thundrus shifted the focus onto them, changing the name to the Arctech Inventor's Expo. Every year, his Board of Trustees picks three top inventions of the year, as well as two Honorable Mentions, and Wendel gives his own Choice Award to whomever he deems most worthy. This year, more than 50 inventors have signed up for inclusion at the Expo, and Thundrus himself had taken to the media to promote it. He sat down with the Azeroth Times to answer a few questions. When asked about this year's turnout, Wendel replied, "Och, it's incredible, ain't it? The first Expo I held, it was only me, and a handful of fans. The next year, we had two, maybe three people showing off their own works. By year five, I called it the Inventor's Expo, and let them take the stage. That year there were twelve of them. This year, there are fifty-three. It's insane." When asked about Arctech's involvement in this year's Expo, Wendel replied, "Oh, I don't want to take away from the Inventor's, but Arctech has been working on something very special over the past year. Something we're eager to show the world, something that I believe could change the face of Azeroth. I'm afraid that's all I can say, but don't worry, you'll see more soon enough." The Azeroth Times plans to have total coverage of the Expo and it will be published in next week's edition. News from the Horde: Baine Bloodhoof Decrees Golden Plains to be Protected Site By Tanug Widehorn - Chieftain Baine Bloodhoof has decreed on Thursday that the Golden Plains region of Mulgore, between Thunder Bluff and the sacred Red Rocks is now a protected natural site. This declaration comes following a mission statement by the Venture Trading Company exclaiming their intent to spread their mining operation north of its current location, dangerously close to the sacred Shu-halo Burial Grounds. The decree carries with it the guarantee that the area will not be settled by any race until such a time as the decree is revoked. In a statement to the public, Bloodhoof credited this decision to "Attempting to dissuade the ever-daring Venture Trading Company from overstepping their already thin boundaries", and he made a point of saying that "If any race, or independent organization, defies this decree against the wishes of the Bloodhoof Tribe and its Chieftain, they will be subject to swift, sudden, and merciless punishment". When asked by the Azeroth Times if he would ever consider military action against unwanted settlers, Chieftain Bloodhoof replied "It is a discourse I would like to avoid at all costs, but these are our lands. We have given much for them, and even more to protect them. I am not about to stop." Razdunk, Mogul, Owner, and Operator of the Venture Company, told the Azeroth Times "I said what I said, and I'm going to stand by it. The Venture is Company will not be deterred from their actions by the threats of a flea-ridden cow like Bloodhoof". Razdunk's words heavily indicate that conflict is sure to arise in the area of Eastern Mulgore. For now, though, things seem calm. News from the World: Brewery Merger in Pandaria Opens new Opportunities By Shen Dao - Years of competition and complications, two of the most polarizing Breweries in Pandaria have made a surprising merger. This announcement comes following a meeting between Kao Shenjung and Jendo Stoutbelly. The new Brewery will be built up the river from the Stormstout Brewery, in the Valley of the Four Winds, and promises a new place of work and leisure for both the Alliance and Horde. The Shenjung Brothers, Kao and Lung, founded their Brewery in the Northern Jade Forest nearly 60 years ago, and it has become one of the most popular breweries in Northern and Eastern Pandaria. When the Horde arrived in the Forest, the Shenjung's agreed to support their war effort in return for safety, and have since been considered a Horde-Affiliated business. A similar story goes for the Stoutbelly Brewery in southern Krasarang Wilds, that gave themselves to the Alliance and sullied their reputation in the process. The two Breweries are looking to regain lost ground and reassert their businesses on a global scale by merging, and founding the Blue And Red Brewery in the Valley of the Four Winds. They hope that this merger will open more cross-faction cooperation, and offer jobs for both Alliance and Horde. The Blue And Red Brewery has been congratulated by King Anduin Wrynn and Warchief Sylvanas Windrunner. Battle Ball Winter Season News: The Sen'Jin Witch Doctors have been Terminated By Chet Gordon - Before we get into the scores this week, we must cover a very important story about the Battle Ball League: This story comes concerning a release by the High Commissioner's Office that claimed that "The Sen'Jin Witch Doctors have been Terminated from the Horde Minor League and had their Team License revoked following an investigation into alleged on-field hexing taking place during Witch Doctor games that was proven by the Darkspear Authorities". This comes with troubling implications for the rest of the season in the Horde Minor League, as the season will have to continue to its conclusion with only four participant teams, which is likely to scew the scoring process. Following the end of the season there will be a period