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  1. RIP Vraul Jawrip



  2. Guess I should say hi back then. hi friend
  3. Always do your best.  And if you fail, get back up and with a new strategy. 

    The greatest minds have failed far more often than they have succeeded.

  4. Premo


    Hola amigo!
  5. Let's do cool orc stuff together

    VRAUL TF2.png

  6. talks about gm island retexture possibilities

    server goes down


    the message is clear

  7. are you on the roof

    1. Fiddler


      im the fiddler im the fiddler im the fiddler on the deck

  8. goodness lad u've got so many followers these days

    1. Romeo


      my friends are beautiful.

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    Welcome to our humble abode!
  10. Trying out a Bronze Dragon


  11. Dakron Outpost

  12. Welcome! And yeah, just make your phase and you can build what you want. No pressure.
  13. Premo

    RP Find Me

    Hello, all! I have been away from the scene for quite some time, preferring nowadays to roleplay on retail. Specifically, I am on the realm Wyrmrest Accord, wherein I've enjoyed roleplaying amongst the Ironfang Warband guild. Have been having a blast unlike anything since the ol' Thunderfist days! Anywho, one of the members there has shown a neat website that's apparently only a year old called RP Find Me. It's a simple profile creation website, kind of like the WoW version of Facebook (minus the data scraping, hopefully ). Thought maybe some of you would be interested in finding out about it if you haven't heard of it, already. RPFindMe If you happen to like it, don't forget to add me as a pal. Or a nemesis. Whatever floats your boat. Vraul's Profile
  14. Anyone able to get WoW Model Viewer working on this client?

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    2. Scharlaken Rosette

      Scharlaken Rosette

      It works but things like Overcoats have messed up textures. Guide coming tomorrow.

    3. Premo
    4. Scharlaken Rosette

      Scharlaken Rosette

      Sorry the guide got put off a bit due to some guild and phase work. I'll make sure to tag you when I post it.