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  1. The Thunderfist Warband has risen from the deserts of the Barrens to invite new champions into our ranks! This group of Horde warriors has assembled to tackle the various issues that Kalimdor faces, such as centaur and even the pitiful metal-clad pinkskins from the eastern lands. If you wish to join, find us at the Northeastern Barrens. All newcomers shall be accepted so long as they agree to follow the rules of the warband and proudly wave our flag into battle each time they enter one. Regardless of your past affiliation, you shall be brought in as an initiate for a bit, and then promoted to a mighty grunt. Perhaps with enough time, your rank and honor shall become a pinnacle of envy. However, all pieces of the Horde are necessary to run such a powerful machine, and we want you for the Thunderfist Warband! Backstory The Shattering changed forever the face of Azeroth, and from them all, Kalimdor was the most affected. With the continent split in two, chaos and flames burned through the territory of the Horde: the ancestral lands of the Tauren and adopted home of Trolls and Orcs enveloped in the fiery wrath of the Destroyer’s breath. Settlements and lives consumed to ashes and forsaken, centaur and quillboar raging through the Barrens, a terrible corruption spreading through the southern half of the wounded landscape and infecting flora, fauna and the elements themselves. With the mighty Warchief forced to forfeit his position in favor of the prideful but inexperienced and reckless son of Hellscream, the advancing Alliance of the pinkskins started to stake a claim. And claim they did. Even now, the still smoldering remains of Taurajo taunt the Horde despite the Desolation troops’s efforts, and their knights sit comfortably among their warmachines, readying themselves in front of the gate to Mulgore. Yet, the Alliance is not satisfied. Slowly, carefully, their forces are trickling over into Northern Barrens, some having reached as far as the Crossroads and Durotar; adding themselves to the growing, constant threat of the centaur and quillboard raids. With Warchief Garrosh’s fights elsewhere, and the valiant forces of Desolation Hold, Hunter’s Hill, Vendetta Point and Karga Rageroar’s questionable troops, the Barrens are no longer a safe home for the Horde races. It was in this climate that a new warband was born. Garthak Thunderfist, a rare breed among warlords for being a commander and a shaman, decided to remedy this situation. Taking powerful warrior Sergeant Vraul Jawrip and an experienced shaman by the name of Mograh Stormfury into his ranks, the warlord-shaman recruited retired grunts, warriors and anybody willing to fight for their home in Kalimdor. The Thunderfist are not tied to the Warchief’s armies and their chains, albeit they are still bound to his commands; only recently has the warband become an officially sanctioned military branch once He chose to tolerate their presence. Much has transpired since then, but the black, crimson and white, the banners of the Thunderfist still dance proudly over the battlefields, ready to defend their adopted homelands against any threat; be it pinkskin, centaur, quillboar, demonic or the brutish forces of Deathwing’s flight. Recruitment All Horde races accepted, with a heavy preference for the Kalimdor trio -Tauren, orcs, trolls-. All classes accepted, except Warlocks (In Character). Recruitment will be done ICly in the guild’s phase, at the base camp. Phase ID: 25381 Ranks (only listing names from sergeant and up) Centurion: Garthak Thunderfist Sergeants: Vraul Jawrip and Jagmun Grunts Scouts Peons Rules Do not start drama. Acting rude and immature to other players, either within the guild or out of it, or directed towards any other guilds we might RP with is a recipe for a quick guild kick. Roleplay fairly. Nobody is a Grom, a Thrall or a Saurfang here. Respect for the staff and the hosters during an event; please. Current events/plots Defense of Northern Barrens Gaining the aid of the Tauren (phase 1; travel to Thunder Bluff) Expansion into Ashenvale; resource gathering.
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