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  1. Hello to all you beautiful people! So, I just wanted to announce that I will be opening a few commission slots, after my bank account started screaming for its life. I do character art mostly, but you can always ask what do you have in mind and we can work something out! To the ones interested you can check my work on Instagram @realcabadesign (https://www.instagram.com/realcabadesign/) since I'm posting stuff there most of the time. You can also contact me, if interested, via e-mail: realcabadesign@gmail.com. Thank you for your time everyone!
  2. Hey everyone, I've been looking for a while for a guild or group that's currently recruiting so i can start roleplay again. The rp scene in retail has become pretty much nonexistant and rph... is rph... not exactly the friendliest of communities... so I come here in hopes of finding someone that can take me in. In case you're wondering, the character I will be roleplaying is this one: So, if you're interested just pm me here or in discord. If not... I will try finding something in rph... I guess? ;-;
  3. Thank you so much for the feedback 😄 Yeah, I went the D&D character creation route and did not went into detail about his personality that much, it was mostly because I wanted to check if this would be received well, but i might flesh it out more later on 🙂
  4. Personal info Name: Tal'deryn Netherguard (previously Il'deryn Netherguard) Titles: Former Captain of the Allerian Offensive Nicknames: Tal; Shamash Age: 235 Race: Void Elf (Illusion: High-Elf) Gender: Male Alignment: Neutral Good Languages: Thalassian, Common Birthplace: Tranquillien Physical info Height: 6.2' (1,90m) Weight: 176lbs (80kg) Skin color: Pale blue Eye color: Blue Hair color: Raven black Features: Arcane tattoos cover his torso (covered) Illusion info: Skin color: Pale Hair color: Red Personal Characteristics Personality Traits: He is confident in his abilities and does what he can to instill confidence in others. Has a strong sense of fair play and tries to find the most equitable solution to arguments. Ideal: Believes that people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Bond: Protects those who cannot protect themselves. Flaw: Has certain rituals he must follow everyday and can never break them. Skills: Combat Skills: Swordsmanship; Arcane magic; Shadow magic. Academic skills: Magic; History. Crafting skills: Enchanting; Inscription. General skills: Cooking. Equipment: Weapons: Requiem (arcane/void-infused longsword); Dagger. Armor: Elven Ironbark armor (Ironbark as in Dragon Age's elven wood armor) Trinkets: Compass; Silver necklace with an amethyst. Spells: Arcane School Arcane Bolt: A bolt of crackling, blue energy that shoots out toward a creature within range. Arcane Aura: Caster becomes enveloped in arcane energies, empowering their arcane spells and increasing their magic resistance. Arcane Shield: The caster can create an arcane shield in front of them or arround them, depending if they're only protecting themselves or everyone behind them, from incoming magical or physical projectiles. Shadow School Bindings of Tal'amir (Shadow school): Strips of shadow-imbued cloth wrap the caster's target, stopping their movement and holding them in place. Shadow Aura: The caster's form itself turns into a shadow version of themselves, giving them increased resistance against physical attacks and empowering their shadow spells. Shadow Blink: When enveloped in shadows, the caster can traverse short distances by merging in the surrounding shadows. Shadow Drain: The caster is able to drain a small ammount of energy from the shadows arround him, allowing him to fight for a little longer. Multi School: By combining the schools of Arcane and Void, the caster can create Eldritch spells to aid them in battle, which are more powerful than singular school spells but require more energy to cast. Eldritch Blast (Arcane & Shadow schools): Takes a while to cast. Orbs of arcane and shadow energy spin in front of the caster and then streak towards a target within range. Eldritch Strike (Arcane & Shadow schools): The caster imbues a weapon with arcane and shadow magic, empowering his next strike. Eldritch Combo (Arcane & Shadow Schools): The caster imbues a weapon with arcane and shadow magic, empowering his weapon and dealing 3 strikes to the target. Backstory summary Il'deryn was born in Tranquillien, in the Eversong Woods, long ago, arround when the War of the Three Hammers was raging in Khaz Modan in the main branch of the Netherguard family, a family that posessed