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  1. Kiradore?! Well, well, that hits me with a wave of nostalgia. Good luck in your project and welcome back!
  2. No more Blacklabel for me.  On to other things...

  3. This is... extremely in-depth. Good work, will definitely read up on this when I get home.
  4. Yup, noticed this some time ago - figure it's just how the system works. Usually end up having to respawn it to fix it, and it's tough to recapture the angle if you haven't kept track of NWSE position.
  5. Not sure how feasible or how dumb of an idea this may be, but here goes! I am at an odd situation where I'm spawning plenty of bamboo platforms, and the spawn locations are a bit finicky to find in this mess. I was wondering if it is possible to put the scale info on the objects you find near you with the .gob near command. Unless I happen to be missing something or not knowing a command that could help better, which is very possible.
  6. Welcome board! If you use the command .ph o, it will show you a list of currently active phases that are being hosted!
  7. This is good information, yes! It's nice to have this kind of information laid out so cleanly and in one place.
  8. Welcome, old friend! I roleplay very casually nowadays, but if you're able to put even a modest amount of time into roleplaying here, you'll easily find some friendly folk that'll converse with you. I'm afraid I don't know full well what most people here do, but I spend my time with a small group of friends I've known for a few years and we have weekly events in our own phase. If you need any help, let me know! Feel free to go through the quick tutorial that Epsilon established some few months ago as well, it's pretty neat.
  9. i consistently engage in nonsense

  10. I have had high hopes for this!
  11. Vraul


    Lok'tar, friend.
  12. Holy shit, Menelaus that hosted that Twilight cultist guid my Arkenath was a part of? Good lord, I don't think I've seen you since 2014. Well, damn, welcome aboard!
  13. There ain't a damn thing wrong with that, mate. If you need a good group to join up with, you can come along with my friends and I anytime - we'd be glad to have ya. My Discord is Vraul#6848 if you want to get in touch. I'm just getting the other lads to download the server, and we should be set up quite soon. Welcome to Epsilon, by the way! Hope your stay here is bountiful.
  14. ChatFix 8.3 ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Summary This AddOn reverts the chat change made in patch 8.3. Allows you to type and click out of chat without the chat disappearing. Download https://github.com/VraulJawrip/ChatFix-8.3/raw/main/ChatFix 8.3.rar Installation Simply extract the main folder into your Epsilon/_retail_/Interface/Addons/ folder and then launch the game. There is no interface click button or any visual UI change. The effects are automatic as long as the main folder with its contents intact remains in your AddOns folder. Credits & Permissions This is a public AddOn created using a simple script within https://addon.bool.no/. Comments Not sure if this has been posted in these forums yet, but if not I figured I would post it here in case. In my opinion, this revert makes building and socializing at the same time a lot less annoying. Also I don't know how to code nor do I know how to use github, so I attached the file directly in case I messed the link up. ChatFix 8.3.rar
  15. We're going to build a wall and RPH is going to pay for it

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    Redlander Watch

    Sweet style, man! Hope this starts to grow good.
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    Oh come on I got so much shit going on and now this cool thing pops up. ...Shit. I hope it does well, this is a really good idea.
  18. Blacklabel Supreme

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    Chasing the Dawn

    Looks pretty good, lad. Whether I have time to join or not, I do hope this does well.