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  1. We've spoken internally about .gob select in the past and it's not something we'll get rid of, in fact we're glad we have it. However I am curious as to why you propose this suggestion, what issues do you see with people being able to select objects in your phase? It's a good way of finding out what a certain object is, especially in our tile mall. It's not like they're able to edit or modify the object in any way unless they're phase officers. (yes I am aware you're suggesting a phase toggle feature, but I'm still curious as to why)
  2. Suggestion has been added to the phabricator.
  3. I thought this was already thing, I was wrong. Added to the phabricator.
  4. War-God Matt

    mass sizing

    This is a known issue, no ETA on a fix but we've got it noted down on the to-fix-list, we'll look into it asap.
  5. Changelog (Patch 735.3 - "A Builder's Dream") Release date: 09-03-2019 Here you'll be able to read up on changes, big and small, made to various parts of the server. Highlights Terrain Cutting Azarchius has designed a .wmo object that is capable of cutting out pre-existing terrain from anywhere. This allows you to cut out entrances for caves on mountain/hill sides as well as to remove terrain underneath buildings with basements and whatever else you may want removed terrain for. Go wild! 874450 - EPS_terrain_cut.wmo Flatland & Ocean Maps We have added a separate custom flatland and ocean map that each are larger than the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor. There are no pre-spawned assets to hog performance, no terrain silhouettes from continents in the distance or any terrain that limit the space you have to work with to disrupt your building. You can access the Infinite Flatlands map by typing the following: .worldport 0 0 0 10525 You can access the Infinite Ocean map by typing the following: .worldport 0 0 0 10526 It is important that you set .phase tele locations to your builds on these maps because of how vast they are. Just how vast? It takes 1 minute and 15 seconds to run from one end to the other at speed 50. If you did that at speed 1, it would take 62 minutes and 30 seconds, over an hour. You can see all available subcommands for .phase tele by typing ".help phase tele". Phase Shifting Phase shifting doodads can now be used on every map in the game rather than just the Eastern Kingdoms. Let us know if you find a map that it does not work on and we'll add it. Objects Objects spawned at high coordinate values should no longer round up to the highest integer and thus move around after a restart. Objects will no longer randomly rotate after having been moved, pitched or rolled in certain sequences. Battle for Azeroth 5,086 objects from Battle for Azeroth patch 8.0 have been downported. This includes WMOs and M2s. Full list of downported objects and their entryIDs can be found here. Objects from later patches (8.1, 8.1.5, etc) will come at a later date. Here is an updated list with all objects in the game, including the BfA objects. Recolours 176 new Gilnean-themed object recolours have been added. They can be found by searching for "EPS Gilneas" and our keyword filter will do the rest. 57 new High Elf-themed object recolours have been added. They can be found by searching for "Royal Highelf" and our keyword filter will do the rest. A full list of all new recoloured objects and their entryIDs can be found here. Credits go to Tia for all the recolours! New Features & Important Changes Custom Morphs Morphing into a DisplayID without a corresponding ID within the database of the server should no longer return "Invalid DisplayID" and should instead morph you into a checkered cube. Previously this hindered modders from using these unassigned MorphIDs for custom morphs. However with this change, custom morphs should be able to be added through mods. Morphs & Natives Morphs and natives now persist if you logout. Be sure when you logout that you do so in a PG-13 morph. Objects Cavelight Objects We have now officially added the cavelight patch to the server CDN. This means that everyone will have permanently visible cavelight objects and everyone will be able to see them and they will not disappear at the edges of your screen. List of objects: 803168 - 7wd_warden_cavelight_dimwhite01.m2 803180 - 7wd_warden_cavelight_orange01.m2 803231 - 7wd_warden_cavelight_felgreen01.m2 828841 - 7wd_warden_cavelight_green01.m2 828842 - 7wd_warden_cavelight_purple01.m2 828843 - 7wd_warden_cavelight_red01.m2 828844 - 7wd_warden_cavelight_blue01.m2 248518 - 7wd_warden_cavelight.m2 828406 - 7wd_warden_cavelight_yellow01.m2 Those of you who have manually added the patch, you can remove the files without the objects losing their effect. Phases Phase Permissions Member, Officer, and Owner permissions should now be account-wide for a player and the phases belonging to their account. Skyboxes A default skybox can now be set on any map, even those that previously returned a "No default Skybox found.". This means that maps like Hellfire Citadel can once more have their skyboxes changed. .gobject .gobject mass visibility Allows you to set a custom visibility range (in yards) for individual objects, this should help detailed phases with lag by setting detailing objects (books, chairs, small plants, etc) to low visibility ranges. Command syntax: .gobject mass visibility #sight_range #entryID #radius #sight_range - the custom visibility you want to set the object to. Visibility range can be 1 - 533 yards. If "-1" is input, the objects are set to permanent visibility. #entryID - the entryID of the object you want to change the visibility range of. If "-1" is input, all objects within the radius are affected. #radius - the range in yards within which objects around you will be affected. If "-1" is input, all objects on the current map are affected. New & Changed Commands .gobject .gobject copy New command parameter added. .gob copy $direction #value #times It is now possible to copy an object multiple times with just one command. .gobject copy $direction #value Value now accepts "0". If a 0 is input, regardless of what direction is given, the object will be cloned in the same spot. New subcommands added. .gobject mass .gobject mass delete #yards #[entryID] Will delete all objects within the given radius where 500 yards is the maximum radius. If "-1" is given as the radius, it will delete all objects on the map it is executed on. If an object's entryID is input after the radius, only objects of that entryid will be removed. .gobject mass replace #entryID1 #entryID2 #yards Allows you to replace the given object with another en masse. .gobject replace #entryID Allows you to replace your currently selected object with a given entryID of another object. .gobject visibility $permanent New command syntax. .gobject set visibility #sight_range Visibility range can be 1 - 533 yards. If "-1" is input, the objects are set to permanent visibility. .npc New subcommand added. .npc cast Differs from .npc set aura in that this command can make NPCs cast spells that are channeled or have cast times. Available subcommands: .npc cast area #spellid [#triggered] [#delay] [#x #y #z] #spellID - the ID of the spell you want cast. #triggered - if set to "1" it will cast a spell's trigger without initialising a cast time (if there is one). A spell's trigger is for example the ice shards that fall from the sky during a mage's Blizzard spell. #delay - is given if you want there to be a pause between each spellcast. It is written in milliseconds. 1 second = 1000 milliseconds #x,#y,#z - spell will be cast where the player executes the command, however, you may also specify a location by inputting x,y,z values of where you want it to be cast. .npc cast creature #spellID #targetguid [#triggered] [#delay] #targetguid - guid of the creature you want the NPC to cast upon. Guid can be found by selecting an NPC and typing .npc info. .npc cast player #spellID #triggered $player $player - name of the player you want the NPC to cast upon. Name must be an exact match for it to work. .npc cast list Will list all the existing casts used by the targeted NPC and the information tied to them such as their IDs, spellIDs and delays. .npc cast delete #id Will delete the input cast from an NPC. .npc set unaura New command argument added. .npc set unaura all Will remove all the spells applied to an NPC using .npc set aura #entryID, rather than having to remove spells one by one. .phase .phase forge npc New subcommands added. .phase forge npc autohover .phase forge npc flyable It is now possible to set a custom NPC's autohover and/or flyable state. This will affect all NPCs of that entryid rather than an individual NPC. .phase forge npc scale #scale Allows you to set the default scale of a custom NPC entryid. .phase set time "Permanent" can now be shortened to as little as "p". .phase tele delete Now accepts ".phase tele delete" as the command syntax instead of ".phase tele del". .waypoints .waypoints add The first waypoint node now spawns at the feet of the NPC and the second is automatically spawned where the player stands. .waypoints mod .waypoint mod delay Delay cap raised from 15 seconds to 60 seconds. New subcommand added. .waypoint mod unaura #spellID/all Allows a waypoint to unaura a certain spell, or all spells from an NPC upon reaching the waypoint node. .waypoints show The waypoint NPC nodes should now only be visible to the person that used the command. Bug Fixes Commands Some commands should no longer appear yellow in the command and subcommand lists. Objects & NPCs Chairs and other objects should no longer retain their original spawn orientation after having been turned or after the server has restarted. .gobject .gobject rotate Should no longer display the value of the Z-axis as the Y-axis in the return message. .gobject visibility permanent Objects set to have permanent visibility should no longer be reset to local after being moved. .lookup .lookup tele Should now list 50 results instead of 25. The other half was just shy. .phase forge npc Phase officers should now be able to use all commands associated with .phase forge npc. .phase set time Should no longer reset to midnight a minute after setting the time. Should no longer set different times for different people in the same phase. .phase shift doodads WMOs should no longer retain collision after a phase shift. WMO and M2 shadows should no longer remain on the ground after a phase shift. .waypoints Should no longer be usable by players that aren't members or officers of the phase. .waypoints modify chance Should no longer be reset to 0 after a restart. Removed Stuff .gobject .gobject spawn #id <spawntimeSecs> Removed for being stupid and irrelevant. So stupid. So irrelevant. .npc add Removed for being stupid and irrelevant and having been unnoticed for far too long. Very stupid. Very irrelevant.
  6. This is fixed in 735.3.
  7. Has been fixed in 735.3. oof
  8. As appealing as this command may be, it was removed in the first place for a reason. It will not be returning.
  9. If we were to increase it, we shouldn't go beyond 50 as that is the max amount of characters allowed on retail across all realms. Plus 50 is a nice number so. lul
  10. War-God Matt

