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  1. Am sorry, I don't know where else to ask... I'm trying some skin edits myself but I can't seem to find the .blp files for the males... and not only for elves, I tried some programs but no one seems to be able to extract of even find anything to extract from the epsilon client, how could I do?
  2. Mh, I kept searching in my own for a way to patch my own game with the Italian Patch but thing is... I cannot even seem to find an usable EU 8.3.0 client from which take what I may need... any Idea how I could do? An indication... from where people making a private server take all the files and things? I'm sorry to be a bother...
  3. I know that doesn't really fall perfectly in this box but... since the game at this point was long translated in both audio and writing in several languages (even if I'm only interested in the Italian one)... could it be possible to offer to players some .zip or something with the different languages to install ourselves in our clients? So you don't have to make the whole game too heavy by adding the possibility to change language by default. That would mean the word to a poor soul like me! Hoping to hear something, I wish everyone a good game and life!