a great line of rangers and all round fighters. Ever since little, he practiced his skills with the bow, but he had always felt his calling came from the sword, so he perfected his ways with a blade, and as he got older, he joined the Farstriders and helped them protect Quel'thalas' woods. As the years passed, after the opening of the Dark portal, the words of his skills while fighting the orcish Hordes travelled the land, and it was only a matter of time until the SOns of Lothar reached out to him, recruiting him for the crossing of the Dark Portal into the orc's homeworld of Draenor. Il'deryn accepted this request, and when the Second War came, he crossed the Portal together with his allies, where they became trapped with no way of returning home. While trapped in outland, he rose in the ranks of the Sons of Lothar until he was nominated to become Captain of the Allerian Offensive, a small taskforce that dealt many successful raids to Horde and Legion military encampments. It all changed a fateful day however, when this force was dealt a tragic defeat that killed most of them, making Il'deryn question his leadership skills and retiring from the Alliance forces to travel and find his purpose. During his travels and despite being proficient with a blade, he decided to deepen his arcane knwoledge in these new lands, a search that allowed him to meet the Ethereal Tal'amir, a mysterious being that helped him quite a lot in his endeavors. The two formed a close friendship, with the Ethereal giving him the name Shamas, which meant "Sun" in his native tongue, as they helped eachother raise their skills to a new level and battled the various threats that came their way. Years later during a trip to Netherstorm, the duo was attacked by a massive Voidcaller called Nagra'thax. A long battle took place as both Il'deryn and Tal'amir stood their ground against this foe, but as the battle drew out, the closeness to the Twisting Nether and the constant barrage of shadow attacks made by this void mosntrosity took their toll on Tal'amir, as his body absorbed more and more shadow magic. The Ethereal, unable to even stand up as his body was barely able to hold his form, touched Il'deryn's shoulder, who had come to his friend's aid, and with his final breath, the Ethereal directed all his magic towards the elf's body and told his friend to use his power to finish the beast. Il'deryn looked at his hand, now gripping a dark longsword, as if his friend's energies had formed this iem out of thin air, and from the depths of his mind, he heard his friend "This is my Requiem... Now let's do this... Tal'deryn". The elf, now bearing a new name as if him and his ethereal friend had become one, lunged towards the Voidcaller with newfound strength, and defeated him. As the years passed, Tal'deryn travelled back to Azeroth, but the void energies absorbed by his friend started taking a toll on him, changing him over time into what are known today as Void Elves, however he keeps his high-elven appearance with magic, feeling uncomfortable showing his true form in public due to fear of reprimands from the general public. Disclaimer: I wanted to create some sort of Hexblade Warlock from Dungeons & Dragons, but had no feasible way of giving him a Patron without making him stupidly powerful, so I tried to find a good candidate for the place among the various magical creatures in Warcraft's lore, and an Ethereal sounded the most interesting, and not as lore breaking as giving a Titan or an Old God as his sugar daddy. Kind of happy how this turned out tbh, might actually flesh out his backstory a bit more in the future.
  5. *Vicious Mockery intensifies* I want to learn how to kill a Worgen by telling him his mom was a french poodle!
  6. Sees the money and starts walking torwards it, but the TNT catches his eye and he remembers he's a pyromancer "Huh... Never heard of a fire man who walked next to TNT and lived to tell the tale... Maybe later then..." Walks away
  7. I actualy thought about taht one tbh, but the blade is too wide (you can tell I'm really picky with this stuff xD)
  8. Frostmourne would be pretty decent without the skulls and with a different colo scheme (the original base idea for my character's sword was actualy Frostmourne, then I just changed some stuff here and there). Aggramar's looks a bit big for what I want. I really never tried to remodel stuff and retexture, but if anyone has a simple sword design like the Azuresong Mageblade for example, that would be it. I can try it out if someone experienced in this shows me how to do it propperly xD.
