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  1. ...So like a main phase RP server with a dedicated staff and DM team? And I'm not sure what "Chronicle" is, but Chronicles is a new server that replaced Paragon and just launched last month.
  2. Basically a main-phase RP server along the lines of Paragon or Chronicles, right? The only issue with that is that it then becomes up to the developers and staff to moderate the phase, rather than the phase's staff, which is a much larger task. There's a reason that servers like Paragon and Chronicles require you to apply for certain things and don't allow for players to have full GM powers over everything.
  3. zach

    Start Zones

    after reading a ton of the replies, I have to say I've been persuaded onto the pro-start zone side, but that isn't to say the problems aren't valid. the people who log on epsilon not to rp but to sit in mall would just end up not logging on, and the people who actually want to rp will continue to log on losing the starting zone will pretty much only just drop the average active player count without benefiting or worsening the actual rp going on at all
  4. zach

    Start Zones

    Actually a pretty solid idea come to think of it, I like. start removal when?
  5. zach

    Scale Finder

    mmm, very tasty!
  6. zach

    Rate your Mogit's!

    odd, not sure what you're going for, but I like it! 7.9/10
  7. name one character of yours that isnt an elf (or an elf with a secret) or a demon. hint: you cant