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  1. this lion statue gob (lionstatue.m2) was apparently updated and is hi-res now. would someone be able to replace it with the old vanilla model??? this looks really out of place next to my Pristine Vanilla Gobjects thank you for my time. i would greatly appreciate this objective downgrade
  2. watch out for the pedos theyre fuckin everywhere on rp servers
  3. hear ye hear ye the wise ruler of epsilon and greatest rper in the land, traius the bottomfeeder, hereby does decree that scaling above 1.08 is officially fucking dumb
  4. ok so nothing in game is canon
  5. I'm pretty sure in the dh starting zone they call over the player to use their spectral sight on the wall and the others couldn't
  6. Traius

    More 7.3 weapons

    silently prays for simplistic sets
  7. shouldn't we note the player character is the slayer of the illidari while most rpers are (and shouldn't be) nowhere near that caliber
  8. I hope to god we don't turn into rph with 500 neutral town public phases which flip flop their relevancy every 2 weeks
  9. while this is impressive work, I have to question slamming a bunch of Cata and MoP models/textures next to stuff from BC.
  10. Traius


    I'm doing a D&D custom made lore thing, otherwise I might've joined in
  11. Traius


    i feel like it would work better as its own lore outside of wow, not custom lore in wow
  12. give each HEADER a different h*cking image
  13. Traius

    Rate that Music

    good 4 pre-rp immersion!!! ! ! !