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  1. • Type of Bug: Epsilon Client • Description: After testing multiboxing, I left the option checked as I logged off for the day. When I came back the next day and checked to see if the multiboxing option was still checked, it wasn't so I assumed it turned off multiboxing automatically. However, attempting to launch multiple instances of epsilon was still doable. • Evidence (Chat message/Screenshot): See Allow Multibox checkbox in the Epsilon client after following reproduction steps • Steps to reproduce: 1. Open Epsilon client 2. Go to "Options" 3. Check "Allow multibox" 4. Launch 2+ instances of epsilon (optional) 5. Close Epsilon client 6. (if opened) Close all instances of epsilon 7. Open Epsilon client 8. Go to "Options" • Expected result: - Allow multibox checkbox should still be checked, and you should be able to launch multiple instances of Epsilon • Observed result: - Allow multibox checkbox is not checked. However, you can still launch multiple instances of Epsilon • Reproduction rate: 100% • Additional information: Seems like the checkbox is just missing a true/false check, and is always going to false
  2. • Race: Gnome • Sex (Male/Female?): Male • Type (Animation/Mesh/Texture/Interface?): Texture • Description: Facial Hair 42 in character creator, or Facial Hair 41 in NPC creator, is missing a texture on the mustache. This occurs for any skin type, face, etc. I was just using leper gnomes in this instance. • Evidence (Screenshot):