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  1. Comprehensive, detailed, and interesting! I'm down for this. 😄
  2. Eclipse

    Mom's Refrigerator

    I love you Mom. ❤️ The stars align; Elune be with you.
  3. I have a solid enough understanding of Lovecraft's works that I know I can't be lazy about it, believe me. In creation of this idea I've been looking at pre-written stories, scenarios, and some Lovecraft works to get a good telling of where I'd like to take the story. Yes, it is rather WIP, but I thought I might shoot my arrow into the dark to see if it catches. Cosmic horror demands time and careful story planning, but it doesn't mean much to a story if there's no one to tell it to. All the things you mentioned are being wrinkled out, but I didn't want to post a half-baked idea - that just looks lazy and uninteresting.
  4. "Of such great powers or beings there may be conceivably a survival… a survival of a hugely remote period when… consciousness was manifested, perhaps, in shapes and forms long since withdrawn before the tide of advancing humanity… forms of which poetry and legend alone have caught a flying memory and called them gods, monsters, mythical beings of all sorts and kinds…" - Algernon Blackwood Dear Dr. Oliver, I hope, for a better sake, that this note not find you so easily. I haven't the time to say much, so it is best I get straight to it. There's something terribly wrong with the world, isn't there? Death, war, strife, all broad things, surely, but not what I am discussing here. Beyond the veil of perception lies things inexplicable. Something so vast that it boggles the mind, and even the thought of understanding pounds on the brain like a drum. This note is not an invitation, but a warning. The pursuit of knowledge is a gambit, and sometimes things better lay unsolved. Please, if you could, make haste to the countryside. The city has already fallen yet the denizens not know it yet. A terrible plague of the mind has settled in over them and an ancient power sits atop their spires but their mind neglects its existence. The invisible menace. Pack your bags and leave, for I fear a second longer in the city's walls may drive the most sensible to madness. Oh dear Doctor, time has already run out. I'm afraid the sleeping giant is awake now, and his mirrors shine their gaze on the town. He's awake. - Your good friend, Matthew Tendring ================================================================ Effigies of the Great Dark This little project of mine is an idea I've wanted to explore for a very long time. I've gone through phases of interest between projects, and something I find I consistently return to - for the sake of how it thrills me - is horror. Specifically, cosmic or psychological horror. It isn't filled with gore, vicious enemies, or serial killers; No, none of that. The theme I want to capture is dread, insignificance, and haplessness. I'm not here to bully your characters, maim them, or really focus much on physical trauma - it's all mental, and the core aspect I want to capture is this feeling of loss of understanding. This is a Lovecraftian project. This isn't for everyone, and that's fine. I want the opportunity to craft an interesting, thrilling phase that can entertain the player(s) and the DM, and I think Lovecraft themes offer the freedom and creative room to do just that. I can't say exactly where it will take place, if the lore will be WoW's or something else, but the underlying basis is: horror, creativity, Call of Cthulhu RPG-esque, and mystery. I am very flexible with characters, and once I can get a more solid understanding of setting/lore, I can start refining what I am looking for in terms of characters. (I'm probably not going to whip out an old god for this, though, just saying. It'll be much more traditional 'there's something in my closet' kind of spooky.) If you're interested, or have questions, totally shoot it my way! I have a Discord and you can also reply to this thread if you want (there's the slightest chance I won't see it, but I'll try and keep tabs on this page.) Discord: o,,o#9976 The stars align; Elune be with you.
  5. We will take other void-affiliated individuals from other races. Or if your character wants to go down the path of the void, they're for that too.
  6. I don't mind other characters joining, as long as they are void-oriented or want to go that way. Ethereals would be the easiest, though.
  7. Be thankful we have Antorus my guys. I'd like Kul'tiras gobs I guess, buuuuut.. we can wait.
  8. ??????? ?? ??? ???? "Since the burning our world, and the vaporization of our corporeal forms, my kind has always despised the presence of the Void. We raged against it with a fury to rival that of the formidable Burning Shadow. But since then... my kind has segregated itself as we may have always been destined to have done. And yet... some of my brothers and sisters fell prey over time to the maddening whispers of that cold abyss. The Ethereum would eventually come into being, followed by the Shadowguard. I thought them mad, traitorous, even... But then I saw their gods, and the vastness they called to. I gazed into its infinite majesty and almost lost myself. I saw this raw, untempered schism and thought to myself.. 'What a fascinating prospect..' " Long have our brethren shunned the whispers of the Outer Night. Long have we stood defiant against the shadow. But now I ask... What is the harm in capitalizing on such wondrous opportunities? [??????? ?? ??? ????] is a new up-and-coming void Ethereal guild. It is based around the principles of a self-journey through the void in an attempt to master its abilities without falling victim to its seductions. This is a project I started upon a long time ago, but only now have the opportunity to host such. Details Goals: The Requiem's primary goal is to advance knowledge on the void and also increase control over it. A more relevant goal is centred around better preparing ourselves in an effort against our current main foes, Absolution. Story: A sect of Light users, known simply as Absolution, were encountered within the depths of the Burning Throne. They took immediate hostility towards us, and after a quick skirmish, they were able to drive us back. As an act of aggravation, and spite towards a thwarting of our efforts, we have now engaged this sect of Light-herded sheep in a continuous effort to claim what is ours. Location: The Requiem is located all over. We may be found where the void may be found. However, there are three main locations that you are likely to see the Requiem: An unmarked void rift (Telogrus Rift OOCly), northern Mac'aree, and a few other smaller places around Argus. Characters: [??????? ?? ??? ????] has been set up as a largely