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  1. Fair enough. It would be amazing to just have a quest mechanic, since combat and death are technically still workable. I originally joined the server hoping to create an open RPG for players to have fun with; but if it's not possible, it's not possible.
  2. Well, for a newbie, there's no way to know exactly how to make an object move, unless you ask somebody. As well as that, the player has to fill in three separate fields that already relate to a different property (Dimensions); rather than having another number field for MoveDistance. Just seems like it'd be more intuitive to have a little text box above the movement buttons, which relates to how far the object will be moved when the buttons are pressed.
  3. I'm sorry you can't see the value in this, Raz. Don't be so quick to dismiss an idea outside of your personal preference; for some people, it might open the door to doing very interesting things! What about a guided dungeon? A multiplayer micro-RPG? Standardizing a requirement for an events? How about making easter eggs, or funky little fetch-quests to spice up your build? Epsilon is a great server for guided roleplay; but it also has great potential for people to build RP-PvE mechanics as well. I know I'm not the only person that wants RP with gameplay; and not just one or the other, ya know?
  4. This is a great tool; but I'm trying to understand the psychology behind having no separate field for movement, as well as the esotericism of the actual method for doing so (filling all of the Object Info fields, and then clicking the movement buttons.) Surely there's gotta be a reason for this oversight?