in which aspiring teams may apply for Team Licensing with the Horde Minor League, which will be considered by the Horde Minor League Administrator's Office and the Battle Ball League High Commissioner. Now, let's get into this week's scores: Lions beat Pack 21 to 17 Rams beat the Tinkers 49 to 42 Exarchs beat Sentinels 35 to 31 Rebels beat Leopards 35 to 29 Pilgrims beat Mountaineers 49 to 35 Nightsabers beat Elekk 21 to 14 Worgs beat Dragonhawks 14 to 11 Braves beat Raptors 28 to 21 Executors beat Princes 35 to 21 Phantoms beat Goons 14 to 7 Kodos beat Avengers 28 to 24 Boars received a Bye Week after being scheduled to face the Sen'Jin Witch Doctors. As it stands now, the only team still possible to secure the title of 'perfect season' are the Westfall Pilgrims. The Schedule for next Friday, the 2nd, is as follows: Lions (2-1) @ Rams (1-2) Exarchs (2-1) @ Tinkers (2-1) Sentinels (1-2) @ Pack (1-2) Elekk (1-2) @ Leopards (2-1) Mountaineers (0-3) @ Rebels (1-2) Pilgrims (3-0) @ Nightsabers (2-1) Worgs (2-1) @ Raptors (1-2) - This game is the 16th Annual Durotar Bowl between the Orcs and Trolls Executors (2-1) @ Braves (2-1) Princes (1-2) @ Dragonhawks (1-2) Phantoms (1-2) @ Kodos (2-1) Boars (1-1) @ Goons (1-2) Quel'Thalas Avengers receive a Bye Week after being scheduled to face the Sen'Jin Witch Doctors See you next week! This Month in History: The Gates of Ahn'Qiraj By Trix Paperwrench - In lieu of a Traveler's Spotlight this week, the Azeroth Times would like to bring you a reminder of things past. This month, we look back 12 years, to the opening of the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj. During this time, the Silithid menace ravaged Silithus and the surrounding areas, and neither faction was strong enough to stop them. This marks one of the first times in history that the Alliance and Horde set aside their differences, and worked as one to orchestrate a war effort that saw the breaking of the Scarab Wall and the vanquishing of both the Silithid armies, and a great menace that few have ever equaled. It is also at this time that the Heroes of Azeroth began to surface, working together to take up the charge and restore the Scepter of the Shifting Sands. It was a long and grueling process for all involved, but in the end, several heroes worked together with the Horde and Alliance to gather the war's resources. It is estimated to have taken a total of 71,000 Rations, 182,000 Metal Ingots, 490,000 Leather, and a whopping 2.3 Million Bandages, all gathered over the course of just under a month, an incredible feat! The Alliance and Horde both gave their greatest towards the Might of Kalimdor, a military organization comprised of Varok Saurfang, Leoric von Zeldig, Lynore Windstryke, August Foehammer, and Malagav the Tactician, which successfully broke through to Ahn'Qiraj and emerged victorious. Afterwards, the Might of Kalimdor was disbanded, and nothing of the sort has been seen since. We should look back on this event as a show of what can be accomplished if the Horde and Alliance join forces rather than battle at each other's throats. It's a lesson we all may stand to learn from. With that, take this time to remember our victory over the Silithid menace, and honor those who did not see an end to the campaign. Do You Want Featured in The Azeroth Times? Maybe you've got a News Story that no one else has seen. Or maybe your town could use with some extra exposure. Or maybe you're just looking for some extra money to get you through between jobs. Well, The Azeroth Times is willing to pay! Our reporters will visit your city and write about it for no cost, and we will pay top dollar for any groundbreaking News Stories or extra hands looking for work. If you're interested, send mail to T&P Publishing under the name "Paperwrench", and we will sort everything out for you!
  13. The Azeroth Times Edition II By Trix Paperwrench, Editor-In-Chief, and T&P Publishing Main Story: Horde Military Overhaul Could Have Grim Implications By Azrog Tuskbearer - News this week that Warchief Sylvanas intends to relieve more than half of her acting Military Command and replace them with fresh candidates could have seriously grim implications for the Horde's Military behavior. Following increasingly tense activity between Alliance and Horde soldiers on the Broken Isles and a naval skirmish that the Azeroth Times covers in its World News section this week, Warchief Sylvanas Windrunner held a public conference which many found to be troubling. The Warchief's conference consisted of her explaining to the public the recent military actions on the Horde's behalf, which she described as "Exemplary and admirable in every regard," and she expressed hope that they would "continue to make the people of the Horde proud." Many believed her words in that respect foreshadowed future plans for military action, which while no real threat exists on the horizon, leads many to believe she is inferring action against the Alliance. Following the book "Dogg of War" published by an Alliance general no more than a week before her statements, such implications may not be founded completely in fiction. The most troubling news that the Warchief brought to the public was that she intended to carry out a major