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  1. So many members and still no rp

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Scarlet


      I would consider doing something private, like an RPG campaign. As it is, too many people are expecting others to host and not wanting to make anything themselves.

    3. Ahri


      I wouldnt complain, had I and Layet not built the first phase ever. People still were not happy

    4. Scarlet


      i mean that phase looked nice, but the way it was run was kinda iffy. (referring to the incident where a paladin was shot dead for trying to attack a demon outside of a marked circle)

  2. dude wdym the dog filter is indeed a wise choice
  3. AQ40 best raid

    1. Gardener


      you should return to it to get the Lucid Nightmare mount, you get to play old god bejeweled. its fun af

    2. Ahri


      I did it like a mo ago or when it released, was a lovely throwback

  4. Ahri

    Rate that Music

    uh lets say 6~7/10 ( ?) have my background for mythic+
  5. should i write a preemptive ban appeal y or n?

  6. layet taught me to only take selfies with filters , im too pale for this cool ppl thread
  7. Ahri

    what up

    Welcome mith, nice tavern u had back on cata
  8. Ahri

    Hello, hello!

    Witchy witch! I remember that amazing courage the cowardly dog profile pic, fuckin love it also hope to see you in game as soon as possible
  9. Ahri

    Hai *Waves*

    hello fellow builder who most probs has more patience and skill than me, welcome to the epsilon fam
  10. Ahri


    I dont exactly know you, but hopefully we will soon interract on the soon-to-open epsilon!
  11. another one of azeroth's true heroes <3
  12. Ahri

    Rate that Music