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  1. Yeah I figured as much. I basically let the torrent download last night and now I'm all good.
  2. Hey there, I've been around Epsilon before. Though never have I encountered the slowness I am experiencing now. I've on multiple occasions tried to teleport somewhere not in start only to be stonewalled by an incredibly long loading screen with a bar beneath it. I presume this is the download bar. That's all fine and well, the problem is my internet is by no means this slow. Sitting on a loading screen for three hours with minimal progress makes me wonder if something is wrong with my client or is this just normal?
  3. That's way too small and everyone can write into it. This announcement box would be strictly on the forums and for the administration to use.
  4. Why doesn't Epsilon have one? The other communities seem to use this extensively and from what I can tell it's an easy way to store useful information where it is readily accessible for everyone. It would have been a lot more useful than having to prod friends on why the server is down, it shouldn't be mandatory to get Discord in order to stay informed.
  5. Apoapsis


    I've almost written a giant post in return. Decided to make a tl;dr. The people you are trying to reach won't read this or care. They get their kicks from being jerks, reading elaborate internet posts on why we should be nice to each other is not what they do. The point you're trying to make is also closely connected to age and a part of growing up. A lot of the RP audience is escapist teenagers who are prone to all kinds of behavior. Creativity is a matter of taste, respecting the choices of others is fine - but so is ignoring them. As far as I am concerned, I think none of us should suffer for incompetence of other writers. There's no strong connection in the son of Arthas and Jaina - or King of LandXYZ that doesn't exist or a person who keeps making more of the same until they vilify themselves within or out of the community. With all of that said, the connection you're trying to single out as defacto reason we shouldn't shun each other is not that common. We all have to shovel through a pile of figurative shit before we come anywhere close to that and sometimes it goes past us. At the moment this thread is wishful thinking. Personally, some will say I am wrong but I doubt I can be convinced otherwise. Roleplay is not just escapism, when you do it for long enough it becomes a writing hobby. Writing is an art and writing is not something everyone can do capably. This is why we shun each other, because of differing tastes and because of different standards. Something I should add is that I don't mind custom lore as long as it is sensible, but what is sensible is entirely subjective. I think Blizzard's lore has never considered the roleplayer, nor is World of Warcraft developed with roleplay in mind. I think their storytelling has a limit on how expansive it can get and how much detail it can provide. From that point of view, custom lore ahoy for the purpose of fun. It's why we're here after all and being the lore inquisition (read as Spanish inquisition) is not in my daily agenda. @Zalee I got similiar treatment over something as doing /hug in a starter area. /Ignore and reporting to the staff team is the best thing you can do for yourself. It worked for me.
  6. Hi Nilith. Welcome to Epsilon. Enjoy your stay.
  7. Hello Urgot, pleased to have you.
  8. Apoapsis

    The "|" Bug

    You know when you emote and you wanna not include your name in the starting bit. Like so: Character | The Night Elf seems to be sitting down. Just typing | ANYWHERE at any time will make you DC. I tested it with another person and it happened to them too. Mentioning it offhand in party without the emote made me DC as well.
  9. I would but I'd rather not be the only one who can see it, know what I mean?
  10. I never liked that the black hair on Blood Elves is not actually black, it looks more like a blackblue to me if that's a thing even. A more raven toned color would be nice if possible.
  11. Greetings to you and your friends. Welcome aboard Epsilon. Things appear to be shaky from the technical side of things at the moment so anticipate a few minor hiccups! Other than that good luck.
  12. Since we all appear to be playing and logging in, I thought I should open a thread about my own problem too. I can't play at all! I've followed all the instructions and I am 100% sure I have the needed client.
  13. I think it depends on the character composition of the server. At the moment I am leaning towards a demon hunter and/or a monk.
  14. I'll take the carrot, you carry on as you were. Welcome.