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  1. Chef

    Kori's Lil' Kompendium

    I seem to having a small . . . error regarding the backpack textures... The have a green glow around them. Not sure what's causing it.
  2. No. We don't get them with the new patch they pushed.
  3. Missing Item The NPC vrykul sets from Legion are all missing the head slot.
  4. Chef

    Project Epsiway

    For some reason I couldn't write after marking Tia. 9/10 on your set. I don't really see anything wrong with it and you've matched the colour scheme splendidly. Bravo. Edit: @Romeo In game, the glow is very subtle actually. I chose this specific staff as it matched the scheme perfectly, even the secondary theme of the transmog. It may be flashy, but if you look at other Nightborne weapons, you will see that it's probably one of the less glowy/flashy ones in-game. I wanted to show off the prominence of magic in their society; even in such simple measures as a staff - they've imbued it with magic from the nightwell and everything other than the shaft is entirely formed of arcane. The shaft itself is a gnarled piece of ironwood, formerly used as a walking stick. (I do understand the initial look of it, but it was intended to look a bit gaudy and excessive - that was point.)
  5. So if I came on my blood elf, being in proper masquerade attire, that would result in some interesting RP between characters? (He would definitely be attempting to obtain information on the Assembly and their . . discoveries. He's a blood mage and was/is part of the Reliquary, but he's also looking for artifacts of power Also as an addition, his bloodline was a minor nobility among those of Quel'thalas; the family line being the Highscribe lineage. For those who may or may not wish to know of his blood. They were noteworthy scholars, magi and philosophers in their own right.)
  6. Are people going to be dressed up in actual IC costumes, or is this just a random RP event where people are going to show as morphs as their "costumes", as what you've linked are just spells turning you into NPCs. Just curious.
  7. This sounds like something I'd be seriously interested in. I've been craving RP with a heavy emphasis on progression and new beginnings. I have an idea for a character in mind, but still ironing out what exactly they'll be.
  8. Would there be any chance of having the HD version of the broken model from patch 7.3.5, now that we have upgraded, replace the current native model?
  9. Hey there. You are probably using the incorrect sheathe, as now almost all the weapons have a ton of copies with various sheathe styles - some are very very strange. You need to keep searching until you find the one that works for you.
  10. I'd definitely be interested in playing as a squire if you're still looking for one - or a knight. I happen to have one such character on backlog from awhile ago.
  11. Chef


    Through emotes. Welcome to the server, Mance!
  12. This is currently broken. Whenever I attempt to add multiple display ids, the npcs turn invisible and if you try to spawn them, they turn into white untextured models until you revert them all back to the same display ID.
  13. For the draenei, you would probably have representatives from each of the four sects present in matters. Night elves... don't exactly have a governing body. It's mainly the Priestesses of Elune and their Sentinels that seem to run their society. Perhaps a druidic representative would serve as a dignitary, though. Gnomes have a system that's similar to a meritocracy, so there would be likely a multitude of political figures to deal with Gnomish and foreign affairs. Personally, I absolutely love the political side of dwarves. It has been shown that each clan has a similar but different system. Bronzebeard has Thanes, Lords and Dames - Wildhammer has Thanes, though there is little evidence supporting any other political roles among them. Dark Iron have Emperors, Queen-Regent, Lords, Dames, etc. closely resembling human nobility more than likely.