    .morph mount

    ".mod mount #displayid" now exists.
  11. War-God Matt

    .ph tele delETE

    Will be fixed in 735.3.
  12. This has all been fixed as of 735.2.
  13. War-God Matt

    Gob Near

    This was fixed in 735.2.
  14. In my experience, leaving the phase / server restarts makes the phase reset to realm time if I've set a permanent phase time.
  15. Thank you for the report. It has been added to the bug list and will be looked into. Apologies for the late response.
  16. Thank you for the bug report. Apologies for the slow response but it has now been added to the list of bugs and we'll have a look at it.
  17. I suggest using the warden_cavelight objects. There are a whole lot of various colours to pick and choose from. The trick is: Spawn one. .gob activate (to check the radius of the lighting) Scale it to the size you want it. With it selected, type: .gob set state 0 3 ??? Profit. Custom lighting objects might make it someday though, it has been discussed.
  18. This is a known issue, if the spawn point of an .M2 object goes below terrain, it will lose its collision. This is not the case for .WMOs as they act very similarly to terrain. They can also work as substitute for terrain underneath the terrain. Aka, placing .M2 objects inside a house .WMO underneath the terrain will leave .M2 collision intact. Regarding how to fix this issue, I have no idea. @Azarchius would be the one to know about that.
  19. Yeah, delete it. Politics dun belong on a WoW private server smh This ain't World of Politics.