  9. Hey guys! So, I've been wondering for a while about what weapon to use IC (if you've read my character's Bio, you can see he wields a broken blade), and so i tried to find some broken looking swords because using a dagger for it doesn't look good... at all! I know about Broken Promise and Seethe, but their design is too over the top, and Teebu's Blazing Longsword and its lookalikes look decent, but I'd like to have it sheathed and not disappear when I do it. Do you guys know of any items that look like what I'm asking that are unnavailable to players that i should know of? I believe the best example of what i'm looking for would be Turalyon's sword without the big yellow crystal fix it has. Anyways, thanks in advance
  10. Ahaha, thank you! And sure! You can pm me if you want!
  11. Ahaha, thank you! I still have to figure out how to price my stuff propperly tbh. From what other artists tell me it depends on what the people are asking'for, I'll probably work out a chart or something and try to balance the values without under or over'pricing the stuff.
  12. Thank you! And sure! I'll inform you if I do
  13. Thank you, I'm glad you liked it! yeah, practice makes perfect I guess. And I also don't intend to do a sloppy job, it's just the fear that it might not br to the person's expectations, fear of failing, sort of. But I understand what you mean and really appreciate the advice! Thanks!
  14. Haha, thank you very much and I will do that (probably even make a post about it in the future). Also, for someone who is not an artist that was a really in depth criticism that I really appreciate. I can totaly see the stuff you pointed out and I will try to correct those mistakes on my next piece! Thank you very much!
  15. Thank you very much Witch! I will definetly think about it. Ando no worries, I'm glad you liked it Wow, thanks Natty! I appreciate it, and I'll be sure to post something from time to time
  16. Thank you Mordred I'll keep that in mind. It sure doesn't hurt to try
  17. So... the ones who saw my intro post a while back know that I'm an aspiring concept artist, this is not concept art though, just a piece I made for a friend from Argent Dawn EU, this lovely elven chap is Ranger Captain Lorinthul Autumnfury. I'd like some criticism if someone can provide it, especially if there are artists among you, i'd like to know where can I improve. This guy also showed it to some of his friends and now people want to pay me to do this stuff... I'm not bad at drawing, but i don't think I'm THAT good to accept money for my stuff, you guys think I should start accepting this kind of stuff?
  18. Wow... thank you so much Romeo! I'm really glad you liked it!
  19. Hello people of Epsilon! So, I just wanted to make a bio thread for my character and I need every bit of suggestions and tips to make it feel more linked to the Warcraft universe. There's a FAQ in the end as to why I need your feedback so badly. Anyways, I hope you enjoy the bio! Pic by: Sunstalker Character Theme | Voice "Alliance? Horde? That kid doesn't care about any of that. He'll save everyone he can, from whatever faction and walks of life, even if it costs him his life. But the eleven of us will make sure he succeeds and returns safe and sound." Lorenthus Silverhawk Name: Arynn Redflame Nickname: Ary; Red Moniker: Half-breed; Redflame; Fire Boy Race: Half-Elf (Quel'dorei) Gender: Male Age: 32 Height: 6'2" (1,90m) Weight: 176lbs (80kg) Nationality: Stormwindian Birthplace: Grand Hamlet, Southern Elwynn (Now Darkshire, Duskwood) Family: Rothruinor Redflame (father; deceased) Karya Redflame (mother; deceased) Aden Redflame (paternal uncle; alive) Class: Pyromancer Occupation: Adventurer Alignment: Neutral Good Affiliation: Himself and his allies/friends Motto: "When you're surrounded by darkness, that's when your inner fire burns the brightest." Appearance and Personality Arynn is a tall and athletic man, with orange-brownish hair and beard and dual colored eyes, one amber and one blue. His body has numerous scars and burns due to accidents in training or fighting. He also has 4 arcane symbols tattoed on the back of his hands, his abdomen and his forehead that light up when using magic, although they are hidden most of the time. He wears a mix of cloth and leather, providing him both protection and mobility, and also a red bandana that belonged to his father, using it as a memento. As for weapons, he wields his father's broken blade, broken still because he can't find anyone able to reforge it. Arynn is pretty easy going with everyone, the kind of person that when you meet him you'll have an ally for life, someone who's allways willing to put everything on the line for his friends if they need aid, his loyalty has no measure. Due to him being so willing to protect his friends, Ary is also quite reckless, if a certain action requires planning he'll do it, but if his commrades are in danger, he skips the planning and rushes in like a wild fire to save them, though his recklessness might prove dangerous to himself from time to time. He also tends to let his anger