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  1. can we have the command phase tele list display the teleport locations even if you're a guest in someones phase? As a compromise for privacy, for instance a phase owner doesnt want their phase teles being publicly known to people inside their phase they can toggle a command to make the list just available to just members and officers.
  2. good necro, an addon can do this and is a workaround.
  3. Unfortunately, it probably doesn't have any seeds. Try using the TinyClient instead.
  4. The server is still alive. There are a few ways you can get the client running. EpsilonTiny: Epsilon Torrent:
  5. Try using this EpsilonTiny client, Ross has confirmed it works on a Windows PC. If you run the EpsilonWoW executable using wine or mono it may take a while to stream. If you have any equivalent of Window's Task Manager on Mac, check to see if the executable is doing anything as it can take the client a few minutes to perform the initial start up. If you have any further troubles and need help on a more emergent basis, toss tech support a message on Discord in the #support channel.
  6. Can probably make an AddOn that does this relatively easily.
  7. [AutoCommand] Automatically Executes Commands Updated: 22/02/2019 New Features: • Settings Timer - Have commands executed at a specified interval. Syntax is /ac settings timer #interval #commandID •Settings State - Turn AutoCommand off, preventing it from executing commands until it is next turned on. Also pauses any running timers. /ac toggle does the same thing. • List timers - lists actively running timers. • Hyperlinks to list and list timers to easily stop or remove commands. AutoCommand was originally an AddOn designed to execute 1 command on character log-in, but had the potential to be a little better. I guess it's useful if you wanna morph into a specific morph on a character every time you log in, or if you want to send a phase announcement at regular intervals - the possibilities are limited. Commands are saved across client sessions and are character specific, so each character can have their own set of commands applicable only to them. Here it is in action: Usage: Add a command to the list: Syntax: /ac add $command Remove a command from the command list. Syntax: /ac remove $commandID List currently saved commands. Syntax: /ac list List active timers. Syntax: /ac list timers Get a list of available commands. Syntax: /ac help Get help for a specific command: /ac help $command download will pretty up the post later
  8. woops forgot to tell @Tia of new file location here this should work.
  9. Could you please send the following: • A screenshot of your AddOns folder, which can be found inthe following directory: EpsilonWoW\interface\AddOns. • A screenshot of the MogIt screen you mentioned seeing in-game.
  10. Try logging into a character that isn't receiving the error and summoning the character that is encountering the #132 crash.
  11. Updated 04/11/2018 you can now sort items alphabetically.
  12. Items with robe_b_ and robe_c_ in their name should be in epsilon_cloth now.
  13. Updated 24/09/18 added: + equip items button to right click option in wishlist window. bug fix: mogit equip items button now checks your equipped items to ensure that no duplicate items are added, because your character obviously already has them.
  14. My mistake, just had a look at the comment i made in my edit, it's mail_c_04, not mail_d_04
  15. Update 22/09/2018 Added missing items: mail_d_04 new feature equipment manager lol