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  1. Hello I've been trying to get this npc (mounted via mount command) to be able to sit stationary in the air hover flying on his mount (mount in the hover emote) and absolutely nothing seems to stick I've tried the hover command, which only affects the rider and not the dragon. The fly command, which works sometimes temporarily but is reset on a relog/restart/.ref No emotes or anims seem to affect the mount, again only affecting the rider. (tried the swim command for npcs too, no luck) Two force fly or set fly spells were given to me but neither of those worked either. I honestly have no clue how to get him to just do his hover animation with the dragon and persist through .ref's and restart (I saw one night elf npc in another phase doing this fine, but for the life of me I can't get it to work with this guy) Would love some help. Thank you. ❤️