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  1. 🔥 Hello, Epsilonians! 🔥 It’s been a while since the last building competition, so it’s about time to have another one! And what better time other than when the server has been graced with so many new Epsilon custom objects! So get out your building tools and put on your safety hat, for it’s time to get busy with building! Submission timeframe: 24.06. - 04.07. (Winners announced on 6th of July) 1. Roughly 25% of build should have Epsilon-custom objects, so 1 every 4 objects 2. Minimum amount of objects is 4 3. The Epsilon objects can't be hidden inside and has to be visible 4. Builders can submit more than 1 build 5. Build has to be SFW 6. Has to be new build, can’t submit an already existing one 7. You can participate as a team but no more than 3 members 8. Build has to be shared to " Kitty " by the end of the submit period ( .gob blue share <ID> Kitty ) 9. Share screenshot, character name and build name with Kitty on Discord 10. Make sure all rules are followed, missing a rule results in disqualification You can find all the Epsilon specific items in the Epsilon mall of Builder’s Haven(26000): 🏆 Architect title in Epsilon Discord 🏆Showcase highlight in Builder's Haven ( 26000 ) 🏆Showcase highlight in Epsilon's Twitter 🏆Your build being shown somewhere in Epsilon Startzone And of course, the bragging rights of being the coolest builder until the next builder’s challenge. If you have any questions about the competition, please reach out to Kitty in Discord or anyone else in the event coordinators team. Oh, and most importantly, remember to have fun! Happy building! ~ The Epsilon Event Coordination Team
  2. Fastest Egghunters: (In no particular order) Primus#6411 - (Team) Dentist#1711 Nilith#0001 Scrybe#7425 _ 𝔸𝕔𝕙𝕖𝕣𝕖𝕒#4887 Honorable mentions! Rabbit#0723, Pepperjack#4617, Sibs#1767, nimorrax_#8520, hhh#1337, Gardener#8000, ୨୧ 𝐛𝐮𝐧𝐧𝐲 ୨୧#6064, A few of the funny screenshots sent in: (Clicky on the spoiler to see them!) Few people also participated in the egg decoration prompt and we chose a couple of the our favourite ones to portray here! @Slugdog @Rabbit Thank you everyone who participated and we hope you enjoyed the event! Please let us know about any feedback! - The Event Coordinator Team Hello all! With the patch now live, the Egg-vent Coordinator team would like to announce a small eggcelent Easteregg hunt, along with a building/artsy prompt just for fun! Time period: 19.04.2022. (8PM UTC) - 26.04.2022. (1PM UTC) Conditions: There are 20 regular Easter eggs hidden all across Kalimdor, one per zone, in main phase(169) and a single golden egg as well, with total of 21 eggs to find! The competitors need to take screenshots with all the eggs, upload them to a website such as imgur that allows a folder and then send them to "Kitty" on Discord! Special thanks to Gwetha and Slate for hiding the eggs! Prize: The fastest 3 egghunters get the "Victorious" cosmetic title in Discord and a spotlight for being the fastest in our Egg-psilon Twitter! And of course, the br-egg-ing rights of being the fastest egg-hunter! List of zones you can find an egg at: Barrens, Dustwallow, Tanaris, Uldum, Un'goro, Feralas, Durotar, Mulgore, Azshara, Silithus, Thousand Needles, Descolace, Stonetalon, Ashenvale, Darkshore, Hyjal, Felwood, Winterspring, Moonglade, Teldrassil +1 very super secret golden egg somewhere in Kalimdor! The second part of this announcement is a little building or artsy prompt! There are no rewards other than the joy of cr-egg-ating, though the most clever and creative works can be featured in Twitter! Conditions: The participants are to decorate the egg! Either in-game decorating the egg with objects from the game, or open the image up in Paint or other art program and decorate it there! These egg-ntries need to be sent to "Kitty" in Discord for viewing, and also into the Epsilon images-videos channel if wanted! Egg-xample: Here's an egg-mpty template for those that want to draw on it: For in-game version, you'll want to search for: 8hu_kultiras_farmegg01.m2 The cleverest and funniest egg-ntries will be highlighted in the Egg-psilon Twitter! - The Egg-vent Coordinator Team P.s.: Egg-puns are best!
  3. Kitty

    Sethrak Females

    This is beautiful
  4. Granted, but every time you drive a car, it makes sound so loud you get reported for noise complaint constantly! I wish Forums became more active!
  5. Everyone above this post is accepted! Just until the end of today left!! (About 8 hours)
  6. <Click.> Noice! Do you plan to do other skins as well or only High Elves?
  7. @Pumpkin I can accept your submission, though main reward is a Discord reward ^^ ''
  8. @robb_95 Geralt, what are you doing?! :' D
  9. Hello, @ParisTV, @mewisdoe, and @Tarsis!! Could you reply to me with your Discords as well so we can potentionally contact you later? ^^
  10. <Taps microphone.> Is this thing on? <Clears throat.> !!WINNERS!! First of all, we would like to thank everyone who participated! A whopping 53 people took part of this event which is much more than we hoped for! The judges had a very hard time choosing their favourite but after some hard brain cracking, a decision was made through sweat and tears! We would like to announce Valkija as the winner of this event!! Their outfit-screenshot combination was so on point with everything we wanted! We would also like to note a few honourable mentions who scored high in the judging: TheRebelSpy, Dorage, KiDDorei, Kxox7, Dove, Grinch, Starling, Primus, JCW, Tychgen, robb_95 You can see all the submissions and the comments judges had about them in this link: Imgur Thank you all once more for participating in this event and be sure to keep eyes/ears open for many upcoming events! With love Epsilon Event Coordinators Hello!! Welcome to the forum post of the Epsilon's Transmog-Screenshot Combo Event! Come one, come all for a new fun challenge in Epsilon put together by the event coordinators! Have you ever wanted to seamessly blend to your background? Stealth away in the broad daylight? Now's your chance! This time, we would like to challenge you to make a transmog in one single colour(or multiple, if you can make it work!) and then match that to a background with the similar hue. The goal is to disappear into the background colours as best as possible! Conditions: Required: - One(1) submission per player - Must have at least two armortypes represented (cloth, leather, mail, plate) - Background cannot be edited (no new objects that are not spawn by Blizzard, no skyboxes) - Screenshot cannot be edited (no colour adjusting, filters, or any other kind of edits) - Background must fit with colour theme of the transmog (for example, if your transmog is blue, your background should be blue, etc) - No modifications or patches Recommended/allowed: - Spells are encouraged! (though make sure the transmog is still clearly visible) - Friends / pets in the background - Unique pose combinations - Clever transmog combinations A few fantastic examples: Thank you for the wonderful models that allowed me to take screenshots of their transmogs! Send your submissions to Janna#0240 (Kitty in Epsilon) in Discord before the deadline! Please also contact her for any questions! Deadline: 28/06/21 8PM UTC+0 (UK Timezone) There will be a few days grace period where the Epsilon's event coordinators will pass judgement on their favourite submissions! The winner will be announced via the announcement channel. Rewards - Temporary Fashionista title in Discord - A spotlight in the Epsilon's official Twitter page - Their transmog/character displayed in Epsilon start as a heroic statue -Bragging rights of being the most fashionable! Remember: the goal is to relax and have fun! You can also participate for the fun of it, if you do not wish to compete!
  11. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  12. I am Kitty and I approve of this message. 🖖
  14. Kitty

    .gob vis per bug

    Hello! I been using the new [ .gob vis per ] command and I noticed that if you set something on global visibility and then move the object, the visibility resets to local.
  15. enjoying the new startzone, thanks for that!

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