overhaul of the Horde's Military Command, which entails the discharge of nearly half of the Horde's current Generals and Warlords. Among those scheduled to be replaced are figures such as Dath'Romus Sunblade, Hunag Irontotem, Saliran Blackire, and Rezag Doomtusk, four influential Generals that have carried out successful campaigns and have been described before by the Warchief as "Indispensable." What forces could be at work to make the Warchief decide to replace them, neither the media nor the general public are quite sure, but the candidates Windrunner has lined up give certain implications. From Thazal Kuma and Baelorn Warhoof to Relashi Veeno and Darak Cromush, the Warchief's candidates to take over leadership of the Horde Military all have backgrounds fighting against the Alliance, and successfully. Sylvanas has even attributed to Darak Cromush, a High Warlord, what she described as "Endless appreciation" for his actions aiding the Forsaken during their campaign in Silverpine Forest. With a lineup such as what the Warchief is suggesting, many in the Horde believe that she is either hoping to intimidate the Alliance into keeping their distance or, in much more troubling strain, preparing to take action of her own against them. No one can say for certain for the moment, but the Azeroth Times will be following any developments to this story. News from the Alliance: Thorgas Ironbraid Admits Responsibility Towards Deadly Bombing By Tothus Brewgut - The mystery of the Ironforge Bombing last week that killed seven and wounded three has seemingly been solved, as Thorgas Ironbraid, an accused terrorist and enemy of Ironforge, claimed full responsibility for the attack on behalf of his organization, which he has dubbed "The Ironbraid Resistance". Ironbraid himself has been declared an Enemy of Ironforge after using his organized militia to assume control of the Coldridge Valley, but the Council has attempted to avoid any outright confrontation with him or his group. In recently declassified information, the Council and G.R.I.D, Gnomeregan's own Intelligence Agency, revealed that they had taken operations against the Ironbraid Resistance over the course of the past two months under the nose of the public, and had entered into peace negotiations just two weeks ago. In Ironbraid's statement admitting responsibility, he claimed that "A bomb was hidden in a lockbox that had been used to transport the negotiation documents back to the Hall of Records", but he does not explain how or when the bomb was inserted into the container. All that is known is that the Council has wholeheartedly accepted Ironbraid's admittance, and is taking obvious action against him and his Resistance. In an official statement to the public, the Council claimed that "Ironforge has been insulted and blatantly attacked by a man who defies everything we stand for. The Council has been careful in attempting to deal with his treasonous behavior without alerting the public and without expending a great deal of our military in the process, but we cannot stand idly by in the face of this disgrace. The Council will be taking military action against Ironbraid in hope of ridding the world of his anarchist ideals and reclaiming our rightful territory in the process." The Ironforge Military has been seen mobilizing in many areas across Dun Morogh, from production making a spike at Steelgrill's Depot to round-the-clock drills and preparation events at the Ironforge Airstrip. General Edgar Hammerstone of the Legendary 5th Division has also been seen spending more and more time at the planning areas in the Military Ward, alongside the accomplished Field Marshal Tala Hildegrad, which leans towards the possibility of the 5th Division's participation in the coming fight against the Ironbraid Resistance. Those closest to the Coldridge valley have already reported seeing camps being set up around the entrance to the Coldridge Pass, likely to be the first vista of battle. The Azeroth Times will keep readers posted on any developments. News from the Horde: Orc Banking Mogul Announces Retirement By Kiash Samuul - Bankers, financiers, auctioneers, and economists all shed a tear today as the influential Dimas Goldhand announced his plans to retire from his management position. The shock came this Thursday, as Goldhand stated to his friends and family, "With my advancing age, it is becoming more difficult to deal with the day-to-day management of such an auspicious establishment. And I think it's time I leave the thoughts of money behind, and look towards my family, especially in such turbulent times." Just over 30 years ago, Dimas Goldhand established the First Bank of Orgirmmar, in fact the first organized Bank in the Horde, and pioneered Horde financing, as well as making a huge impact on the Horde Economy. He has since managed the Bank, as well as all Banks subsequently founded and operated by the Orcs all across Azeroth. His reputation for being a genius with coin and generous to the people of Orgrimmar has served his public reputation well, and many citizens of Orgrimmar express a bittersweet feeling towards his announcements. "Dimas has been there for the people of Orgrimmar through everything. Through Thrall, Hellscream, Vol'Jin, and