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  1. I go by Handsome Villain, I'm a storyteller / writer / roleplayer who has been lurking in the shadows, biding my time, waiting for the perfect opportunity to present itself ... ... and here it is! IMPORTANT NOTES I am the player that people warn you about. Having fun > Lore accuracy (I try to follow the lore closely so I dare you to challenge me on it) I will NOT acknowledge or accept the death of N'zoth in the canon and you cannot make me Part of my style will involve a ridiculous or downright silly element frequently - it's there to get a laugh out of the reader, and if I succeed you owe me a PM telling me what did it. and the other part of my style is Spontaneity and Improvising which I will call 'taking this bitch off the rails' for the sake of the joy it brings me. Platonic relationships have a place between characters in roleplay and inevitably there will be characters who have chemistry and those who do. With that said, I almost ALWAYS will prefer to roleplay with a character that will be a romantic interest for my character over a strictly platonic one, that's that. I can be reached via Discord at: HandsomeVillain#6669 with any questions, comment, concerns and I'll do my best not to make a joke out of it as a reaction. And for your troubles, enjoy a couple pieces of hand drawn digital art courtesy of yours truly Respectively, these pieces are titled "Slutty Goofy" and "Waluigi Gay Bdsm Hentai" (both of which are SFW)