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  1. I wanted to inform Epsilon Bug community that one piece of Blackrock Armor-Blackrock Wristguards is not showing in game instead of this I get this fake Blackrock Wristguards
  2. Female Demon Hunter Night Elf double jump is bugged do you guys have a same problem as I do didn't test Female Blood Elf Demon Hunter also when i leave starting zone and go to some random region double jump is still bugged.
  3. Every time i use chat bubble link it says "This site cannot be reached" can you please put Chat Bubble file to Mega download link please. I had Chat Bubble on my previous PC when it died now i have new PC somehow it constantly says "This site cannot be reached".
  4. Hi guys I wanted to introduce you to my phase called Pirate Docking Bay now i have chosen Booty Bay as my destination added few NPCs pirates but didn't rename them hope you'll like it phase ID is 19896. My character name in game is Leo Looter also I have four characters that are RP-ing as pirates. Please visit my phase and share your thoughts on Forum. What do you think about it? Should i switch places or leave it where it stand?
  5. Hi guys I wanted to ask you have you heard of the game called Total War Warhammer and has any of you ever tried it because i don't know is it worth playing it. Should i try it or skip it?
  6. People I have a problem i cannot change hair or tusks with Zandalari Trolls .cheat barber command when i use it and change the color of hair and everything and than when i press okay nothing happens. Do you guys have same problem?
  7. Hey guys i have experienced bug in the game when i logged in there was a sound few minutes passed maybe more sound disappeared LIKE GONE is that bug or something. Do you guys have same problem?First i thought it was something wrong with my speakers but it works perfectly.
  8. I was not in the phase I teleported myselef to Durotar and when i created Guild there game crashed.
  9. Dear Epsilon i created guild twice and in game got froze plus i tried to use Task Manager to unstuck the froze thing but it didn't work after i needed to shut down my PC and restart my PC again.
  10. Actually i have 30 characters and i choose which character i will play i asked for increasing characters cap because it's easier to increase cap and no i don't want create another account like i must have 60 accounts yeah right one account is enough i asked only a simple thing to add 10 more characters that is 40 characters cap. And maybe from time to time i play each and every character for like 5 minutes
  11. What am trying to say Richard is 30 characters cap is very low we should have at least 40 or 50 characters cap
  12. Hello friends from epsilon i wanna share something with you as you see i reached 30 characters max and cannot go above it. Here is it the thing some discord members asked "Why do you need more than 30 characters" its because we should have at least 40 or 50 characters cap imagine that you wanna experience fun with lot different characters and you cannot. I suggest at least 40 characters cap add 10 more please. I am not quite good with these writing so please understand what i really want and its lame creating three or four accounts. Isn't just simple to increase it. Also because its RP server i think the fun is with plenty characters NO correct me if i am wrong. Thank you for your patience and understanding Dreadmonsters
  13. Yes they do work fine when i log in but that is a bug and must be fixed
  14. I must report chest problem there are three same chests that are bugged i will give you there names and ID's Constructbreaker's Chestguard -128085 Fel Steamed Leather Tunic- 128076 and Ironpelt Jerkin- 128125 because when i logged out i experienced this i will show you i picture
  15. Dear owners of the site i am responsible epsilon player few days ago i tried to change hair style and hair color on my Nightborne called Theborne it's not urgent but i would like if you could fix my problem i was pressing Okay so many times but nothing happened. I think that's a BUG.