get the best of him when someone gets innocent lives or his friends lives in danger. Due to him being a half elf, Ary is sometimes looked down by some members of other races, such as humans, who envy his long lifespan, and High-Elves, who see him as a proof of their race's weakening blood. But because of this, Ary dedicated himself with body and soul to his training and to do good, just to try and get some acceptance or acknowledgement by the same people that look at him that way. His heart is in the right place, he wants to do good everytime he sees it's possible to do so, even if he has to bend the law to do it, if there's something he knows that is unfair to others he'll stop at nothing to get it fixed and make everyone smile. Backstory Arynn was born in what was once known as the Grand Hamlet, in the Southern part of Elwynn Forest, his mother Karya and his father Rothruinor, were both happy that he was born a healthy baby, but this happiness didn't last long, for Ary was born the day when Stormwind fell. His parents protected him from a party of Orcs who attacked the Grand Hamlet, but despite the efforts they were clearly outnumbered, and his mother fell to an arrow that pierced her chest. With this sight, Ary's father let his rage overcome him, and defeated as many orcs as he could, it was then that his brother, Aden, showed up, and both managed to defeat the scouting party. Rothruinor decide to burry Karya's body in the Twilight Grove and asked his brother to take care of Ary, for he would have to join the defense, and didn't know if he would come back alive. Aden promised Rothruinor and from that day, Ary was taken under his uncle's care, and was raised like his own child. He trained him in the arts of pyromancy, although Ary was quite unsuccessful at it for some time, blowing himself up or burning his uncle's eyebrows by mistake, but he managed to get a grip on this art, and through constant training he managed to master it. His uncle also taught him swordsmanship, which he proved to be a natural. Years passed, and Ary had become a strong young man that could fend for himself, and Aden decided that they should part ways, for he had business to take care of, and he wanted Ary to see the world for himself. Ary tried to know what business demanded his uncle's presence, but a quick pat in the head and a "You will know, once the time is right" was all that he got. Ary understood and with this he started his journey. He traveled throughout the world, honing his skills, and even managed to learn Pandaren meditation and martial arts in Pandaria, although he was far from mastering it, but it did prove useful despite being at apprentice level. The meditation he preformed there was also a good way to soothe his his recklessness, and even though it didn't prove sufficient, it does help from time to time. His travels keep going and he keeps training everyday, hoping to one day achieve awnsers to all the questions he has about his family and his purpose. Talents and Abilities Natural leadership: Although Ary doesn't agree with this, his actions and the opinions of those who follow him, say otherwise. His actions torwards his commrades and those in need show that he has the mind of a true leader. Inspirational speaker: Despite his naivety, Ary has a way with words when he needs to encourage people, making him a bright flame in times of darkness. Multilingualism: Ary is always trying to learn more, and even though he already knows how to speak Thalassian and Common, he tries to learn as many languages he cans, from dwarvish to orcish, so he can speak with all the varieties of people in the world. Courage: He has tons of it, even more if his friends are in peril, and is not affraid to put his life on the line for them. Willpower: Ary doesn't know when to give up, when he hits the ground and he is almost out of strength he just picks himself up and fights for what he believes in. Swordsmanship: His years with Aden, practicing swordsmanship proved useful, he's able to preform almost perfectly a variety of styles and forms without any unecessary movement. Pyromancy: Ary did take his time in learning fire magic, but all that training compensated in the long run and now he's a natural at it, this makes him a late bloomer. Now he intends to learn anything related to fire, until he can fully grasp this art. Arcane Magic: Ary also learned basic arcane magic that should prove useful, such as blinks and teleports, but never really expanded his knowledge on it. Pandaren Meditation: He learned this during his travels on Pandaria, and he trains this type of meditation everyday, traveling back to Pandaria from time to time to train it further. Pandaren Martial Arts: Even though Ary's weapon of choice is the sword, he decided to learn Pandaren martial arts so he could fight if his weapon was unusable or out of reach, and despite being on apprentice level, it proves useful in some tight spot situations that catch his opponent unnaware. Pyro Fighter: He also decided to mix his magic with the martial arts he learned, enveloping his punches and