progressive guild. It is more or less designed to develop your character's abilities and tolerance to the void. That being said, this guild best reacts to players towards the beginning of their progression, or at least characters with low aptitude with the void. Please, do not ask to play some void revenant because there's a new model in 7.3. Affiliation: The last major detail that should be said is the Requiem's standing. We are an organization that may seem occult-y, and that's a perfectly fine assumption, however we are not intended to be void fanatics. We use it to our own ends, and preach self-control. We also have a neutral standing with groups such as the Ethereum and Shadowguard, however we do not make a habit of interacting with them. (Future events involving them are still possible.) Absolution Absolution is a custom-created faction that branches off of the Army of the Light. They are a special vanguard of elite fighters that specialize in taking down void or shadow-based opponents. They are perhaps best described as the Light's version of Lightslayers. Guild Ranks Acolyte The rank of Acolyte is perhaps the easiest to earn within the Requiem. It is granted to any who wish to embark on the path of the Outer Night, or seek it's touch through the Ethereal voidcasters. Acolytes are ones who have not yet gazed upon the heart of the Void, and have simply glanced along the outer edges. They do not see the bigger picture, or the true depth of the Eternal Night, but in time.. they may yet learn. Erudite The Erudites are those who have taken that first step with the Requiem, and have looked inward to find their perception of the Void. They are those who have demonstrated their craving for the power and knowledge the Empty Dark promises. This is often a pivotal moment in any Acolyte's journey where they either turn back, or fall farther into the abyss. Votary Those who tread deeper into the the alluring promises of the Void might find themselves at a turning point. It is here they come to a point where they are offered the chance to take a lunge into the Darkness, to fall with the trust that they will be caught on the other side. This trial is known as the Trial of Will, and those who have the mental strength to come out the other side are then announced the Votary. Archon The Archon are those who have passed the Trail of Will, and yet still must push onward. Those who have now realized they are too far in, may only fall deeper and be consumed, but those who go willingly now face the Trial of Strength. It is at this trial that Acolytes must conquer the temptations of the void by submitting to its clutch, and seizing it before drowning. This moment is one crucial to the success of those devoted to the Requiem, and those with the Strength to endure, will find themselves awoken with a new insight into the Heart of the Void. The Archon are those who have stared into the eyes of the devil and lived to tell the tale. Hierophant The Hierophants are truly the remarkable Acolytes that have made it this far. They are those that have tested their Will and Strength, and now have a much deeper understanding of what the Void truly is. The Acolytes to come this far are to be respected, but their journey is not yet complete. They now face the final of the Three Trials: The Trial of Resolve. This trial tests the Acolyte's ability to take that final push into the Heart of the Void and unlock its infinite wonders. This is the most dangerous trial, and many have lost their sanity to the Endless Night. Viscount The Viscounts are those who can truly call themselves experts in their fields. They have tested their minds in such ways not many can say they would believe. The Viscounts are true Denizens of the Void, and yet they still have another step to go. The final step to Consigliere is arguably one of the hardest, and yet most simple. Take that last bound forward through honourable commitment to the Requiem. Consigliere A common failure of mortals is their shortsightedness. There are often only two kinds of mortals: Those that see the mountain, and not the goal ahead, and those who only see the goal without the mountain. Those that have traveled this journey, have learned that an equal acknowledgement of both is required, paired with a sense of Will, Strength, and Resolve. The Acolytes to achieve the rank of Consigliere have conquered the abyss around them, and within them, and now are of the highest echelon in the Requiem. If you can achieve the rank of Consigliere, then you have earned it. Viceroy Viceroy is not so much a rank, as it is simply a position. There is only one acting Viceroy at a given time to oversee the Requiem of the Void. They are the best of the Consigliere's in their respective faction, chosen by the Ravencrown Council. Viceroys are those who have completed the grand journey to their position, and often times have the deepest knowledge and understanding of the Outer Night. Contact information: Addi#9976 - Discord Night#2827 - Discord officer If you have questions or concerns about this forum post or the guild, you may reach one of the two Discords listed. Please do not try to get my attention here.
  9. This looks really neat and wonderfully written! I am certainly interested in where you wish to go with this, and if I see some motivation from the players behind this topic, I wouldn't mind hopping aboard! Again, wonderfully written. I like the poetic and alluring feel you provide. Very much captures the theme. The stars align; Elune be with you.
  10. Very nice! I gave it a once-over to just inspect, but it looks like you have a good grasp of what you want this guild to be. I have a DK I haven't RPed in a very long time, and I might have a use for her now if I have the opportunity to be a part of this. Good work, and best of luck. I'll contact you if I feel interested! ^^ The stars align; Elune be with you.
  11. Arf.


    The stars align; Elune be with you.

  12. Definitely an interesting thing. If it's going to follow the lore in some way, then perhaps I may be interested enough to join from an RP aspect. I assume this will come around when 7.3 hits, otherwise you have a lot of building to do. ;-) Until then, best of luck! The stars align; Elune be with you.
  13. Eclipse

    8.0 Orc armor

    Interesting. Definitely a good job. I'd like to see more of this, and then I might use it. Maybe downport some of the other heritage sets? (Void elves please I'm desperate) The stars align; Elune be with you.
  14. 7.3 whennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn???????????????? Still have no issue with it because I build responsibly. The stars align; Elune be with you.
  15. Fair enough. That at least makes the most sense. The stars align; Elune be with you.