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  1. Disease Introduction Before the Alliance and the Horde attacked Icecrown Citadel the Lich King knew that his time has come this forced him in ordering three remaining trustworthy Darkfallen to create a disease that would make humanoids who have it his ultimate servants even more trustworthy than a death knight. The three darkfallen did as they were told. The disease that they created turned out to make the subjects hungry for humanoid flesh and their blood along with growing sharper teeth and retractable claws. Once one of the subjects was let to bite a normal humanoid it transmitted the disease and gave him the same powers but slightly weaker. The Lich King loved what he saw so he ordered the three Darkfallen to infect more subjects and order them to go out into the world to unleash rampage in his name. One of the subjects was entitled "Lord" and was entrusted with carrying out the orders as told. When the Alliance and Horde fought against the Lich King the three darkfallen have taken a secret escape route to exit the Icecrown and run with the infected ones. Hunters Faction The threat wasn't felt until the disease started to spread in the Eastern Kingdoms more exactly in Duskwood. With the infected easily increasing in numbers they had to find a hideout for their group that was Duskwood where a man called Maximus Ramires lived. The man came from a bloodline of nobles that once led a secret order dedicated to hunting down monsters and dark magic users threatening important members of the Alliance. Most were former mages that trained within the walls of Dalaran and also formidable warriors. Maximus was cleaning his house basement in which he wanted to hide from this threat but found a letter from his grandfather talking about the order of hunters. With the infected one's numbers raising he decided that it was time for him to embrace the destiny that waited for him all this time. Infected Faction After the Darkfallens have lost power over their own creation they started doing as they wanted under the control of the "Lord". They started spreading in Duskwood quickly and in some spots around Elwynn Forest. They decided to settle themselves in Duskwood and create a hideout to hide from the reborn order of hunters. (not much to explain here about them since it was mostly explained in the disease) This was a small overview of the factions and the disease which is the most important aspect of this RP idea. Tell me what you think about it in the comments :)! Also sorry for my English mistakes if you found any.
  2. Greetings people of Epilson my name is Golduck. I'm not new to RP neither a veteran. I'm a fan of the fantasy genre and RPG games (Witcher, Skyrim, dragon age etc) and I came over here to find some quality RP. One of my friends invited me over here (not sure if he's in the Epilson discord but his name is Kralian... with dots yeah) I will edit this post if he will tell me his forum/in-game main name but for now, he's a mystery I'm looking forward to meetin' Y'all!