kicks in flame, or simply throwing fireballs as he punches, although this style is still experimental, it will prove a most useful technique in the future if mastered. Flame Blade: Despite not being able to reforge his father's blade, his uncle taught him a technique that allows him to shape his flames arround his broken blade. He uses it most of the time and in extremely rare occasions his flames do form the missing of the blade and become physical, like a crystalyzed fire blade. Quotes "I don't care who it is, anyone who lays a finger on my commrades is the enemy, and I'll make sure that I turn them all to ash!" "Butting my nose where I shouldn't is one of my principle qualities... now, tell me why are you threatening these people before I decide to use your head as a candle..." "Being powerful doesn't give you the right to decide other people's fates, they are free to follow their own path without you threatening them everyday of their lives!" "It's true that it isn't pleasant when other people judge you based on your heritage... but it's also true that when the same people acknowledge you, that it is the best thing you ever felt." "I never liked leading, but if someone trusts me enough to follow my lead I will be sure that I will never betray that trust." "This fight between Horde and Alliance is pointless... our world is in peril and needs all the help it can get. I just hope that when they realise this, there is still a world to protect..." FAQ Is this backstory everything there is to this character? No, its not, there's alot more to this character than what I said here, this was my first RP character ever, and I worked on his story through 5 years. I grew so attached to it that to tell his story I decided taht i would be making either a comic or animated series about him (the later would be the hardest one to achieve though). I only adapted his story to fit in World of Warcraft and there might be some things that may be lore-breaking and make him a Mary Sue or a lil' Jimmy Special, that's why i really need your feedback, so i can roleplay him propperly without triggering anyone. Why have you played this character for so long? Well, I just met so many interesting people with this character, created so many bonds and stories with him, that somewhere along the way we became the same person, everytime someone calls me Ary, I awnser them like that is my real name, I just can't let go of him due to everything I experienced through him, he's basically already part of me. How big is his story? Really big, so big that I'd have to dedicate myself to draw and write (or animate) an entire series to him (which I intend to do obviously). Are there many characters in it? Indeed there are, atleast 70% of them are people, friends and guild mates I met roleplaying, the remaining 30% are characters I created myself either to add flavor to his story and tie loose ends, or because I needed key characters for Ary's story, which is the case of Lorenthus Silverhawk for example. Why will you be using a custom made world? Well, basically if someone becomes interested in my work and wants to publish it, it would be better if I had a custom world, lore, etc. That's one of the reasons, the other is because I want to make something that I can call mine. Thank you for reading everyone! I look forward to reading your feedback, and if you have any questions regarding anything in this bio, just ask, I'll gladly awnser your questions!
  20. Arynn Redflame, Half-Elf Pyromancer
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    Oh hai! Yeah, I remember you too and indeed it was in HW, can't recall the other guild though Great to see you again mate!
  22. Arynn


    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! Hope to meet you all in-game!
  23. Arynn


    How's it going everyone!? My name's Arynn (Renato irl), I'm 22 y/o, from Portugal, and I'm also an aspiring concept artist and writer :3 I've been playing WoW since mid Burning Crusade, started in some private servers, the headed to retail late WotlK and crash landed on Argent Dawn EU. Got in some guilds, even made my own which was pretty decent (and was never able to ressurect it because every other guild I created didn't have the same feeling that on had so I just gave up xD) but since retail dowsn't have the roleplay freedom most of private servers do, I decided if I wanted to roleplay properly I had to join one of these, tried Roleplayhell as some call it for a while but I recently found this one and decided to give it a try, atleast the community seems more friendly than the previous one My main character has this same name, Arynn, a half-elf pyromancer I've roleplayed and developed since I got into AD, and I'm currently trying to do something with him, like a comic or maybe even animation, in a custom world and universe, he's my pride and joy after all these years I hope not to be a burden to anyone, and if someone needs anything from me, I dunnow, like art or text or something else entirely, feel free to ask! Always glad to lend a hand! Oh! And pleased to make your acquaintance!