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  1. Hello friends (and nerds) 🙂 Just a note: I am new to Epsilon, but not to RP! It's my first ever attempt at a private server and ohmygosh I love it. I think what I am most in love with is the ability to create your own world--and I mean that literally. I've always loved decorating and furnishing in both real life and in games and to do that in (what once was) my favorite game of all time? *chefs kiss.* I'm an avid roleplayer! I came over here from other games and a lot of Discord/Forum roleplays. I love long-term stories as much as I enjoy little stories that are bite-sized. I use roleplay as an outlet and to relax as most are. Let's paint a window with words and escape reality (and lockdown.) I have a few characters to offer, and I do not mind making one to tailor around an idea if it's enticing. My first character that I'm most eager to get going is something I can see fitting into a rich individual's home, to clean and serve - basically. She's a cook, and she's a servant - a commoner who has nothing, and is happy to get so little in return. How do we make that interesting? We'll figure it out! She can more than likely annoy some haughty, snobby rich figure, or perhaps just fit into a smaller roleplay group. She can speak up, and get in trouble or simply exist to make x's life a miserable hell through small, annoying gestures. Or, perhaps, it could be some romance thing! I just want a progressive and moving story. I live on drama, angst, animosity between characters. Relationships improve or deteriorate, and I'm all for that. This same character, when not working, can also be spending time between taverns - being an entertainer that she always enjoyed being. She's a pathological liar if it means getting attention from a crowd, and often tips! She uses that attention to put herself on some sort of false pedestal, one which she uses to appear in the same class as those genuinely adventuring and risking their lives. Often times, they are comical, evidently false stories that just exert a laugh from the crowd. Else, it's a tavern game with dice or the juggle of cups that earn her a coin, or perhaps lose it. One of my other characters is more the versatile adventurer type! So far, for one reason or another, she'd had to abandon a guard post and run away from it. Ever since, she's found herself wandering around to survive - one job after the other. Whether she finds a new purpose, or wander around and slowly have her moral code bend left and right by the odd job here-and-there will determine who she is. She is a more abrasive character, often mouthful and rude and would not shy away from speaking truth even if it meant offending someone else. That, however, gets her in trouble more oft than she would admit... And a lot more I can fabricate and make with whomever I would be chatting to! I love partners who give as much as they get. I enjoy making the world and building it through text; let's both DM for one another if it's a 1x1 thing, rather than rely on one person to do it. Create a side character in the middle of your post and have them approach our actual characters, give them trouble or grief or something to do. I could nerd on for days about what I like but I'd rather see if this goes anywhere, to begin with. As a footnote, I'd rather figure things out through the forums (can be through private messages) before we give out discord deets and whatever have you. Thanks for reading through! P.S: I enjoy both 1x1s and close-knit, enclosed roleplays between a handful of people or less.