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  1. haylay

    Erebos' Sanctorium

    The Cloaks patch on RPH was not made by Erebos. It was made by Mike. Erebos simply recolored and uploaded it with his patch. The Cloaks patch will be updated and released on Epsilon soon. (So I've been told)
  2. i love selfie thrreads. here's a pic i took today :3c i put it on my insta. hope u guys like
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    take a seat

    um taius its me ur friend haylay
  4. haylay


    just wonderin who dis cos i dont recognize ur forum name
  5. haylay


    i dont know if cereal is coming i think fewl is
  6. haylay


    punches you in brain
  7. haylay


    hello i am hay(lay) and i am here,,,, for roleplay.....