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  1. We're all very aware how broken apart most, if not all, Kul Tiran objects are. A similar situation to some Zandalari-based objects. I wouldn't know, I haven't touched them (yet). Blizzard has taken a different step when it comes to the construction of buildings when BfA came around. As shown by the blank models littering the list of Kul Tiras objects, they have taken the route of: Lego Building. Basically scrapping the already made models. I have no idea what to even call it, bare with me. Essentially, they make a fuckton of smaller objects, maybe a few bigger ones (WMOs), and put them together. This makes almost every Kul Tiran building that exists unique. So here's a list of examples with a list of objects they use! Go wild! Impress others! Wow! May look smaller due to it being resized on retail. (Curse WMO limitations) [Simple Stone Bridge] -8hu_kultiras_bridge_narrow01_ramp01.wmo (874890) -8hu_kultiras_bridge_medium01_span01.wmo (874886) TIP: Add extra ramps even if a majority clips into the ground, it will make the curb go into the ground and not abruptly end into nothingness. Ah shit, here we go. [Complicated Fishing Docks or something] -8hu_kultiras_docks_stairsnarrow02.wmo (874900) -8hu_kultiras_docks_wide01.wmo (874894) wide03.wmo (874892) >Possibly my favorite objects wide02.wmo (874893) -8hu_kultiras_docks_planknarrow01.m2 (877242) -8hu_kultiras_docks_narrow03.wmo (874896) narrow02.wmo (874897) narrow01.wmo (874898) -8hu_kultiras_docks_pillar01.wmo (874979) pillar02.wmo (875141) > These two are very commonly used as support for numerous Kul Tiran constructs. Or as banner stands. -8hu_kultiras_stairjunction_tall_narrow_01.wmo (874787) \ narrow_02.wmo (875030) > Commonly used for support, walls, platforms, staircases. narrow_03.wmo (875042) / -8hu_kultiras_shipbarge01.wmo (875407) -8hu_kultiras_marketstall03_green.m2 (878554) marketstall01_green.m2 (878552) -8hu_kultiras_lamppost01.m2 (875936) unlit.m2 (875939) -8hu_kultiras_fencerope01.m2 (876034) fencerope02.m2 (876036) fencerope03.m2 (876037) fencerope01_post.m2 (876035) -8hu_kultiras_crane01.m2 (876341) crane02.m2 (876342) -8hu_kultiras_bar01.m2 (877795) bar02.m2 (877796) TIP: Don't be afraid of NOT using tiles. As useful or fancy as they are, they can be difficult to work with when making sidewalks or docks or whatever. Explore the possibilities with "8hu_kultiras_docks_wide01.wmo" and "8hu_kultiras_docks_narrow03.wmo" variations (one includes a 45 degree turn). "smallhouse" objects can easily be used to create a city. [Two Story City House] -8hu_kultiras_fencerope01.m2 (876034) fencerope02.m2 (876036) fencerope03.m2 (876037) fencerope01_post.m2 (876035) -8hu_kultiras_docks_wide01.wmo (874894) wide03.wmo (874892) wide02.wmo (874893) -8hu_kultiras_docks_narrow03.wmo (874896) narrow02.wmo (874897) narrow01.wmo (874898) -8hu_kultiras_docks_pillar01.wmo (874979) pillar02.wmo (875141) -8hu_kultiras_stairjunction_tall_narrow_01.wmo (874787) narrow_02.wmo (875030) narrow_03.wmo (875042) -8hu_kultiras_docks_stairsnarrow02.wmo (874900) -8hu_kultiras_smallhouse_01_interior.wmo (875162) -8hu_kultiras_smallhouse_roof_01.wmo (874671) \ roof_02.wmo (874672) > Sorry the roof got clipped, pick one. (875158 for a destroyed version of roof_01) roof_03.wmo (874673) / -8hu_kultiras_lamppost01.m2 (875936) -8hu_kultiras_smallhouse_entrance_03.wmo (875031) -8hu_kultiras_smallhouse_base_03.wmo (874676) TIP: Don't be afraid of adding windows or doors to a "base" object. Can easily become a basement of sorts or simply a small stone building. For your bandit/outlaw/whatever needs. [Outdoor Bar + House] -8hu_kultiras_smallhouse_base01.wmo (874665) -8hu_kultiras_smallhouse_01.wmo (874664) > Use interior version if you fancy that. (875162) -8hu_kultiras_smallhouse_roof_01.wmo (874671) \ roof_02.wmo (874672) > Much like the last one, use whichever you like. Use ".gob go" for that perfect fit. Objectmover addon recommended. roof_03.wmo (874673) / -8hu_kultiras_docks_narrow03.wmo (874896) narrow02.wmo (874897) narrow01.wmo (874898) -8hu_kultiras_bar01.m2 (877795) bar02.m2 (877796) -8hu_kultiras_docks_pillar01.wmo (874979) pillar02.wmo (875141) -[Table unspecified, probably doesn't exist in the object ID list or is something else entirely] -8hu_kultiras_chandelier02.m2 (877953) chandelier01.m2 (876051) -8hu_kultiras_hangingbarrels01.m2 (878505) hangingbarrels02.m2 (878506) -8hu_kultiras_docks_plankwide01.m2 (877243) > A lot of these are used for roads, but mainly for unfinished ceilings or chandelier hanging spots. -8hu_kultiras_smallhouse_entrance_03.wmo (875031) -8hu_kultiras_hanginglantern01.m2 (876940) hanginglantern02.m2 (877821) hanginglantern03.m2 (877831) -8hu_kultiras_walldeco01.m2 (877501) -6hu_jewelcrafting_stool.m2 (228651) NOTE: Alas, re-scaling or rotating WMOs is still impossible. Perhaps one day we will gain such an ability. So do your best! More coming soon™
  2. Wise words from a small rabbit. I'd love to see this community grow (not too fast).
  3. Not exactly a fix but more like the ability to make an effect object (Like a tornado spell or ground cracks) use one of its different animations, specifically the "hold" animation so they can actually stay. All spell particle effects that are spawned in always use the first animation, 90% of them all having one where they quickly fade in and spontaneously blink back to the beginning of that animation. Kind of feels wasteful having all those juicy spells as objects when a large majority looks like a blinking ugly mess. This may be a long shot, but it's still worth suggesting!
  4. That's actually really useful. Unfortunately if you fuck up (Like deleting the light while .gob set state 0 3 is active), the light stays until you log out. But overall I do hope Custom lighting objects exist at some point. I would love to experiment with them and make some nice environmental lighting conditions.
  5. After painfully searching through a countless amount of objects, some of which are massive duplicates, I realized we lack something that would most likely help phases greatly. LIGHTS BABY Since we have tiles and whatIthoughtwasimpossible watertiles, what I'm basically suggesting is something similar but with lights. Being able to spawn invisible objects that you can't physically touch but produces lights of various colors and brightness sounds pretty neat. I'm just saying this since spawning in a wide variety of lamps and torches, but not having them produce any form of light is pretty annoying. Immediate Edit: Also being limited to some spooky green light, a burning inferno inside a lamp, or a light as bright as the sun itself is a little annoying to deal with. I spent half an hour trying to think of what to type what the hell is wrong with me today?
  6. I was messing around with the skyboxes, one problem is that I'm now stuck with one singular skybox (It even stays as some form of layer for some skyboxes). The problem with this is: I can no longer see the moon, sun, or stars. And my phase is stuck with decently dark fog, making it hard to see. Also no, the .phase reset skybox commands didn't work. EDIT: Some of the skyboxes I used previous to a restart got stuck. Might want to look into that. :3
  7. I was thinking if it's possible to add a way to edit the health of NPCs you create rather than have them all at 1 HP, along with having an option to make them hostile or not.
  8. I've become a phase member on a phase, and made some a member in mine. But an issue occurs where phase members cannot delete their previously spawned objects after a server restart or after some time, not entirely sure but it's really slowing down the flow of phase building. (EDIT) It gives me the error "You don't have permission to edit that object." regardless of what I do (whether it's trying to spawn something or delete something), members list or not.
  9. Coming all the way from Wake, to Divinity, to RPH, to this. At first I wasn't interested in Epsilon but so far it looks promising. Hopefully I'll take the opportunity to start being far less anxious than I previously was (especially when attempting to host a phase). And here's to hoping there's no spontaneous lore arguments over the littlest thing.
  10. First time being here lololawl