now Sylvanas, he hasn't once left his post. Hell, the only thing that's been able to shut down his bank has been a Revolution. It's sad in a way to see him leave, but I hope the best for him." Said one Orgrimmar citizen. The Orgrimmar Bank will continue to operate in the hands of Dimas' apprentice, one Salgaz Hamil, but many in the Horde Economy and stock market expect the Bank's shares to drop significantly. "Dimas, he's been a big-time player in the Economy. One of the biggest," Nikolai Sazarak, the Chief Economic Analyst for Ratchet and the Horde, told the Azeroth Times, "He put Banking on the map for the Horde, and almost everyone's based the way their operate and manage their own Banks on his teachings. Without him at the helm, we'll have to start fending for ourselves here. Not to mention the fact that the public may lose its faith the Banking system, and stock prices are liable to drop. Big time. This could be bad - real bad - for the Economy." Azeroth Times Economist Alec Milton has predicted that this may have fire implications for the Horde Economy, much like Sazarak, and claims that this, paired with the Horde's possible motives to want to finance a war, may prove disastrous, but there's nothing to really do about it but wait and see. He suggests not buying stocks in HBG (Horde Banker's Guild) quite yet, but prices are likely to drop significantly from their current position of 15G per Stock. News from the World: Mysterious Skirmish Between Alliance and Horde Off Coast of Val'Sharah By Percival Shockscribe - Tensions between Alliance Horde briefly snapped off the coast of Val'Sharah as Naval forces from both factions met in a battle that resulted in the deaths of nearly forty sailors in total. Wednesday evening, nearly 13 miles Southwest of the Bradensbrook Area of Val'Shara, on the Broken Isles, the Alliance vessel "Siabi" met the Horde ship "Escalation", and through a series of events that have yet to be officially reported, both ships left the area suffering heavy casualties between them, a total of 38 lives lost. The "Siabi" was commanded by Captain James L Holloway, whose record has been exemplary up to this point. His ship was conducting what has been reported as a routing scouting mission along the coast of the region, populated mostly by Kaldorei and Humans. The "Escalation" toted Samuel Estwield as its Captain, a long-time favored Naval Officer of Sylvanas, and its mission has been cited as "Recovering artifacts deemed significant to the Horde. Both ships were Frigates, and each toted a small arsenal. Both King Wrynn and Warchief Windrunner have failed to release official statements on the matter aside from publicly releasing ship manifests, death statistics, and mission information. Captain Holloway has been relieved of duty as of Saturday by Grand Admiral Jes-Tereth and the Alliance Naval Command, though no formal action has been taken against Estwield by the Forsaken, or the Horde. Many officials of both factions have credited 'suspicions' as to the real intentions of both the ships, as the area of the altercation falls in neutral territory, offering no justification for an Alliance scouting mission, and no Horde-related artifacts have been identified in the area by any Archaeological Societies in Azeroth. Battle Ball Winter Season Moves into Week 2 By Chet Gordon - Week 2 of the Battle Ball Winter Season has come and gone, with only a few notable games to speak of. This week's scores are as follows: Tinkers beat Pack 14 to 13 Sentinels beat Lions 21 to 14 Exarchs beat Rams 28 to 21 Leopards beat Mountaineers 14 to 7 Pilgrims beat Elekk 35 to 21 Nightsabers beat Rebels 38 to 35 Worgs beat Princes 21 to 10 Raptors beat Executors 35 to 10 Braves beat Dragonhawks 17 to 14 Boars beat Phantoms 42 to 20 Goons beat Avengers 28 to 14 Witch Doctors beat Kodos 25 to 21 As it stands now, only Four teams in the league can have a perfect season: The Gnomeregan Tinkers, the Tinker Town Leopards, the Westfall Pilgrims, and the Sen'Jin Witch Doctors. Now, let's get into the analysis of some of the more noteworthy games: Tinkers @ Pack In this edge-of-your-seat thrill-ride of a game, the Gnomeregan Tinkers traveled to Crowley Field to face off against the Greymane Pack. Both teams have had identical records since the beginning of last season, and no one was quite sure which way the scaled would tip. As it turns out, it was a fight to the finish as Giz Sprock lead the Tinkers to victory by a single point! Though, the difference in score was caused by Corbin McDrowell, the Pack Kicker, who miss the after-pint attempt during the Pack's second drive to produce points. What made the move even more disappointing for McDrowell was that it came just mere seconds before the conclusion of the game. Due to the aftermath of the game, the Gnomeregan Tinkers are now the only team in the APL with a chance of having a perfect season. Phantoms @ Boars In a sour turn of luck this week, the Silverpine Phantoms, coming off a devastating 24 to 0 loss to the Witch Doctors last week, had the misfortune of travelling to Durotar to play the Razor Hill Boars at Frostwolf Field, the defending World Champions of the Battle-Ball League. As was expected, the Boars offense plowed through the Phantoms