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  1. Cool but I think the Connection Guide should be updated so people get the proper launcher before Rage fills up their WoW folder
  2. It would appear that the Epsilon Launcher causes Ragelauncher ( a program people use for GTA 5 RP ) to open up and start downloading stuff into the Epsilon folder. Now I don't know if these extra files will actually impact the game, but when I started up Epsilon it was running rather poorly and I imagine the extra files didn't help. As it is, it looks like you can't have RageMP on your PC while also playing on Epsilon, which is a bit messy since I'd like to keep playing GTA RP as well.
  3. Hello, I'm a new player to the server, and I'd like to know if there are any guilds/groups/phases around that use a character sheet system. I've done it before in WoW and found it incredibly fun. Are there are known subcommunities on this server that do that?