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      купить спирт в спб

  2. Not bad. Respect for your knowledge of the separation between upper and lower tier caste of once elves. Nice, poetic lines here and there and a general interesting character 'sheet' with awesome images. It's not much elaborated on why he is called the druid of thorns, maybe you can add something about that? Otherwise awesome man!

  4. The best phase on the server. I strongly advice supporting this concept and making sure that all the amazing ideas, building, sweat and blood that went into making this does not just dissapear like many other phases do. This has so much potential to be fantastic. Join this.
  5. One last thing of note, if you were banned in Elsiram, you are banned in this phase. Looks nice doe!
  6. Welcome Wojtek! There's no demand that you create anything. This server offers availability to everyone, not just builders or futa erpers, contrary to belief. If you just want to chill; like I do most of the time and take part in the amazing social community, that's fine. If you just want to roleplay, there's definitively room for that as well. You can do precisely what you want. The community as it stands right now is pretty good; it's not massive, but it definitively does the job. I hope you have a great time here man, and if there's anything, any questions or trouble, you can ask me ingame (Glaeweth is the character name). Welcome again!
  7. You've gone Hollow, have you?
  8. enjoying the new startzone, thanks for that!

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      I hate you lol 

  9. Ishnu-alah Pedro. Welcome to the best warcraft experience you'll ever have.
  10. White hair looking good man. Great job!
  11. hello there

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  12. Good idea. Full support to this! Great suggestion VernDagon.
  13. That's actually legit awesome. We can do trades, IN CHARACTER. I can make THINGS. That I can USE, INGAME. Good fucking idea Stitches. Imma like 203203 of your posts now.
  14. Interesting! Quick to read and easy to navigate through. Kinda wish you had at least one or three paragraphs spared for some sort of background thought, like a story. That'd make this perfect in my opinion. But maybe that's something you leave for actual roleplay on the server. Good job!
  15. ok. let me correct myself, "developer update we're doing our best with models, not quite there yet. here's a few recolored cloaks and armour".
  16. why u taking it as an insult. im not saying ur not working hard. im saying i came in expecting changes to the server, news, not recolored sets. please dont assume things. u have done a great job. but maybe u should rename this "a cool patch" and not a grand development update lol