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  1. <3

    1. Romeo


      nah bitch we talking TWO hearts



    2. Avalia


      omg how did i not see this


  2. looks lovely! you are extremely talented
  4. Avalia Moonsworn by fiship
  5. Avalia Moonsworn (Young) by Monori Rogue Other versions: Lorraine d'Lovet by TagoVanTor
  6. this is an incredible concept with some absolutely amazing mechanics for guild events. love it!
  7. awesome! turns out it wasn't something i was doing wrong, it's just the shield happened to reference a different .SKIN file than what I originally thought replacing items is a lot less tedious than I made it out to be haha, i hope i didn't scare you away from it! you can mark the thread title as "complete" now if you want
  8. delete everything from your "Shield" folder and extract the contents of this into it, then restart your game in game, the items that display these custom skins are as follows: Gold: [SHIELD_ROUND_A_01BLUE_1b] [SHIELD_ROUND_A_01BLACK_1b] [SHIELD_ROUND_A_01ORANGE_1b] Red: [SHIELD_WHEEL_B_01_1b] I believe I fixed the crashes as well. Shield.zip
  9. haha, okay, so this is interesting - i got it to work for the gold version of the shield, but only for two versions of the item let me see if i can get the red version working on your shield
  10. i doubt it's a shield specific thing, probably something to do with the file structure that i've forgotten
  11. getting the same result - trying to wrack my brain as to why this is happening but i'm coming up blank. i've replaced items this way before with no problems hoping someone else on this forum will chime in because i'm an idiot
  12. okay, one moment, i will try this
  13. it's not case sensitive - did you type in those file endings? if so, cut them out