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  1. Hello there! My name's Ray, or if any of you were on MG about four years ago, you might know me as Ferlash! As of late I've come up on a bit of a dry spell for roleplaying, and without any partners to RP with, I've decided to seek some out! I tend to follow the lore as much as I can, but will sometimes bend it to help the narrative along, though I won't break it (i.g, making a character related to a canon one). I have dozens of characters, primarily Alliance or Neutral, though I have a few Horde ones as well! My main character is Ferlash, a Worgen Druid who's been battle hardened and is untrusting of newcomers, but is willing to make new friends! My Discord is Ray the Forgetful#5938, spaces included. I've built up parts in my phase, though I'm okay with using other people's phases, too! On my Discord, I have a carrd (website link) that basically goes over my limits for some things. Please, don't reach out to me if you only wanna be mean. I look forward to meeting whoever responds to this call!
  2. I'm not really sure how to look up the spell-based skyboxes, because they seem to be fairly limited (not having every zone's skybox). Even if it's complicated, I'd be willing to read through a coder-language version of it, because the past two months I've been on Epsilon and messing with phases in general, plus trying to figure out skyboxes, I can't figure it out.
  3. Hiya there! I've joined Epsilon fairly recently, and one of the primary things I haven't been able to solve on my own is skyboxes. I don't know if it's just a lack of understanding due to there not being any threads on these forums that go in detail about how skyboxes work, if it's an error on my end, or what, but I would really like to be able to make the skyboxes in my phase work! The current issue I'm experiencing is a mixing of skyboxes. If you set a skybox as your phase default (the only way I know how to change skyboxes, and setting it as zone default doesn't work for me), it seems to keep that skybox's art, but pull the shading/lighting from whatever other skybox you try to implement with the .phase set skybox zone command, or with the built-in Epsilon skybox changer. I've been toying around, trying to figure out how these skyboxes work for about two weeks now, with no luck aside from being able to change the skybox in -all- zones, instead of specific ones. I've tried the .phase reset skybox all CONFIRM command, and tried to retrace my steps, and only get the same error. In the end of this topic, I'm going to include screenshots of my process. I don't need a mod to swoop in and repair my phase, because that doesn't teach me what's going wrong. It'd be really cool if someone could sit me down and explain how to make separate skyboxes work in different zones/subzones! Thank you in advance! Images of the errors/process v https://imgur.com/a/fYWjuSw