at every given opportunity, stretching their lead to 28 to 0 by the end of the first half. Kalzar Somdred, the Team Captain of the Phantoms, supposedly held a pep talk for his team during halftime, and in the second half, they made an impressive comeback, scoring a total of 20 points, but it ultimately wasn't enough as the Boars continued to increase their lead, eventually ending the game 42 to 20. That does it for this week's noteworthy games. The Schedule for next Friday, the 19th, is as follows: Pack (1-1) @ Lions (1-1) Rams (0-2) @ Tinkers (2-0) - This game is the 16th Annual Modan Bowl between the Dwarves and Gnomes. Sentinels (1-1) @ Exarchs (1-1) Nightsabers (1-1) @ Elekk (1-1) Leopards (2-0) @ Rebels (0-2) Pilgrims (2-0) @ Mountaineers (0-2) Dragonhawks (1-1) @ Worgs (1-1) Raptors (1-1) @ Braves (1-1) Princes (1-1) @ Exectors (1-1) Kodos (1-1) @ Avengers (1-1) Boars (1-1) @ Witch Doctors (2-0) Goons (1-1) @ Phantoms (0-2) See you next week! The Traveller's Spotlight: Ironshore By Trix Paperwrench - The settlement of Ironshore, a fair way's west of Lordaeron, is somewhat of an oddity in the world today. I travelled on rumors that it was quickly becoming an attraction for everyone, from traders, to tourists, to those simply seeking to escape the chaos of life. The city was founded after the Cataclysm by Gilnean settlers forced from their home. As the story goes, sailors discovered the rocks, and brought back the idea of settling them to Gilnean nobles and officials who had yet to be sold on joining the Alliance, and the rest is history. As I got off the Zeppelin, three things immediately caught my eye: The Location: It may seem fairly simple and ordinary, there is nothing ordinary about the location of Ironshore. The city is mostly built atop a series of rocky spires jutting from the sea, but portions of it have been built beneath the platforms, into the very rock itself. The criss-crossing bridge system and hectic layout of the city provides a thrill of discovery for anyone like myself, who enjoys nothing more than learning everything about where I am. The Ideals: The ideals and way of life Ironshore was founded on continue to astound and intrigue me. The fact that it was settled by Gilnean nobles who wanted no part in the Alliance helps me understand why the city has a strict isolationist feel. It wants no business in either the Alliance nor the Horde, and will accept members of either so long as they bring no political affiliation with them. They also do everything in their power to avoid any sort of involvement in the world's conflicts and wars, even managing to avoid any Legion interest. But perhaps the most interesting piece of this puzzle is their system of Free Trade. Commerce is almost completely unregulated here, and it sits perfectly situation between several major trading powers, which leads me to my third point. The Booming Economy: If I said business in Ironshore was amazing, it would be an understatement. The Free Trade Laws of the City, as well as their strategic location, attract traders, merchants, and other businesspeople from across the world, which means every corner of the city is packed with activity, to the point where it's almost chaotic, but in a good way! If you were a trader looking to make your fortune, Ironshore would be the place to do it. All in all, Ironshore shows wonderful potential for a global economic power, and is a place I would gladly visit again. Do You Want Featured in The Azeroth Times? Maybe you've got a News Story that no one else has seen. Or maybe your town could use with some extra exposure. Or maybe you're just looking for some extra money to get you through between jobs. Well, The Azeroth Times is willing to pay! Our reporters will visit your city and write about it for no cost, and we will pay top dollar for any groundbreaking News Stories or extra hands looking for work. If you're interested, send mail to T&P Publishing under the name "Paperwrench", and we will sort everything out for you!
  14. The Azeroth Times Edition I By Trix Paperwrench, Editor-In-Chief, and T&P Publishing Main Story: Terror in Ironforge following Deadly Bombing By Tothus Brewgut - The City of Ironforge is in chaos this week following a bombing in the Great Forge that killed Seven and wounded Three more. Witnesses told Azeroth Times Reporters that at approximately 9:30 PM this past Sunday, a loud blast "like a volley of cannons" echoed through the city. According to an official statement posted by the Ironforge Guard, it was the Ironforge Records Hall that was the intended target of the attack, and according to independent investigators on the scene, the bomb was likely delivered to the Records Hall in a locked box, and set to trigger when the box was opened. Investigators are keeping specifics of their findings away from the media, but they have issued a formal notice that anyone with information about the whereabouts of Cornelius Wabbajack and his Company of Adventurers should bring it to the Ironforge Guard immediately. The bombing took the lives of Seven Records Hall workers. Only four names have been confirmed and released, including Thaedan Koolm, Rongas Talnor, Moliban Firegirdle, and Hoffstad Elkshorn. The City has announced its sorrow