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  1. A reminder that it is advised you either create a new character for this or adjust your current TRP with a second profile when attending the roleplay. Myself and any other officers will be happy to guide you through any hoops you may find in your way when doing so. I look forward to seeing you all in the county, and to those who enter the woods ... you’re in for a treat.
  2. - Phase 205 - The County of Wyther is set an estimated 2000 years prior to the upbringing of the Horde, having been around 800 years since the founding of Stromgarde, and the occurrence of the Troll Wars. Wyther County is a feudal-themed phase, whereas an emphasis is placed on the peasantry/smallfolk of the town. The key to the phase is; the simpler, the better. Wyther County is a phase based in character progression, and supports those who start from a simple beginning point to advance in any direction the roleplay takes. The phase is unique in the fact that it offers a role-based system, where each character has a certain job that they must do to make coin, as well as an economy that revolves around the players. Races and roles may be restricted within the phase, though each restriction is subject to change based on the population. Races are restricted to 2 High Elves Max (both slots are filled), and 3 Dwarves Max (2/3 slots are filled). Refer to the list of roles for which may be available. If there’s any roles that you don’t see but would like to play, just give us a shout and we’ll try to work around it! (Important: Due to the nature of the world map of Wyther County, it is advised to turn ground clutter to 1 in the graphics options. It will not dramatically reduce graphics, but it will prevent the town from looking like a grassy field.) Wyther County holds its own economy, fueled by player interaction and the exchanging of goods and services. Just like normal World of Warcraft, one-hundred copper is a silver, and one-hundred silver is a gold. For the sake of simplicity and easiness for the players, gold will have to be kept accounted for in your TRP; whether it be in a glance, your about, or your OOC Information. Individual wealth cannot be monitored, so please don’t cheat and keep true to what your character makes and spends. The economy will be stimulated with jobs posted from the Count, however it would be encouraged to make and spend money through collecting/crafting, buying, and selling goods, or offering services to other players based on your character’s role. The first of every month is tax day, and thus all of the citizens of Wytherton must pay the tax according to their status in the County. The rules in Wyther County are simple; 1) Don’t be a dick. Be reasonable with people and don’t incite drama. 2) Keep things as realistic as you can. We are a low-fantasy phase. It’s obvious if you are a blacksmith it won’t take three hours to make a full set of armor. 3) Don’t cheat. Currency cannot be monitored by the staff, so we’re working on the Honor System. It’s much more enjoyable if you stick to it and not give yourself more money than your character has.
  3. #roleplay-ideas now has images enabled for all of your building and phase pictures regarding roleplay.
  4. i could be anyone, mortal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Updated. After a duel with the half elven ranger Vaelren, Zanaris found himself confronted by Elandris. In an effort to ward the Demon Hunter off, Zanaris attempted a psychic assault, but this only caused Elandris to lash out in fury, revealing him as Xetherus, the Nathrezim. Not faring well to being revealed in the most uncanny of places - Xetherus battled the brave Demon Hunter, causing him to flee after he shattered his warglaives with a powerful cleave of his demonsteel greatsword. Xetherus then made his retreat, being scarred in the process by Fera’sar, a brave Elven mage who tried to stand steadfast against the might of a Dreadlord. Lord Ravenfall as we know it is considered dead, but Xetherus lurks onwards with an entire arsenal of vessels.
  6. Gravatar is used for your account profile on the website itself. An example of such being my profile: The only thing Gravatar does in this case is give you the ability to have a custom avatar. Not many people will see it.
  7. http://www.wowhead.com/npc=33523/neltharion
  8. A couple of well needed updates have been applied to the bio. More soon.
  9. Mordred

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    Always love Pantera. 8/10. Check this trippy beat tho
  10. "If you're good at something, never do it for free." You have the talent, if people are willing to pay for your work ... I'd say take it.
  11. Phase weather is a feature that is coming soon. In the meantime, yes, keep on using /reload or resetting the skybox. This appears to be a common client sided bug.