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  1. Great post. Great people. Great phase. <3
  2. Hello and welcome!
  3. You are THAT good, this is great! I would love to see more of your art!
  4. Hello and welcome! Hit me up on Alyndriel If you wanna do some blood elf rp!
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  6. Yess pleeease. It would be cool if we could have both the claws and the toenails together as a wrist item or something!
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  8. This looks amazing! Great work!
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    Hello and welcome!
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    Hi and welcome! :>
  11. Textures in mop and cata has by far better quality, which is why I tend to work with those. Some of them actually fit the elven theme in my opinion. I think it looks good anyhow! To those people interested in roleplaying Scourge, trolls and even demons are welcome to participate too, we could together cook up some interesting roleplay! Thank you all for the support. <3
  12. Old Quel’thalas - Phase 852 The northern lands of the Eastern Kingdoms flourish once more with the reinvigoration of the Sunwell, newly born again as a divine symbol from its tainted ashes. Forests of Eversong glow with life as magic courses through the land as it did years before, the city of Silvermoon shining in its crimson radiance as well with hope blooming in the hearts of its citizens. With the darkest night turned to brightest day, the Sin’dorei and all of Quel’thalas foresee a promising future on the horizon with escalating business and trade sending a river of coin to and from its royal banks. Wealth and luxury slowly returns as hard-working citizens driven by the ambition of their leaders meet the means of every end in order to restore the glory of the Thalassian people. Despite all progress made, dark forces once again gather in order to ruin and defile the milestones that have been achieved. Rumors of the Amani to the east whisper of a great summoning and the incarnation of an evil god set to destroy Quel’thalas and reclaim the land for the trolls that once ruled it. To the south, Deatholme rumbles again with the construction and experimentation of undead monstrosities and a second rise of the Scourge to raze Silvermoon for the last time. Within the city itself, the Legion’s eyes are everywhere - watching and waiting for vulnerable minds and soft beds to which discord and chaos will be sewn. It is up to each and every denizen of this noble land to defend it and preserve it, as such is the cause of the newly-formed Bloodwatch - a paramilitary organization sanctioned by the Lord-Regent and hell-bent on protecting Quel’thalas at all costs. This vivid phase is open to the public, any member of the horde may RP here! And you most certainly do not need to be in the guild to do so.
  13. I like this!
  14. Good stuff! Well done, looks super!
  15. Come RP in our phase! :>