in the losses, especially Koolm, who had served as the city's High Record Keeper for 13 years. "This is a traumatic loss", reads the official statement from the Council, "and one we will not soon recover completely from. We've lost several upstanding and dedicated civil servants, and our hearts grieve in particular for the devout High Record Keeper Thaedan Koolm." The remaining three victims have not yet been identified. The city has entered a state of grieving, underlines by an anxiety that this may happen again. The Ironforge Guard has sworn to increase its security, especially when it comes to delicate packages like those delivered to the Records Hall. Many citizens are claiming this to be an attack by the Ironbraid Rebels in Coldridge Valley, but such claims have little evidence and the Council has maintained its stance that it will not escalate relations with the Ironbraid. Upon being asked about the subject by Azeroth Times reporter, Falstad Wildhammer, Councilor of the Wildhammer Dwarves, said, "This is something nobody expected, and so it's taken all of us off guard. Ironforge hasn't experienced an attack like this since the Second War, and many of us just aren't sure how to handle it. All that we know now is that this mountain cannot save us from everything. We're not invincible, that's been made shockingly obvious to us. All we can do now is grieve for the fallen, and do everything in our power to make sure nothing like this happens again." The Azeroth Times will keep readers updated about any developments in this story. News from the Alliance: Rhino MilTech Signs Five-Year Contract with Alliance, Receives New Patent Grant By David S. Long - Rhino MilTech, famous developers of Military Technology and Combat Innovations, has just signed a 5-Year contract with Alliance Leaders to distinguish their Company as the sole military producer and innovator of the Alliance. This news comes following the expiration of the 2-Year contract the Alliance previously held with "Synadigm Solutions", which yielded mixed results. Rhino, who have held a total of three contracts with the Alliance over the past two decades, have been chosen again by a board of Military advisers who credit Rhino's past work for the Alliance as their reason for proposing the contract. Rhino MilTech has spent nearly 30 years in the Military Technology Industry, and have since provided the Alliance - and the rest of Azeroth - with technology that continues to be used to this day. Almost all modern firearms use triggering systems developed by Rhino, who also pioneered modern Steam Engine technology, used in Steam Tanks and Gyrocopters to this day. However, perhaps Rhino's greatest contribution to Military Technology is the Thunderbird-Class Gunship, used in almost every major Alliance campaign since Northrend. Perhaps the most interesting detail to this development is that while also offering a 5-Year contract, the Alliance gave Rhino a New Patent Grant, allowing them to develop a brand new blueprint. Whether it's for a handheld weapon, a war machine, or a new, more efficient engine design, we'll have to wait and see, but the last time Rhino received this kind of Grant, they developed the Alliance's Lothar-Class Battleship, which has been used since the Siege of Orgrimmar. All in all, an exciting development in the military world, and one that will surely pay off well for the Alliance. News from the Horde: Silvermoon Magistrates Race May Decide Fate of the Nightborn By Aethalius Sunreaver - Politics in the Eversong Woods are heating up as questions begin to arise concerning the fate of the Nightborn of Suramar. Since liberating them from the Grand Magistrix Elisande, leaders in the Sin'Dorei Government have been throwing around the question of offering them induction into the Horde. While these rumors have never been confirmed by Sin'Dorei leaders or Horde Officials, questions have begun surfacing about Nightborn Opinions, directed towards the candidates for Silvermoon's three open Magistrate seats. After hearing testimony from all thirteen Magistrate candidates, the Azeroth Times has assembled a collective opinion on the Nightborn in the political circle. While many of the election's frontrunners, such as Liandar Oberon and Sulthania Firehawk, have vouched their support of a collected Horde focused on making its existing power more efficient as opposed to gathering more from other races, many of the candidates believe that the Nightborn deserve a place among the Horde. Magistrate Candidate Alanor Ben'Dalil told the Azeroth Times, "It's a matter of kinship. Of sticking together. The Sin'Dorei and Shal'Dorei have very similar backgrounds, and we have both shaken the Legion's grasp from areas we hold dear. Suramar's new leaders are very open to our own leadership, and I do not believe it would be an enormous challenge to persuade them to join our cause. The Horde can use all the help it can get, especially in the Eastern Kingdoms, a territory long controlled by Alliance forces." On the other side of the coin, Candidate Ontuas Tenarr told reporters, "It's all about priorities. We shouldn't be worrying about inducting new races into the Horde right now, we should be worrying about getting stable leadership and a