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  1. It produces a hyperlink in chat that MogIt can use to quickly dress up an npc. Works similarly to how linking a mogit outfit does. here it is in action
  2. Can you replace your DBFilesClient folder with this please?
  3. Delete cascrepair and shmem from Epsilon\data\data folder for the 'installation is damaged' issue We cannot verify if the error is the same one as before without a screenshot or image of it, could you post the error you're getting that isn't the installation is damaged error?
  4. Added cloth_a_05black_sleeve_au
  5. @Azarchius Will need to add that file to the CDN so your client can download it. This shouldn't take too long, sorry for the inconvenience.
  6. Could you upload a screenshot of it please? It may look like the same error but we'll need to get a good look at any specific details to make absolutely sure.
  7. taken from paragon, ported to rph and finally brought to epsilon.
  8. Updated and improved forum post 03/04/2019.
  9. With the TinyClient folder, go into the DBFilesClient folder and delete the Map.db2 file. That should help with your streaming error when entering phases.
  10. can we have the command phase tele list display the teleport locations even if you're a guest in someones phase? As a compromise for privacy, for instance a phase owner doesnt want their phase teles being publicly known to people inside their phase they can toggle a command to make the list just available to just members and officers.
  11. good necro, an addon can do this and is a workaround.
  12. Unfortunately, it probably doesn't have any seeds. Try using the TinyClient instead.
  13. The server is still alive. There are a few ways you can get the client running. EpsilonTiny: Epsilon Torrent:
  14. Try using this EpsilonTiny client, Ross has confirmed it works on a Windows PC. If you run the EpsilonWoW executable using wine or mono it may take a while to stream. If you have any equivalent of Window's Task Manager on Mac, check to see if the executable is doing anything as it can take the client a few minutes to perform the initial start up. If you have any further troubles and need help on a more emergent basis, toss tech support a message on Discord in the #support channel.
  15. Can probably make an AddOn that does this relatively easily.