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  1. Name Matt Age 19 Interests Gaming | Level Design | Environmental Artistry | Being bad at life™ Role Game Master: I moderate, to my best extent. Help people as much as I can. May it be on the forums, in-game or on our Discord. Bio I'm Matt, I don't really have a lot to say about myself. But here's a shot at it anyway: I like to an extent all races in WoW, and generally have no issue playing any of them, though my favourite, dating back as far as Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness is by far, Trolls. Proud trole fanboy for almost 17 tears years (I played my first Wc2 campaign in 2000). I was born late in the year and I blame my brother for getting me into gaming at that age. Other than that, I made a "How to Scale" guide, which you can find here on the forums. For some reason, I one day got obsessed with heights, and because of that obsession, through trial and error, I figured out how to accurately scale your character in World of Warcraft. I remember back when I used female dwarves as a way of measuring a model.... yes those times were rough. I've come a long way since then, and have more or less perfected it. Oh and, I love math. Math is great, math is fun. No this does not mean I am good at math.
  2. Yeah, if there's no terrain present, .m2s fuck up in the "void". And as you've seen, lose their collision.
  3. @MindScape That's not what I had in mind. I know about trigger, I mean to get the actual target requirement gone, making essentially every class spell usable from the spellbook. Azar said it could be done, so why not.
  4. @Fai1807 2 much thigh & leg for my innocent eyes
  5. Would be handy to have a "wipe bag X" option as well, if you just fill up a bag with useless s**t you want gone, /ED wipe 4 Wipes the 4th bag.. or something along those lines. You probably know what string is best. Or maybe an /ED command that opens up an addon interface where you can choose which bag to wipe, yeh, idk. You do you, a mass delete would be nice nonetheless. And the uh, message on delete should be a toggleable feature, cus the spam of deleting 20+ items is no fun.
  6. Custom item forge will be added at some point. Custom items with spells, unsure, but I don't see why not. Keeping track of a load of .casts isn't always fun, and can waste precious macro slots for building. :')
  7. War-God Matt

    .NPC Possess

    The commands .possess and .unpossess were added back yesterday, though have not yet been put into the live realm. They'll soon be available. (You can look up "possess" in the Dev-Updates channel on Discord)
  8. Yeah, that would be good to see fixed as well. We'll see what Azarchius decides to do.
  9. Since damage will be removed from spells, it would be 10/10 to remove the target requirement off of most/all spells. In Legion, a lot of class spells were updated with new, fresh and good-looking animations, some of which you can find in use by other spells, though have fun finding all of those. (And some attack animations aren't used by other spells – Eviscerate for one) So, since spells will no longer deal damage, might as well remove the target requirement and turn all those cool class spells into cosmetics like all others. Have fun spamming those dope animations and spells. :') If you constantly spam FPS-killing spells I'll come find u....
  10. This would be nice to have, that way, I can finally have a permanent Big Bad Voodoo visual, without it going apeshit 24/7. :')
  11. Would be nice with some preview screenshots, fyi.
  12. o, well, the more you know. Though, that's some disgusting highlighting.... should get that changed. :')
  13. I've no idea if this is already a feature or not (haven't found anything), but what would come in handy is forum mentioning, essentially what Discord does. @forumname, or possibly another code to make it work such as @[forumname]. Whenever mentioning someone, it would of course show up in their Notifications tab. I reckon this could be used when trying to grab someone's attention about a particular subject, or something of importance. (I'm sorry Azar, you might get mentioned a lot....) Considering that is now redundant, as mentioning is possible. For those who don't know how to, it's: [ member='Example'] (without the space between [ member=) So instead, I'll change this suggestion to: Would it be possible to add mentioning as a shortcut to the toolbar? That would be nifty to have. And... as pointed out in the comments, let's change the highlight colour of being mentioned, it currently looks dum. @Rosebane tanks.
  14. You can be assured, we'll be getting a lot of different forges soon™. No need to worry. It's just that there are priorities to deal with first. Server is still young!
  15. No idea about the first, should be looked into at some point. Second, I totally understand your point as a builder myself, but, rather than changing it, if possible, @Azarchius could potentially allow both: .gps <dir> <value> and .gps <value> <dir> Both can come in handy, it depends on the situation of course. .gps <dir> <value> is handy for testing the dimensions of stuff, and to quickly move in one direction for large objects and such. .gps <value> <dir> is handy for moving around a set dimension at all times, i.e, tiles. If you have tiles that are 4x4 yards, then you don't need to switch the value first, but the direction. Thanks for supporting me bby, and using my explanation. :*
  16. Books, as items and possibly objects will most likely be coming. Soon™
  17. If I remember correctly, this is on the to-do list.
  18. War-God Matt


    Welcome, and pls guise, stop the hurting
  19. Love this. Will keep in mind to notify if I find anything.
  20. Restrictions will all be dealt with, just a matter of time. Custom items are coming as well, one way or another.
  21. bad quality information 1/10
  22. On a serious note, I do not have this problem, lel.
  23. Sorry, they faction changed. Get with the times!11!1!!1