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  1. Anything that can be done about people falling through Objects for people that join the phase as gobjects load in faster then players.
  2. the black cat filter was the best imho
  3. i only know how to take selfies with filters
  4. Layet

    Rate that Music

    Classic tune tbh 12/10 Landor
  5. Layet

    Hai *Waves*

    erm, we only do tavern rps here thanks
  6. Layet

    Rate that Music

    not mainstream enough friend 4/10 only listen if ur a big boi/girl and can take sexual songs
  7. Layet

    Rate that Music

    overrated and overplayed (forgot to rate 4/10)
  8. so his no longer gonna be a green dragon???? Layet the Slayer of Shilen, Slayer of Demons and Slayer of Men will be wherever the GUCCI GOLD IS BOIS
  9. you'll get that on every rp server but hi
  10. Otherwise known as: I don't want to but want excuses
  11. No, this is just the website/forums to gather hype for said server. Azarch will get around to posting a dev blog soon supposedly.