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  1. • Type of Bug: Graphics / Textures • Description: The specified items have broken textures. • Evidence (Chat message/Screenshot): Attached. • Steps to reproduce: Add the items and equip them. • Expected result: Textures working properly. • Observed result: Expected textures are incorrect / broken. • Reproduction rate: 100% • Additional information: Don't know what else to say, really...
  2. Hello and salutations. I'm Salsa. This is my hair patch. It changes the hair color options for certain races. As of THIS current moment, the patch alters the following female hair color options: Humans Over the course of Soon™ I will be adding: Blood Elves, Night Elves, Males. I may add more in the future. enjoy the previews, and be sexy responsibly. PREVIEW GALLERY LINK DOWNLOAD LINK Installating this patch Step-by-Step Click "DOWNLOAD LINK" in gold above. Put the downloaded file on your desktop. Right click and extract the file's contents using 7zip, winzip, or whatever software you have. You'll get a folder that's called "character" - if your dick is stuck in the toaster, you've done something wrong. Drag and drop the "character" folder into your Epsilon WoW folder. Log in. Make a Human female. (Blood Elves, Night Elves, and Males coming soon.) Be sexy. praise the sun \[T]/ SPECIAL THANKS TO THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE! The Epsilon Team for hosting this wonderful server. Marlena, for teaching me how to edit models. Xanuzar / Dalyn, for providing the .blp files. Gork / Chesh, for taking the screenshots / previews. And of course, you, the community / users of this patch not using this patch earns you a one way ticket straight to hell.
  3. Hi there. Although this was a little pet project I just did for myself, I think there are a lot of armor recolors I can get around to making, as well as others. Should we make armor recolor patches like this one more commonplace?