stronger unity between our races. Perhaps when we can all live in harmony with each other, then we can worry about expanding ourselves outward. But until then... We've bigger fish to fry, honestly." The Lord Regent has expressed conflict on this issue that cannot be readily solved by his advisers, and will likely turn to his Magistrates to make a decision. While the Magistrate Court is not held while elections are underway, we will have to see who wins the open seats before we can know for certain the fate of this groundbreaking question. News from the World: Acting General in Hot Water After Publishing Controversial Book By Leonard Freeman - An Acting General of Stormwind, Karl Dogg, has landed himself in hot water among his peers following the publishing of his controversial book, entitled "The Dogg of War". Dogg, who has served as Commanding Officer of nearly half of Stormwind's forces for four years, recently published his book, which he refers to as "An unedited, uncensored telling of [his] time in the military and in the Alliance", a decision that came as a surprise to many of his colleagues, who did not know that Dogg had the intent to even write such a book. However, it is the book's contents that seem to shroud General Dogg in controversy. In fact, in the first chapter of the literature, Dogg refers to the Alliance as "The single greatest force of war in the world.", and calls Stormwind "The Crowning Jewel of Azeroth", going on to devalue the contributions and cultural state of the other members of the Alliance. That being said, the book's seventh chapter, entitled "War: The Global Constant" has been the most quoted piece of the work, used by everyone from anti-war activists to arms dealers. The chapter includes several controversial statements, including "We as a race cannot survive without war, because war and conflict drive us to evolve. The countless souls who gave their lives bravely paved the path to a new and better world", "The Invasion of the Krasarang Wilds is the single greatest operation devised by Alliance Command", and the line that is becoming quoted more and more, "War with the Horde is not only inevitable, it should be encouraged! Strike down those brutal savages wherever they hide! Help them evolve into something the Alliance wouldn't be disgusted to call an ally." The General's current status with the Alliance remains unchanged, as Alliance Command has yet to take any action for or against the author, but more and more anti-war groups are calling for Dogg's discharge and release of command as soon as possible. Battle Ball Winter Season Kicks Off With Unexpected Results By Chet Gordon - Yes, folks, it's that time of year again: Time for the first Battle-Ball Season of the Year! In a Week 1 that it sure to go down in people's memories, and surely didn't fail in shaking up the competition, every league showed their fair share of unexpected results. First up, the rundown of all of this week's scores: Stormwind Lions beat Auremyst Exarchs 27 to 8 Gnomeregan Tinkers beat Darnassus Sentinels 38 to 21 Greymane Pack beat Ironforge Rams 35 to 17 Bloodmyst Elekk beat Kharanos Mountaineers 23 to 17 Tinker Town Leopards beat Ashenvale Nightsabers 40 to 13 Westfall Pilgrims beat Northgate Rebels 30 to 12 Kezan Princes beat Thunder Bluff Braves 34 to 7 Silvermoon Dragonhawks beat Darkspear Raptors 19 to 14 Lordaeron Executors beat Orgrimmar Worgs 14 to 6 Taurajo Kodos beat Bilgewater Goons 30 to 14 Quel'Thalas Avengers beat Razor Hill Boars 48 to 13 Sen'Jin Witch Doctors beat Silverpine Phantoms 24 to 0 Now, let's get into the analysis of some of the more noteworthy games: Lions @ Exarchs This game threw together the best and worst of last season: The Alliance Premier League Champions in the Azuremyst Exarchs versus the 1-4 worst season record Stormwind Lions. Maybe these expectations gave the Exarchs too big of a head, because as soon as they stepped onto Argus Field, it was one mistake after the other. First, a turnover to the Lions resulted in their opponents making the first score of the game. Then, a slacking defense opened up a total of 3 sacks by the Lions against Lukhemos. But really, the game was decided as soon as Arthur Proudmane and the Lions offense stepped on the field. With one brilliant move after another, the Lions managed to secure a demanding lead over the Exarchs, and finished the game 27 to 8. Dragonhawks @ Raptors In an oddly similar game, Horde Grand League Champions Darkspear Raptors faced off against the Silvermoon Dragonhawks, and met a surprising downfall. For every move the Raptors made, it seemed like the Dragonhawks were one step ahead. While both sides had formidable offensive powers, the really hard moments of the game were fought by either side on defense. The Dragonhawks have always seemed to struggle at stopping the opposing team before they can score, but this game, they were able to lock down the Raptors. This game, much like Lions @ Exarchs goes to show that just because you're a League Champion, doesn't mean you're invincible. Phantoms @ Witch Doctors In an embarrassing game for Horde Minor League runner-up Silverpine Phantoms, the Sen'Jin Witch Doctors demonstrated their new and improved offense under the leadership of Kozma