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  1. Kitty

    .gob vis per bug

    Hello! I been using the new [ .gob vis per ] command and I noticed that if you set something on global visibility and then move the object, the visibility resets to local.
  2. enjoying the new startzone, thanks for that!

    1. Kitty


      I hate you lol 

  3. Works similarly to ".ph blacklist add [x]" but additionally sets their entire account under blacklist from the phase.
  4. Essencially it could work like /ignore function in game but instead of just ignoring the character, it ignores their entire account so you can't see their chats/receive messages on their alts either.
  5. Hello Unfortunately recently I've had to set someone under /ignore but I've noticed that the ignore function does not transfer over to the announce chat and I can still see them there. It is possibly because announce chat is like system messages. Thanks for the read, Kitty.
  6. I saw some very clever builds! Good luck, everyone!
  7. I wanna build a boat...

  8. Hey those are pretty good! My only constructive feedback here would be that perhaps the elf golden eyes look a little too moss green, or got green undertone. Other than that, swell work!
  9. @Vojtik Oh, it's just the holiday season. Now that it's over, we're slowly picking up again with new interesting story ideas, first event being on Saturday!
  10. Updated the thread, switching the Ruins of Haruma and Tower of Gadieth now to accessible place.
  11. Very cool! Good luck on your phase! ^^
  12. Hello! Currently the guilds only allow to make 10 different ranks. Could that be perhaps increased a little? Would be great for people who have different factions in phase and could have everyone under same guild but have all the different ranks for them.
  13. Kitty

    NPC permissions bug

    Hello! I have a couple of NPC's in the phase of 240 that are not spawned by me. I tried to make one of those NPC's sit but it says that "You do not have permission to change this NPC." even though I know I MADE this NPC myself but it was respawned by someone else turning an event.