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  1. With the addition of .cheat duration on/off, many spells have gone back to having a timer on them unless the cheat is enabled. While this is well and fine, an issue comes up from this. Many of us making npcs that use some of these auras now find that the effects we placed on them with intent to last forever, now fade away as well. To that end I propose another command. .npc set aura <ID> permanent For that, it would toggle the cheat on for the npc for that set aura like how .cheat duration on does for us, so those of us who wanted some of these once lasting auras on our npcs can now have it become permanent once more.
  2. with the updated mogit for epsi... Where'd all the capes go?
  3. I'll be blunt. Forsaken buildings are lacking. VERY lacking in terms of diversity. So to that end, much like you did to the garrison objects with gilneas appearances... Would you be willing to make forsaken-recolors of all the garrison objects too? Oh, forsaken recolors of the actual gilneas objects too would be nice. Similar to what the first patch did by giving them stormwind-esque retexturing. Or you could retexture the vanilla human stuff instead with forsaken appearances.
  4. • Type of Bug: Building (.gob rotate + .gob move) • Description: Rotated objects occasionally change their positioning when using .gob move • Evidence (Chat message/Screenshot): Don't really have any, but when on announce, i was told this is something that occurs. Nimorrax also managed to replicate the process • Steps to reproduce: Simply moving around an object that has been affected by the .gob rotate. • Expected result: Moving it simply to another spot to line up with another tile • Observed result: Tile moves, but also changes its orientation, forcing you to have to re rotate it back to its original position (Affects the Z axis from what I've noticed, .gob rot X Y Z) • Reproduction rate: Random as far as I can see, sometimes it did it instantly, sometimes it took a few times of the .gob move command while doing fine-tuning. • Additional information: Unsure if it's objects that are rotated prior to server restart or if it's all of them This hasn't happened to me until today, so i think it's a new bug.
  5. Given the mighty necromantic powers of the death knight, Lulu hereby breaks the fourth wall to give undeath to this topic. Rise, Riiiiiiise! And haunt these forums once more. =Changelog= Weapon Changed from Axe to Mace Minor tweaks to the quirks.
  6. Granted. Welcome to the world of insomniacs. I wish the weather would stop being so shit.
  7. For a while now we've had the royal_bloodelf/highelf/voidelf versions of the old ancient night elf stuff. Would it be possible for a similar set of recolors be done for the Nightborne of Suramar? In addition, would it also be possible for there to be the belf/helf/velf recolors of the nightborne objects and buildings too? (would also love the .m2 objects to get similar treatment, as they're great for builds, just the colors don't really match the wmos for the royal stuff)
  8. Granted. No one visits it though cuz its shit. I wish i had the attention span to actually stay on one character instead of making multiple alts I grow bored of.
  9. Granted, enjoy the psychopaths. I wish Blizzard had actual, quality-tier writers for their games.
  10. whenever i try to look up items under that tag, i get "Item not found."
  11. Granted. Playing Widowmaker is punishment enough. I wish my luck was better on retail.
  12. Granted. You forget it immediately after. I wish for better games from the triple-a game industry.
  13. Tempted on joining depending on how many show... Perhaps Andrew shall make a return, assuming IRL doesn't screw me over on it.
  14. Not going to lie, alot of those look fan fucking tastic.
  15. Ahem. I believe you'll find that Footbomb is the better sport. Also the Bilgewater Buccaneers are going to win the next season.
  16. Kil'jaeden and Gul'dan are dead. All of the higher echelon has fallen, many of the great demons that commanded the council have been banished and the splinter cells of the council lie leaderless. This has understandably caused a giant power vacuum, as the remains scramble for dominance to try and further themselves. An interesting idea that came to mind, was to explore that idea in a guild, as various cults all over Azeroth attempt to take control over the council's leadership and remnants of power, with us playing under one such cell of the council. Initially we would start off with few people (and players), but as more and more groups are brought under your heel, more options become available, as we will attempt to bring the Shadow Council back to a name that should be respected and feared, rather than mocked and overlooked as mere pawns to be slaughtered. Thoughts?
  17. a -LONG- time coming has lead to a new update. Andrew's rank has risen to that of an Executor. Still new to the rank, he is allowed command over small portions of forsaken troops, while still answering to his higher ups. Edits made: Title (Reflecting new status) Appearance (New Armor)
  18. As the great Kel'thuzad once said... Leave well enough alone. Your curiosity will be the death of you.
  19. Honestly, I don't think we even can treat Raven as good or evil, seeing as in the long scheme of things, her motives right now are unknown, just -very- extreme in how she goes about things. We know she was at least good enough to save Yang (Although once, and -ONLY- once by her own words), yet she was just as willing to lead the Nuckelavee to Shion and well... Yeah...
  20. Qrow is at his funniest when drunk as fuck. This cannot be debated.
  21. The lootbox system is one of the biggest reasons I will not play it. To that end, I -definitely- will not be getting battlefront II due to how much they made lootboxes essential. (Which sucks a bit as I heard it -plays- well)
  22. I'm expecting it to get so dark that they have to make a season 3 of the chibi side-series midway through. It took 3 seasons for them to do the first one, and then it only took one for them to do another... Now, they may not even have the luxury to have a break. On another note, time for the group to reunite I'd say.