Kal, and their impressive defense under Lez'hek Tunaju. The Phantoms came into the game expecting an easy win, and were given much more than their money's worth when the Witch Doctors kept Silverpine in their own territory for 6 of their 7 drives. The Phantoms focused so much into putting points on the board that they just couldn't stop the Witch Doctors from earning a 14-point lead by the end of the first half. A lead which extended to 24 in the second half before the game ended, the Phantoms unable to get their name on the scoreboard. That does it for this week's noteworthy games. The Schedule for next Friday, the 12th, is as follows: Lions @ Sentinels Tinkers @ Pack Exarchs @ Rams Elekk @ Pilgrims Rebels @ Nightsabers Mountaineers @ Leopards Worgs @ Princes Braves @ Dragonhawks Executors @ Raptors Phantoms @ Boars Avengers @ Goons Witch Doctors @ Kodos See you next week! The Traveller's Spotlight: Light's Harbor By Trix Paperwrench - The City of Light's Harbor has become somewhat of a phenomenon lately. From its humble beginnings to its prosperous future, it seems everyone is talking about this beautiful Harbor city. So I decided to take a look for myself. The first thing I noticed as soon as I got off the boat was hospitality. The first few townspeople I came across greeted me warmly, and nobody during my entire stay made me feel like I was unwanted or even unappreciated. The people in this city are second to none, that's for sure, and they were even kind enough to explain to me some of Light's Harbor's history, and what it can look forward to in the future. Humble Beginnings: Light's Harbor was founded as an Argent Crusade Garrison off the coast of Northrend to deal with stray Scourge after the Fall of the Lich King, but soon enough, word of mouth and the area's unique charm began enticing more and more people, and the settlement grew from there. It now includes an extended Barracks, a delightfully quaint inn, a booming market district, a looming Mage Tower, a packed dock, a sizable housing district, and an aesthetic atmosphere like none other. The Island: The Island on which Light's Harbor was founded is awash in excitement and danger, from the ancient Elven Ruins of Haruma, which promise to break brand new ground in the archaeological world, to the mysterious Blightforge, a dangerous collection of dark buildings and even darker potential. The Island also consists of a vast wilderness that serves an ideal grounds for anyone with a passion for the hunt, and a small camp that is to become the base of operations for an Adventuring Company. The Future: The people of the city seem quite content with their lives, and they are eager to see what comes next. There's never a dull day in Light's Harbor, or so I'm told. From my short time there, I met a wonderful collection of people, learned an exciting history, and enjoyed some of the finest tea and bread I've ever tasted. Yes, Light's Harbor is up on the rise, and for good reason. I would recommend visiting the next time you're in the neighborhood. Do You Want Featured in The Azeroth Times? Maybe you've got a News Story that no one else has seen. Or maybe your town could use with some extra exposure. Or maybe you're just looking for some extra money to get you through between jobs. Well, The Azeroth Times is willing to pay! Our reporters will visit your city and write about it for no cost, and we will pay top dollar for any groundbreaking News Stories or extra hands looking for work. If you're interested, send mail to T&P Publishing under the name "Paperwrench", and we will sort everything out for you! (Credit for Rhino MilTech Logo goes to "Trick Daley" at Behance.net)
  15. In a press statement from the accomplished T&P Publishing Company, CEO and Chief Publicist Trix Paperwrench claimed her intent to begin publishing an informative source of news that covers events from the world over. The release states, "We here at T&P Publishing have been looking at going into a newspaper publication for some time now, and our chief concerns center around providing an informed reader with reliable, unaltered information about the world around them. The last thing we want to do is profit off the fear of others, or spread misinformation for our own gain. Our only concern is to provide the real news from the real world to real people, and we hope to accomplish that with the dispatch of our seasoned, experienced journalists and reporters to the most populated areas of Azeroth, as well as smaller areas that may provide more interesting stories and a view of the world people seldom get to see these days. We will be dispatching our reporters soon into the New Year, and publication is expected to begin shortly afterward." The Azeroth Times is a forum-based Newspaper service (That will shift in-game as soon as Writable Books become a reality). It will focus on highlighting different phases and phase events, as well as fictional events across Azeroth. It'll even include an entirely custom Sports Season (Battle-Ball, go Gnomeregan Tinkers!). It will also include fictional Azerothian politics (A light amount), current events from Retail story progression, and of course, advertisements. Publication scheduled to start Monday, January 8th, here on the forums