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  1. yeah and dont forget laser weapons too like smh this is legion tech honey
  2. The tattoo'dorei fit very well the description for the Highvale elves. Strongly support anything that may come from this.
  3. Full support, don't care if I have to use a patch. The new Azeroth is garbage.
  4. Romeo

    disp crea via ID

    thanks ray william johnson
  5. Romeo

    disp crea via ID

    dman this equals three video is pretty great
  6. Bump, with the recent talk of the Shadowlands being revealed, thought I'd re-visit this and show that I was kind of right lol.
  7. If you need a DM for one event or several I'd be willing to help you out, my ingame character is called Glaeweth if you ever see me online we can plan something!
  8. Awesome to have you here, welcome! Please show some of the art you've done, would love to see it. You probably already know everything there's to know about commands and stuff but, if you have any questions please reach out to me on forums or in-game, I gladly help 😄
  9. Welcome to the server 😄 awesome avatar.
  10. Amazing build. Seems like a very clear idea and definitively worth a check for anyone curious, really cool stuff ^_^
  11. 3n02Hkt.png

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  12. Not bad. Respect for your knowledge of the separation between upper and lower tier caste of once elves. Nice, poetic lines here and there and a general interesting character 'sheet' with awesome images. It's not much elaborated on why he is called the druid of thorns, maybe you can add something about that? Otherwise awesome man!

  14. The best phase on the server. I strongly advice supporting this concept and making sure that all the amazing ideas, building, sweat and blood that went into making this does not just dissapear like many other phases do. This has so much potential to be fantastic. Join this.
  15. One last thing of note, if you were banned in Elsiram, you are banned in this phase. Looks nice doe!