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  1. I mean, it won't be a bad idea to have something like RPG maker in Epsilon, right? ? I understand the point you're raising regarding the philosophy of the server. In my case, my friend group won't likely be online at the same time and I think crafting a story they can play at their leisure is a much more realistic expectation regarding their schedules. I'm sure there are others with this issue as well. The interaction won't be in real time, but at least we'll have a shared experience regardless of that. I know about the dummy npc thing. It comes up a lot whenever you do ".lo creature" lol Anyhow, this is only my reasoning for the suggestion. I'm sure you have your own opinion about this. Thanks for reading the feedback. I'm sure many will appreciate these features, even though it diminishes the role of the "present GM" a little bit. Take care!
  2. Hello! I've been building my own phase for a few weeks now and I'm really starting to feel the need of crafting a playable story within it. I know Epsilon is designed mostly for a RP crowd in mind, and I could do this as a GM and have some friends come over at a certain time in order to play together, but I wonder if it would be possible to consider a future release with the ability to craft custom quest/questlines in order to build a single player-ready story in our phases. Other things I would love to be able to customize: Class trainers Vendors Profession trainers Simple scripts for NPC, such as walking, emoting and talking when certain criteria is met, or even program it to be repeated at Δ time. I'm not entirely sure how much of this is within scope of the dev team, but I'd love have the ability to further my creations in Epsilon to this level. Thanks for the awesome server and community!