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  1. The concept in mind is simple, the last 5 Pandaren fur color to be turned into a one tone, no other body marks, meaning only exceptions would have the face patterns, if it is possible. The skins requested are as follows : 09 - All Black 10 - All Red 11 - All Gray 12 - All Brown 13 - Albino 14 - Light Brown The last skins 13 and 14 can keep the tails. I would be deeply grateful if it's possible to be made! Thank you for reading. - Highlander
  2. Bug happens 100%, spaced characters appear to not delete, unsure what others happen. https://gyazo.com/6a5a55129deb45a439f273a0406405f7
  3. Heya guys, so the idea behind this to have an in-game command to open and allow model manipulation controls, which involve the following : - Hairstyle enabling/disabling, changing the appearance of characters without the use of .char customize - Adding additional hairstyles to allow more complex or crazy styles. - Armor mesh modifications (With T21 coming in, we have many armors with undesired mesh that could be disabled. - Allow hair to clip through all armors and helmets. Reference : Wow Model Viewer's "Model Control" menu. Let's look at what I mean : Here we have a default Pandaren, now if we go in View > Show Model Control, we have the following. We have Geosets for the character, which we can turn on or turn off elements that involve : Body, hair, bulkiness from certain armor. As well as enabling elements from tierser armor like T21 Mage which I will show a screenshot below. Other examples of the Geoset modifier on characters and tiersets : As you can see, all kinds of unseen ingame styles exist that are accessible in this model control, like one ear earrings, crazy hairstyles, heck, even triple horns on a Draenei. I'll let you all decide.
  4. "Ever heard the tale of Blacklotus? Well, sit down little one and hear the tale of the Misunderstood hero." General Character Info : Name : Bha-Vi Blacklotus Title : Captain of the Blackpaw Rovers, Former Tushui Monk, Swashbuckler of Blackhold Age : 31 Years Class : Scoundrel, Buccaneer, Pirate Sub-Class : Monk Appearence : Eye Color : Green Fur color : Red w/ black stripes Highlight color : Black Scars : A heavy jagged scar over her left eye Tattoos : A Black Lotus flower on her upper left chest, a curved blade mark over her right shoulder (Both branded on her skin and fur.) Piercings : Two loop rings on her right ear and one on her right Body Type : Pear shaped Body structure : Plump Personality : Bha-Vi is a impulsive, striking and loud individual, her life craving for excitement, adventure and chaos. Deep inside her, she hides the true self of being a misunderstood kind, her inner balanced self fighting with her chaotic self. Her raspy growled voice imposes herself towards another, not showing signs of her counterpart kin of gentle and cautious, she is loud, rude and proud of it. Her hate for the Alliance grew with her past, but the Horde isn't void of this either. Her hate is set on Undead and "Justice bringers" She loves to drink, her passion for chugging reaches levels higher than a dwarf, maintaining her sobriety for an extended amount of time. History : Ships : - The Red Lotus : Bha-Vi's main and first ever ship, a slim Corvette fir for quick combat and damage, sunk in the bay of Stormheim. - "The Blackclaw" : The Blackpaw Rovers new ship, a reinforced destroyer with capabilities of ramming, devastating flaming attacks and capable of high cruise speeds. Currently residing at the port of Light's Harbor. The Blackpaw Rovers : Blacklotus' new crew and family, these less traditional buccaneers serve both as Swashbuckler and Privateers. Split in "squads" on her ship, they welcome new arrivals after passing her trials. She can be found in Light's Harbor usually to interact with her.
  5. I will just swing my sword at this sign. >Sign bleeds
  6. Overall, this city is a comfortable looking, Alliance-esque city I have ever visited, it's well structured, wide, not clumped, quite lacking tooltips on tavern signs for example. It's easy to get lost but you find yourself where you need. The port is beautiful, the best ever made so far, the minus is the guard force being mostly, common in outfits but understandable that they are Argent Crusade. Structure : 9.5/10 Lore : 9/10 I will definitely make a character for this guild in the near future, still needs a black market for better shady businesses. :^)
  7. Come to Azeroth if you want an ass kicking.
  9. Highlander

    A Grand Quest!

    <SMACKS the coffee mug from Insomnia, cackles away.>
  10. V A L A K To also add, Warlocks can be extremely powerful against almost anything. Even an initiate warlock can do some damage. And Chaos Bolt is NOT to be underestimated and IT CAN BE FATAL to the victim AND the caster if not controlled. basically a Chaos Bolt well done can destroy any shield and any mortal if struck, but the missile can be slightly slower than a pyroblast, ripping through the air. It can also NOT be deflected or absorbed, think if it as a compact nuke. The equivalent of a mini mana bomb. Also, a default Chaos Bolt is SLOWER to cast, as a Pyroblast takes around.. 4 Seconds for an experienced mage (Around one big emote turn), a Chaos Bolt takes 6 seconds, giving enough time to the attacker to interrupt or get out of line of sight.
  11. I love this, very well done!
  12. A few notes to add : 1. Don't start a fight without any reason and KNOW your opponent's "POSSIBLE" strength, who know how a frilly looking mage can be a powerful opponent, 2. Retreating out of combat is not a COWARDLY way to go, you are escaping with your life to get stronger and fight another day, many take retreating as a failure to succeed and usually mocked OOC about it. Allow your opponent that is weaker than you to retreat, you will do him a favor and you will feel more sure he won't strike you next time. Also dabble in ending the fight in peaceful ways, do not just fight because your steroid nutsack tells you too, think that one or another don't want to die that day. Remember kids : It's far better to take the self-shame to live another day than to die like a fool because you thought that elf called you stupid.
  13. Who would win? - A overpowered fel drinking edgy warlock that could take down city or... - A grumpy old man veteran warlock that knows how Warlocks work and can enslave demons with little effort and can smack you if he wants. Welcome!