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  1. Hello, While Epsilon have made impressive strives to minimize the circumvention of server and phase bans, I feel there is still room for improvement. I've noticed that the use of alternative accounts can trivialize the disciplinary measure of blacklisting a player from main phase and, likewise can easily be used to circumvent a ban on a phase. It is for this reason I would like to propose a soft MAC ban in the form of banning the associated Battle.net account of the blacklisted character in order to prevent people from simply creating a new character on another account and continue using the phase against their staff's wishes. Likewise to accompany this change you may wish to enforce that all accounts are to be merged under a singular primary Battle.net account so to more easily enforce this policy and further minimize the prospect of ban evasion. I hope this suggestion from a former ban evader may prove useful to you. Thank you for your time.
  2. • Race: Night Elf. • Sex (Male/Female?): Male. • Type (Animation/Mesh/Texture/Interface?): Texture? • Description: While selecting face value 10 or above on a Night Elf Demon Hunter with accessory value 8 the upper thighs of the demon hunter seems to disappear. This bug persists across all future character creation afterwards regardless to their customization settings. It seems the Satyr customization added is what may be causing the upper and lower legs to disappear whenever selecting certain customization combinations. Issue seems to exist only for demon hunters and always between accessory value eight 8 and 9. Dim and strong yellow, green and blue. • Evidence (Screenshot): Below.
  3. Hey there, I'm Enyremer, better known by the 𝓬𝓾𝓻𝓼𝓮𝓭 𝓷𝓪𝓶𝓮 of 𝒜𝑒𝓁𝓈𝒾𝓃𝓉𝒽𝒶𝓇 𝐿𝒾𝑔𝒽𝓉𝓈𝑜𝓃𝑔. While some of you may be skeptical of my development in the last three years or so I've been away, I have sincerely endeavored to better myself and is for that reason alone the powers that be have seen fit to give a second chance to reintegrate back into the community of Epsilon. For many of you here from RPH, the server is just as fresh of a start for you as it is me and for that reason I would like that you please consider giving me a second chance likewise. I may have done some horrible things that I have since come to sincerely regret, however I feel that it is unfair to hold me to the person I once was now that I have since made an earnest attempt to try reconcile those past mistakes; please don't pre-ban me en masse folks. As for characters, I intend to bring back a couple of old characters that have since been refined to offer a more nuanced experience that remains in line with current lore and expectations in public phases. Glad to be back, and I hope I can make the most out of the opportunity I have been provided here. Cheers.
  4. Hello, Inspired by an existing feature for disciplinary measures, I was wondering if it were possible to create a command which allows an Epsilon account or individual character of one to select what phase they wish to automatically join upon logging in. This will allow people to more effectively create their own alternative starting zone which people can opt-in on joining or more quickly get a favorite phase that someone may actively be working on or otherwise enjoy role-playing in. .epsilon on-join account [PHASE ID]. .epsilon on-join character [NAME] ]PHASE ID]. The few people I've spoken to that have been blacklisted from phase 169 have told me that they've managed to get far more done than they might have otherwise had they been loitering in start with it. I feel it would be a much welcomed addition to Epsilon. Thank you for your time.
  5. Hello, I've noticed that when logging onto an account that has been blacklisted from phase 169 that the character is simply barred from entering the instance of Dranosh Valley containing start instead of being placed into phase 170. Would it be possible to fix that to ensure that all characters banned from phase 169 are instead logged into their last known position in phase 170 while newly blacklisted accounts are automatically sent into the Tenebrous Vault upon being blacklisted while in main phase instead of requiring that they re-log for it to take effect? Might seem like a trivial thing to report in a bug thread however I have a companion thread here which relies on these mechanics functioning properly. Below is a screenshot confirming that blacklisted individuals are still capable of joining phase 169 while blacklisted. Thank you for your time.